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  1. What if he wasn't a Matt Ryan fan?
  2. It certainly would be interesting to see another perspective....but honestly how much change would you expect if we continue to use the same players that didn't produce for the last guy.
  3. Mistakes are going to happen, they are human! But on a consistent basis without change is basically the definition of Insanity. Right now this team is locked in with the players they have, and unfortunately they will have to roll with it. In a way guys, this is a blessing in disguise....Things are being exposed that would normally get overlooked if we were winning!
  4. If my team is tanking on purpose.....I want a ***** refund! Not fair at all to the people who actually pay to keep the team going!
  5. Agreed. Its a very cowardly act to hide behind a keyboard and think you can't suffer any consequences for it. The world has some sick people in it!
  6. I'm a fan and I support fans, to me that's the real "brotherhood"! But I don't support going on social media and reaching out to these players to basically say whats on your mind in a disrespectful way. If the player sucks, then they suck. Let the system rid itself of the bad players. There's just a line you cannot cross when it comes to that.
  7. Basically, he's downgraded to situational and we have plenty of them already. Which is why I'm disappointed because I had high expectations for him. But the show must go on.
  8. That was one of the reasons for drafting him, to get push up the middle. Who drafts a DT for only their run stopping ability...
  9. I guess you missed preseason. There was a lot of promise with him to be another "Grady". He just hasn't been able to get it done. I was really pulling for him, especially since getting rid of Hageman and drafting him.
  10. Senat has been a disappointment.
  11. Being a fan is stressful.... But I wonder if Kubiak could be GM material. Interesting to see who he would bring in to build the coaching staff.
  12. And thats what I believe they call "The Patriot Way".
  13. Proof is in the pudding! I told you guys to watch the videos! Yes coaching is part of the problem....but dam!!! where are these players instincts!!!!!! Clean house over there!