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  1. This is all for not.... since we're trading back anyway
  2. Good for JJ. I think it's a good move for the Cards, they are trying to beef up their defense and with FA and the draft coming, it could potentially work for them. This reminds me of when the late great Reggie White went to GB to bolster their defense and it paid off. You just never know unless you try.
  3. I would embrace it.... If you want to be the best, you got to go out and beat the best!
  4. Weird place to meet your QB/GM for the first time don't ya think?
  5. Very interesting. You could compare the Dan Fouts air coryell offense to the Matt Ryan / Shanny offense. Both had subpar defenses too. We couldn't even earn us a nickname.
  6. Watching this video makes the scenario of trading down to accumulate more picks a reality.
  7. Thanks for your contributions!
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