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  1. I personally see a need to keep Morris on board even if it's not a HC position. He is actually holding people accountable. I think he can build a good defense for us as a DC. I also like how he conducts himself. So what he got a little out coached against the saints, alot of coaches do. There's still plenty of football left.
  2. I think his days of headcoaching is done. But I wouldn't mind him being a OC.
  3. I've never been so ready for a football season to be over than this season
  4. Yeah, I feel so bad for him. BTW he only had 4 coordinators but I'm sure you knew that.
  5. The case for Matt Ryan, good or bad has its merit. I'm on the fence with this guy. He's been the face of the franchise since day 1 and this organization has done everything possible to help him succeed. What else in this ever loving world can be done to help him succeed? Resources and time are running thin.
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