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  1. This message board typically overreacts and I do too at times but all these post about our o line needing to be fixed is odd to me. I get it! Last game vs the Steelers the o line was absolutely horrible but prior to that the past 3 games they were good enough to help the offense drop 30 plus points each week....They’ve given Matt Ryan enough time to make big plays plenty so far. one bad game Vs the Steelers where the team clearly wasn’t expecting so much blitzing all game shouldn’t make us believe this o line can’t get the job done. and if I’m not mistaking this same o line has been in the top 5 for pff grades the past two years if that means anything to you. To me...This line seems to get the job done more times than not and I don’t see a reason dimitrioff should invest even more money into the offense side of the ball when 9 times out of 10 they are already good enough. Instead of worrying about the o line the focus should be on defensive depth next off season. I do not believe the offensive lineman should make any huge changes whatsoever
  2. I think it was just one of those games where a defensive unit gets extremely motivated like Seahawks vs Broncos SB or Panthers vs Broncos SB...defense found some motivation early and kept feeding into it. our line will be fine and help us put up 30 plus on the Bucs is what I believe
  3. This is just a thought so don’t everyone lose it. i was just thinking , a bell for Freeman trade may be a trade that works on both sides. Steelers- Get rid of Bell for Freeman straight up and can keep a top 10 RB on their roster. Falcons - Get Bell who in my opinion is stronger than Freeman and can help with the red zone woes this offense seem to have a better than Freeman can. as far as contracts go Steelers should have no problem retaining Freeman’s salary since it’s a straight up trade. For the Falcons since it’s nearly a even trade on salaries (I believe anyways ! Freeman 12 mil per, Bell 14 mil per)...we just need to extend bell and give him the money he’s asking for. For our Falcons sake I think it’s worth it! Many already believe Freeman isn’t a every down back which we don’t know cause from the time he had a break out year Teco has always been here to share the load and help keep him fresh and since there’s a chance to lose Teco next off season why not make the trade for a player who’s considered the best RB in the league and we know can carry 25-30 times a game no problem? its just a thought.
  4. I firmly believe that the super bowl predictions we received from any outsiders was purely based on what looks like on paper a offense full of elite names at multiple positions. so though Neal and Jones are out and it is a big blow this team to me will always go as far as the offense takes them and I’m not discrediting our defense, they were superb last season and in week 1 but it’s all about this offense living up to the potential of what’s on the paper. By the looks of names we should be dropping points fairly easy especially with a mostly healthy offensive unit. Bashing Matt, Sark, or anyone else isn’t what I’m interested in doing but dammit I hope these red zone issues get fixed ASAP! I will be at the stadium this Sunday and I expect the falcons to drop points. I don’t care who the defense is, we have way too much talent not to make defenses afraid of us! Way too much talent!
  5. Just wondering what the view is like way up top? Tickets are more affordable Up top of course but is the view bad?
  6. Thanks everyone! I’m going try it out this Friday and hope it’s as good as some of the comments are here.