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  1. This team is on life support. We need to make a BIG name splash at OC!
  2. So sad to hear this! The man was an icon and an anchor for the oline! Thoughts and prayers to his family!
  3. Lol.....Give us something to believe in!
  4. Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, but this team has a ton of issues (players and coaches) to correct and I'm not totally sold that they're going to make all the necessary moves to be a competitive force like they should be. I've seen this offseason show way too many times. This team loves to settle for the ordinary.
  5. Man, that article did nothing but pizz me off all over again about this team. It doesn't matter what term McKelvin used....I completely understood everything the article was saying about the Falcons. This isn't something that has just started with this team, this is the way this team has always been since birth! I think anyone who's a fan of this team has completely earned the right to say Fk this team because this team absolutely deserves it! It's been a complete sht show for decades! It's a shame what the fans have endured!
  6. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-throwback/0ap3000000996922/This-Day-in-History-Largest-regular-season-comeback-ever My understanding, this record still holds up. Enjoy!
  7. I have to agree with you. Cousin's problems now are the same as in D.C..... He checks the ball down way too much, afraid to take downfield shots. It's almost like he's not confident in his throws.
  8. If we do get Williams, Let's hope the coaches know how to use him! I don't want to see him dropping into coverage! That just burns me to no end when I see that!
  9. Most people have to truly understand the sport in order to appreciate it. The origins of most sports today derives from soccer......Football, rugby, hockey, basketball, polo, Lacrosse...etc. Soccer is huge and just by the attendance at MBS, that's enough proof to say it's making an impact on us.
  10. Let's be real folks....Atlanta has one of the most if not the most dreadful sports history....in history! To have a team named the United represent Atlanta and win the championship, It's name should have done just that....Unite Atlanta. Soccer is bigger than most seem to think it is. There's no doubt about it, that little measly soccer team just put Atlanta on the map for the soccer world to see!
  11. The only thing making Schraeder look good is practicing against the Dline. Come game time he's a dud. Good enough reason to part ways all together.
  12. Anyone down for trading back for more 1st round picks?
  13. Same here! You read my mind!
  14. LOL, I believe the same has happened to me...