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  1. I joke around here all the time....It's the only way to stay sane and be a Falcons fan at the same time.
  2. Yes I remember that. Dallas went on to win the SB that year. The Falcons were actually very good in that short period of time. Best defense ever in my opinion.
  3. Can he sack qb's and catch int's?
  4. Veggie burgers. He's gobbling veggie burgers!
  5. I agree and it sucks. In Columbus there's plenty of college apparel in many colors. Falcons apparel is very thin and rarely you'll find it in black. This shows me that college football runs the south, especially where I live. Now there's plenty of Braves gear here for the Braves lovers which you know I am.
  6. There should be....it may get peoples butts in their seats earlier.
  7. I've got a Tony Gonzales black throwback already if I decide to go. Maybe for the people that cannot find any black gear in time for the game, the team should hand out black t-shirts at the gate.
  8. Kinda hard to find black Falcons gear in the stores these days unless its a hat. Having worn red for all these years, that's pretty much become the standard.
  9. I'd like to know what he was saying during the SB collapse.
  10. This tells me our depth is not up to par.
  11. The oline doesn't seem to be doing things as efficiently as in 2016. Coaching and certain emphasis have changed.
  12. How does a foot injury turn into a groin injury? Did he kick himself?
  13. Are you talking about kickoff returns or punt returns? Kickoff returns, you can thank the league for the rule changes on that one, Punt returns on the other hand we absolutely stink at.
  14. Personally I'd like to see us use a BIG back again. A "Ironhead Heyward" type to loosen things up for the smaller RB
  15. You guys got to remember that our ST unit is basically our bench depth. I'll leave it at that and let you marinate on it.