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  1. RIP Mr. Benson, condolences to the family and friends. Apologies to the fans. Sad to hear.
  2. Lol.... remind me to never get lottery numbers from you brother. All in fun, it is what it is.
  3. Whatever works to get us over the hump let's do it!
  4. Definitely keep an eye on Garland on the dline and let us know. Interesting to see how this pans out.
  5. So much room would have to be made. This team currently could not carry both, it really has its arm in a twist.
  6. He's another playmaker that we will pass on....... F@#K!
  7. This is why I love the NFL more than college. The ability to hit the reset button and build a team over an offseason or 2. In college it's not so cut and dry. Some may like it the other way around.
  8. We may not have a choice but to bring him back. But I'm not sure he will bite on a one year lowball deal.
  9. Would have loved Hubbard and Wilkerson here. That would have instantly filled 2 holes on our lines. Bummer!
  10. Can't forget about that one... That deal blew up in his face. It happens, but Baker eventually had to kick rocks. Hated to see any player end their career on injuries. But it was best for the team.
  11. Yes. It basically happens every year too.
  12. Totally understand where you're coming from. But this is the nature of this business. The cap is what really makes a team budget their payroll while still trying to remain competitive. There has to be balance found year to year.
  13. When the clock strikes, there will be no bites! We are going low budget FA and taking our chances with the draft. Looks like we will be setting things up for next of season and draft. We should be sitting in a better position.
  14. This ain't Mcdonalds!.... just kidding brother! But seriously, if you were taking up majority of the payroll and there not be enough to bring in quality help to help you achieve the goals, Eventually a restructure will happen or you might be out of a job. Some players have already taken a cut, why couldn't Ryan? I have a feeling this is where the negotiations are at.