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  1. Man, things are getting restless up in here!
  2. Deeply sorry for your loss brother. The comfort in God is like no other. Thoughts and prayers for you and the entire family!
  3. I just love seeing all of us come together in someone's time of need. If one of us falls, we're all here to pick you back up! There is strong power in Falcon nation!
  4. I love some of the nostalgia you have in the room. Awesome brother, good job!
  5. That is the coolest looking thing I have ever seen done to that logo. Somebody needs to trademark that and submit it.
  6. Prayers sent brother Gritz…..Always!
  7. Notice how everyone wants to compare themselves to Julio. Nuff said!
  8. Both are good yet so different in philosophies. I'm going with Koetter here. He made some good in game adjustments during the coarse of the season that kept us in many of our games. He can read defenses.
  9. I've played this situation in my head and I'm going to say neither QB. I've got Todd Gurley taking over that drive!
  10. To me Foye filled in nicely and has a high ceiling. I'm expecting him to be a bigger contributor in '20
  11. Talking about what honestly? The franchise should throw us a bone to have something of substance to talk about.
  12. I don't understand all the secrecy with these new uni's. It's a freakin football uniform! What kind of marketing strategy is this?! They still have a lot to prove.
  13. Lol....I remember that. The Falcons have a way of making QB's famous! That still holds true to this day.
  14. I'm stuck in this..."I'll believe it when I see it!" mode. I'm not downing any fan that is ecstatic for any reason at all.. It's just me and for very good reasons.
  15. I agree, it looks like shlt compared to their older originals. Hopefully we did not have this person design anything Falcons.