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  1. E. T.

    Braves @ Cubs

    My bad Wilson...
  2. E. T.

    Braves @ Cubs

    Let's go bottom half!
  3. E. T.

    Braves @ Cubs

    Wright has no movement on any of his pitches. He's a pitching machine with one setting....straight.
  4. E. T.

    Braves @ Cubs

    Such a tough job looking for not only good starting pitching, but depth too.
  5. E. T.

    Braves @ Cubs

    Let's go boys! Let's get the heck out of CHI with a W!
  6. We need to get one of these young guns. 2 possibly 3 of these guys are talented enough to take their respected teams to a SB and win. I'd like to trade back not too far, get some additional picks and get one of these phenoms. Nothing wrong with getting prepared for when the time comes to replace your QB.
  7. I have much respect for Brees, he's one heck of a QB. Playing him twice every year brought back memories of having to play Montana twice a year. I measured the Falcons defenses by playing them 2 QB's and their teams. Most of the time it was ugly, but when we won, it felt like a huge accomplishment. Wish him well and congrats.
  8. No, I'm all for the trading back and stockpile theory.
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