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  1. Is there anything out there saying he's leaving Buffalo? He's just benched, plus they still would need a backup for their starter. It would be foolish to release Tyrod when the starter still hasn't proven himself to be a starter.
  2. Middle of the week, too early to tell.
  3. Nice job! Hopefully we dont' go another 50 dismal years.
  4. I have to disagree to a certain extent. Yes he's audibled before, but today he was changing more plays than I've seen him under Sark. This tells me Matt is taking more charge of this offense regardless of what's coming in from the booth.
  5. Seen Matt making numerous adjustments at the line today. Most I've seen this season.
  6. Could have been worse.... Could have been Troy and Tony.
  7. If this is true, then this should prove to everyone that a change in a signal caller makes all the difference. Offense or Defense.
  8. I don't care what anybody says.... Freeman is a warrior! He gives you 100 every play. Very unfortunate he's suffering concussions but that happens when you play your azz off! I'm disappointed that anyone would take a shot at this kid!
  9. Man, they honestly could be twins or secretly the same person.
  10. I'm looking for Beasley and the dline to finally open things up! This crew is wayyy past due!
  11. This is where I think the team is, if this makes sense..... Stupid execution of a play is one thing, Execution of a stupid play is another.
  12. Pretty hard to run a Shanny system without Shanny being here. Sorry folks, those days are over! We must embrace this new system whatever the fk it is!