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  1. I’m with you. Freeman sure no doubt he isn’t as good as his price but for Tru I’d wait...for now.
  2. Was it ruled not a TD?
  3. Quinn and the brotherhood are a**
  4. I think the OP bravely stated what’s on a lot of falcon fans minds when the debate of liking Matt Ryan or not comes up around here! Let me say as a black fan of the falcons I like Matt Ryan and I do believe he’s been a top 10 QB over the past 3-4 years in NFL .....however I will admit his mistakes therefore I’m not a homer by any means but let’s just say what it is , it’s not necessarily a race war but around Atlanta , Ryan is not held to high standards by everyone like Vick was in his prime. It’s 50/50 for Matt but I do NOW understand why a lot of falcon fans don’t like Matt Ryan though I don’t agree with their reasoning being that Matt is statistically an elite QB for the most part putting up these numbers despite bad o lines in some years, tipped pass interceptions in some years, and horrible defenses in every season except one of his career....you’d think falcon fans would love the Matty Ice but what it is , is Ryan’s style of play . He’s a pocket QB and many falcons fans rather see a dual threat playmaking Vick like QB which is often symbolized as being a black QB. vick is really the first exciting scrambling QB the nfl has ever seen! He did it differently and he was tied to major black city were many blacks are well off and making it. The ol saying around football has always been black QBs run cause they can’t be as accurate as white QBs and white QBs just aren’t as athletic as black QBs or no where near but a much much better passer on all phases....don’t act like you’ve never heard that at at the end of the day I wonder though is it about winning or about excitement??? ...we can win with Ryan but yes he needs an offensive line because he’s a pocket QB. With Vick the line wasn’t all that good in front of him but he could make plays with his feet on the regular whereas Matt can’t but Vick also didn’t have a sorry *** defense on his teams like Matt does either. matt Ryan has no doubt had better offensive lines and skill position teammates than Vick had over his career in ATL but Vick got the defensive unit that Matt has never had here . Give Ryan a avg defense and I bet we’d win a championship even with this o line we have today.
  5. And you know what else??!! ...not that you need me or anyone else to add on to your great points here but just to throw my 2 cents in I just want to acknowledge this “top offense & bottom defense” has been going on since Ryan was drafted
  6. This is a very good comparison as I follow the hawks very closely as well. The only thing I will say that’s different about Ryan vs joe Johnson when we had Johnson is the numbers for his position vs the numbers for Ryan’s position....Ryan has put up tremendous numbers in some seasons where as joe Johnson hasn’t put up superstar numbers in the same way as the Kobe’s, lebrons, wades etc during that time.....I’m not saying the numbers prove that Ryan’s elite compared to Johnson (that’s not why I’m bringing the stats up)...I bring the numbers up because it’s what helped lead Matt Ryan to that big *** contract he now has because number wise overall the numbers say this is a QB that’s borderline or is an elite QB in the NFL but ya see fans especially falcon fans will say his numbers only look good cause of all the star power (they like to call it) that’s been around him **** near his whole career til today (but that’s a different argument for another time) ....Johnson’s numbers on the other hand never were good enough to place him in mvp conversation in the nba like Matt’s have been for him in some seasons and ultimately johnson got his big contract more so due to the previous owners (Atlanta Spirit Group) being afraid to lose a household name especially since the hawks to this day has always had issues luring superstar nba talent to Atlanta (an issue the falcons don’t seem to have at least offensively)...Hopefully trae young and the rest of these young hawks can change that. anyways good comparison. I think the circumstances of why each player earned their contract is different but the end result is the same especially with how the fans see one player eating up all the cap
  7. I just don’t understand how a falcons fan can watch these last 4 weeks and place the majority blame on Matt Ryan! That’s just absolutely insane...I’m not even a Ryan homer I just know football and I know replacing Ryan does not generate “sure wins” as he’s not the ONLY player not playing to expectations.... this awful horrible defense has literally been bad in every season of Matt Ryan’s career except one which was the season after the Super Bowl point is though blaming Ryan solely is just not smart. I’m not saying don’t replace him but I am saying in my opinion he’s not number 1,2, or 3 as far as replacing immediately goes for me. To me number replacements should first go as... 1) Dimitroff (he did well drafting offensive talent for the most part but lacked drafting stellar defensive talent...even with assistance from Scott Pioli coming in defense still isn’t drafted well and I personally just don’t believe the current gm and staff has an eye for defensive talent. 2) Quinn ...I like Quinn’s catchy phrases of “brotherhood”, etc and all but reality is he’s been riding on the coat tails of shanny and shannys ghost when we are playing well...sorry but Quinn isn’t the defensive guru people made him out to be during that coaching search after mike smiths departure. I like Quinn as a person but I’d much rather have Rex Ryan’s overly aggressive *** defense (yeah I said it Rex Ryan) 3)Defense...we have some players that need to be dropped! Simple as that! I’m not a Ryan homer (**** replace him if the team really believes he’s the issue) but you cannot logically point fingers at Matt Ryan before doing so at this trash *** defense we’ve had for a decade now....not if you truly know football! There’s just no way you can make sense of it. 4) OL...this o line will have to continue to be built back up no matter if Ryan is at center or not! They are not good enough right now for any QB to have faith in them 5) Now we can get to Matt Ryan...replace him only if the team feels he can’t perform like past seasons where he was very good. But that’s likely not going to happen . We are only a season past last year where his numbers were absolutely fantastic mvp like so this kind of instant decline (if it is one) is not typical to throw away your QB that fast . Unfortunately for those of you who really hate Matty Ice lol but he’d have to perform another 2 seasons of play like this for us to officially replace him...even then to me all of the other issues need too addressed before the QB position! You can’t be this bad in preparation (coach and staff), in defensive scouting (front office since dimi came in), and defense (past 11 seasons always ranked 24 or lower other than 1 season) and say “oh let’s replace the QB he’s the issue”
  8. Last 4 years they’re top 10 offensively each season outside of 1 I believe