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  1. Here is some more info I found on another Falcons Message board. Just to add some interesting observations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The internet mock drafts out there still have a general consensus that Atlanta will take Ryan at #3. Of course that doesn't mean anything. But in case anyone actually cares, 87 web sites with mock drafts have updated their drafts in March, and 51 of them think Atlanta takes Ryan. 17 say the Falcons take Dorsey, 8 say Jake Long, 4 say Sedric Ellis, two each say Brohm, McFadden, and Gholston, and one says Ch
  2. Even if he doesn't start, his experience and knowledge of the game are valuable to a very young corps. of linebackers. This seems to be the hardest thing to understand for so many fans. If your hobby is football you have surely read over and over the comments by young players saying how much they were able to learn from the old timers who mentor them. These are th guys that can give them the tips about certain players that coaches wouldn't know unless the had played that preson. It is an essential time in their learning process and learning from a respected teammate who they are in
  3. Dimitroffs rehire of Harrington and placeing Redman in the position as the man to beat out for the first string position says in a way that he is probably willilng to bring in a rookie QB slowly. Allowing a rookie a year to learn makes the odds of sucess much higher than throwing him in the fire too early. Harrington for example. Having time to groom a rookie gives him a bigger choice in the draft since the rookie will have time to learn from two Qbs with experience and won't have to suffer trial by fire. Dimitroffs admission of being a QB snob, I think, says he is looking for a "franchise"
  4. The ignore button would be a great feature but better yet it would be great if people just refused to reply to these posts. I think the troll feeders are worse than the trolls. All the troll needs to do is make one controversial post and leave. Hours later it is still at the top of the page because everyone thinks they have a clever reply and are really going to show that guy. In the meantime he is sitting back laughing at all the fools that respond. These people aren't interested in a dialog, they just want to see you squirm and fuss and fall into their trap. Just look at the number o
  5. fans who think long dreds and tattoes makes someone a "thug" (10 members) then i cant wait to see the response when we draft....This is what everyone has to look at for hours because people are not smart enough to quit posting replies. The guy is long gone so you are just talking to yourselves and one another. Let this piece of crap die and go away. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The only way to combat the negitivity is to let those negative threads fall off the front page. The way to do that is to NOT FEED THE THREAD The responses against the poster keep it alive longer than anyone agreeing. Just let it slip away into oblivion.
  7. Since he will probably retire a Falcon I wouldn't be surprised if, in the future, they get his opinion on a rookie he might want to mentor.
  8. Why does anyone really care about some guy who calls into a radio station and is a Falcon fan ????? Are you that bored on an Easter Sunday?? Go outside and get some fresh air.
  9. Wow. If all you guys want to get on the bus and take a road trip I'll write a book. It will be titled "Gullibles Travels " If this guy is in college he had better spend more time in English class.
  10. He will be just what we need for a smooth start this year. No more Petrino/ Prater mistakes like last year. We need all the stability we can get. Like Mort, he will be a great influence in the locker room and will eventually mentor a rookie if and wnen we get one.
  11. "When this began it wasn't about money at all, Gazoo. Hall vehemently denied that he said anything about being traded back when this began. On Sirius he said that he told the team repeatedly that he didn't want to go anywhere. It was only after the stuff about him being disgruntled kept leaking out from the organization side to the press that he came to the conclusion that he wouldn't play for the team again. From that point on, the bad feelings just got worse and worse and the situation became intractable. Now that is the other side of this whole mess that no one around here even entertains
  12. Mod. Can we pin your description so everyone will see it?? Thanks
  13. It almost looks like a contest to see who picks the closest to who the Falcons draft.
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