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  1. Mercy, mercy....the world has passed me by. I guess I'm too old school for all this social media stuff.
  2. The Falcons is like one of those money hungry girlfriends that you'd do anything for but they don't love you back the same...... Yeah, Happy Valentines Day Bit*h!
  3. That looked like me leaving Buffalo Wild Wings the other night!
  4. Bring him back on a vet minimum only.
  5. I'd love to have Crowell here! He would more than fill in nicely for Coleman. BTW...I've been knowing him since he was a little kid.
  6. Which makes the deal even sweeter....lol
  7. I see the solid pieces being brought in and let me tell you, from watching their scrimmages, the players seem to be more in sync and can read each other like a book. Barco and Martinez is going to be a deadly combo, and Pogba will solidify the defense! Watch out!
  8. HBD brother! Enjoy!
  9. There's no doubt the AAF is going to be a goldmine for NFL teams. Long overdue.
  10. I honestly don't see a lot of hate on Matthews.... He's held up well, and is much better than his predecessor. For those that can't remember Sam Baker!
  11. Just gotta look at it for what it was.... a possible blessing in disguise.
  12. Agreed. But it's like this every offseason. We all reset and start to put faith in the system all over again. It's dutch door action.
  13. Trade Julio for for their oline! sounds like a even trade to me.
  14. We are stacked with knowledge, skill, and experience on this staff. There should be no excuses right?
  15. I've rewatched the game several times..... 3 quarters of it!
  16. To me it seems that our beat writers don't have the balls to ask the good tough questions at the pressers or interviews but instead decide to act tough in their articles. Trust me, every Falcon fan knows that the coaches, players, team staff are well coached in how they approach the media. They know exactly what to say. But at the same time they are being asked these vanilla questions.....
  17. Let's just say they would make great National Enquirer reporters.
  18. Patrick just needs some good coaching up. I think if utilized properly, he could be a dangerous weapon for some team. Hurd is good too.
  19. Patriots have their system down to a science..... It's often imitated, never duplicated!
  20. We need a big bruiser to get those tough yards.... I like Jacques Patrick- Fla. St. Jordan Ellis- Virginia Alex Barnes- K State. These are good early middle to late round pickups.
  21. If you only knew about our beat writers brother...
  22. Good question, I'm curious about that too. To those that have been banned, how do you exactly know?
  23. This Legends thing is still in it's infant stage, give it time and let it develop. I'm sure it will have it own soon enough. But for right now, I don't see it cluttering anything. Just be happy we still can enjoy some sort of football after the SB!
  24. I think we should evaluate what we have now to build up our depth. Definitely need to find quality starters though.
  25. I wish I can get in on that....I would love to play against them.