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  1. We are going to torch the Pirates and Marlins on this road stretch. The baseball spirits told me so.
  2. Teams out west just have the Braves number....but the pirates don't. On to Pittsburgh!
  3. Uncharacteristic events happened last nite, but today is another day and we get that win back! Hopefully the strike zone will be more like one tonight!
  4. Lets go Dansby
  5. And some people say baseball is boring....ha.
  6. Has Biddle ever pitched to Riddle?
  7. Man, I hate I missed Touki's first start. Had to watch the highlights to see how the kid did. He absolutely hooked the Marlins! The future looks very bright for our starting rotation!
  8. Good read, I most definitely can relate.
  9. HBD Brother! Enjoy!
  10. This game ended up being a dog fight. We absolutely muscled out this win! Nice job! Keep choppin!
  11. New day, new game! We need more consistency from our bats! Let's go Braves! Keep chopping!
  12. Big inning here!
  13. Oh wow....I see Murphy, Otis Nixon, Grissom, Marvin Freeman, Alejandro Pena, Bruce Benedict, and I think it's Bob Horner. Awesome picture there.