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  1. Please don't bring any busted up Saints players with you!
  2. I've got a chair right here for them to sit on!
  3. Morris will make a good DC anywhere, even here.
  4. This is the breakdown I wanted to see! If this doesn't open eyes, I'm not sure what will. Plus, we have key players already in place to build around. Just need to add a few pieces. Great thread OP!
  5. Picture Malarky's run game and Shanny's passing game..... = Arthur Smith.
  6. I would assume, especially since Font seems to be our guy, the Head coach will have lots of say come draft day. Looks like it's going to be a shared responsibility and I'm not against that.
  7. Ok! awesome news! So I guess we're pulling for the Bucs this weekend?
  8. Lol...that picture cracks me up every time I see it.
  9. Bottom line, this years draft is a good one to fill many positions. So the idea of trading back is actually not bad.
  10. And we can go back much much farther. He was here when Reeves was coach and bounced around numerous times since. Who knows, but I bet his resume is as thick as an Atlanta phone book.... some folks on here might not remember those phone books.
  11. I don't see why we wouldn't interview him. He's a really good offensive minded coach and I think he can make the adjustments to help MR. Philly is not an easy place to coach much less play. He made a bad decision with Jalen Hurts but I think Philly is even dumber to let him go.
  12. Wade is a great coach! But I wonder why does a great coach with a great defensive mind such as Wade bounce around a lot?
  13. Boy, I talked about possibly doing a similar scenario with Ridley several threads ago, and I got sumoplexed and left for dead. Lol. But, no I wouldn't touch him yet until we figure out the plan with Julio.
  14. I thought TD was a hot candidate for Detroit. Let's hope that's still the case...
  15. So leaks are still happening even though they were supposedly addressed by AB?
  16. Wish him well. I hope he donates some of his old T-shirts! I'd love to have them.
  17. Gus and Mike as coordinators? Nice!
  18. Is it Dobbs or Dodds? Maybe Dobds or Dodbs?
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