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  1. Good game Dansby! Go wash that mud off...
  2. Vizcaino is nothing but Ramirez's twin... This is why I wonder about Snitker.
  3. This entire bullpen blows... it's like they don't know how to work the plate, and none of their pitches have movement.
  4. Nice lifesaving play Camargo!
  5. Bring em in Flowers!
  6. Just looked at the weather radar... rain is on the doorstep. Hope to get through the 5th because it looks like it may pour for a while.
  7. Let's go Dansby! Watch out for them sliders!!
  8. If the Braves had a winning record, I would say that would be impressive. But they don't.
  9. The Brewers coming into STP hold an impressive record which has earned them the lead in the N.L Central. Time to see where these Braves measure up! I believe our bats will be able to put points on the board, but our pitching has to do a better job as of late. Crisper, better located pitching should be able to hold off the Brew Crews attack and give us the best chance at winning this series. It won't be easy, but the Braves, aka "The Walkoff Kings" will be ready for the challenge! Go Braves!!!
  10. Got to get the pitching fixed... jeez unbelievable!
  11. Garcia doin his best Bartolo impression. Put a fork in him too!
  12. We'll win this walkoff style...