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  1. The magic number gets a little lower this weekend! Go Braves! Keep Choppin!
  2. Here comes these phuckers from philly again! Lets put them out of their misery! Go Braves!!!
  3. No injuries were reported during this party! Rise up, Stay up!
  4. I had a terrible feeling that a flag was going to be thrown there.... Great playcall and the Philly D got caught sleeping not double covering Julio there. It all worked out!
  5. Still a work in progress but I love his play calling...
  6. I won't eat crow, but I will finish my "Eagle" chicken wings from last night. I knew that this defense if stays healthy will show up. All it needed is for the right person to put them in the right situations.
  7. He just increased his trade value....
  8. It was a gutsy call. I've seen them use that play several times in the past and it get sniffed out by the defense. That block was key.
  9. Enjoy the win bro. Don't waste your time bashing other fans ok.
  10. That Matt Ryan int haunting us
  11. Lets see if Wentz throws a int here
  12. The Falcons are going to find some way to lose this game!!!
  13. Why are we not sticking to the run.
  14. Matt...why are you forcing the ball!!!!
  15. Rest up men. Come out firing Tuesday night! New thread coming soon! Go Braves!
  16. We're all the MVP's here brother. Here's to the Braves hoisting the ultimate prize!
  17. The missed opportunities! UGH!!!!
  18. It would be one boring world without media and marketing.
  19. Here's to Magic number 4!
  20. Considering our opponent, to win this game after how we lost the last game would be huge for the Falcons. Let's just see what this 2019 Falcons team is really made of....