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  1. I'm all for surrounding the team with experienced people, it can help the inexperienced.
  2. I did not know about that one. Sometimes you need that "Family meeting" to iron things out to get on the same page.
  3. Whatever we have to do to get this train back on track! I'm loving the sense of urgency here too, we can't let all this talent just sit here and waste.
  4. I'm all for continuing to find the right pieces to build up the trenches. If we win those battles...lookout!
  5. It would mean that we would be down 0-2 to them in the trophy case, and that would be more firepower for the Saints fans to rub in our faces. Eventually the Falcons will have to quit messin around and take care of business!
  6. That's probably how it's written in the playbook....
  7. Once the coordinator changed, it was a transition.
  8. I was thinking the same. Drew Brees, though he plays for the enemy, I do respect the guy and his game. He's the classiest one out the the bunch.
  9. Totally agree with both of you guys. Dropped passes to me are total mental errors....errors that also can happen when in transition of a new system. 2015 is a perfect example. Another year with Sark and our players should be a true test to see if things get better or not.
  10. Sean Payton has turned his sideline antics into something out of WWE. His players have got to be wondering about him. Oh well, Fuk them!
  11. Just thought you guys might like some new reading material and also another person's perspective. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/sports/nfl/article194670409.html
  12. Those of you old school fans that remember Bobby Hebert as our QB, This is so awkward to hear him commentating for the Saints. But he is real with his comments and anyone commenting on the Falcons he immediately shuts them down. He does remind Saints fans that they did just play the Vikes so forget about the Falcons until next season. Saints fans are unbelievable!
  13. Gleason making lemonade out of lemons! Respect brother!
  14. Wow...what a no class punk
  15. Such a fine line between execution of a play / and a bad play call. It's all at your discretion.