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E. T.

Pure Football
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    Columbus, GA
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    I love fishing, and the outdoors. But love my football in the DOME!

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  1. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Thank you Covid for ruining everything! You MF!
  2. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Paul Byrd has one of the coolest jobs.
  3. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Good coaching is so hard to find
  4. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Good hitting is so hard to find
  5. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Good pitching is so hard to find
  6. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    I feel bad for the guy. I guess it's because I was pulling for him so much. I don't see this lasting much longer for the kid honestly.
  7. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    Gotcha. I haven't kept up with any latest news.
  8. E. T.

    Mets @ Braves

    On Saturday that TBA....shouldn't that be Folty's spot in the rotation?
  9. Ok so I did notice some repeats for more than 1 team. What about them Yanks! They had to make 3 versions.
  10. I don't agree with the Braves starting 9. But it would be a descent lineup. Where's my man Murphy!!
  11. Not sure if you diehards have seen this. But it's very interesting. From what I see, they're not listing players to their original teams, just to where they have been most successful. This is definitely up for debate and questionable. https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/best-mlb-lineups-by-team-2564e2426da3434a?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bai&utm_term=hp&utm_campaign=bestmlblineups-usdeskstall83001&a0v5la7bquf89=ded97b2f5bf74fc3a0a0606c2372e9a3&uy3ubftvh0u6o8=f878d80844e54c469de68301d6958489 WARNING....lots of clicking involved!
  12. If the oline is tight, I wouldn't put it past us having one of the top running games in the league. We'll have to see how DK calls it.
  13. let's just hope his wish comes true. For all of us!
  14. E. T.

    Braves vs Rays

    Acuna is on base guys!
  15. E. T.

    Braves vs Rays

    Sounds like a package deal for a new washing machine
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