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  1. **** I actually miss Smitty...he really was the best coach we’ve had in recent years. I don’t consider Quinn good at all. He rode Shanahan all the way to the SB. The only great thing Quinn did was signing Shanahan since he’s been here .
  2. Quinn is worse than Mike Smith! I didn’t think that was possible but here we are. Smith at least ran a good run defense. We can’t even get that consistently out of Quinn on the defensive end. His teams stay getting torched. how long does it take to see that Quinn and his staff has had too many chances???? I’m sorry but Blank is an idiot if can’t find a reason to fire Quinn tonight .
  3. I’m not that pissed ...Quinn called the timeout to let the players know the ball had cootties. If that’s not a good coach then I don’t know what one is .
  4. I’m normally against overreactions but today was the day...I can’t handle it anymore! Quinn continues to play this soft zone coverage defense that the worse QB could even pick apart and he hires a staff that doesn’t know how to get it done. all for firing Quinn today
  5. Good for him! It seem like he actually may have broke the news first and He got some pretty nasty feedback from who I’d assume are Ain’t fans prior to Winston actually signing..... if you read the replies to this tweet you’ll see what I mean. ......now if he can just get this Clowney rumor to Atlanta right he may just have a new follower! Lmao
  6. Just excited! if it doesn’t work out, it just doesn’t work out ...as bad as we have been defensively we can only go up from here though. If we end up being bad as usual we’ll be the same as the past seasons defensively since Ryan was drafted.
  7. this guy is already a falcon fan favorite....amazing! I just hope he works out. Hate to put so much pressure on a young guy but if he’s a beast out the gates ...him, Jarrett, Fowler, Takk could not only be the best D line in the nfc south but also in the whole league. Even if he’s just solid and consistent the D line should be a strong unit
  8. I hope he’s right about him
  9. Does everyone truly believe Okudah is going to shutdown his side of the field like a Richard Sherman, Jalen Ramsey type immediately out the gate??? I don’t understand how my fellow Atlanta Falcon fans can be so in love with Dimi moving up into the top 5 and taking a CB knowing we don’t get consistent pressure on QBs. I’m not saying Okudah isn’t great or good or whatever but every great, good, avg, poor Defensive Back need that front 7 to do their job! It’s not like Okudah had a terrible D line in front of him at the college level. You go from playing with a disruptive D Line in coll
  10. Someone explain the Okudah love to me? I’m not saying he isn’t talented cause he is very much talented but it doesn’t make sense to me to draft a Defensive Back when we don’t have a serviceable D Line that can consistently get pressure on the QB....Jarrett and Fowler isn’t enough. I don’t care if you think Okudah is the next PRIMETIME Sanders! You can only stay with the WR for so long on any given play. Give Brees, Brady, etc enough time in the pocket and they will always pick you apart even if your number 1 corner has his man shutdown. If falcons want to make a real splash go get Chase
  11. I actually believe Henderson is no doubt the 2nd best corner in this draft but with the best coverage skills in this draft even over Okudah but that said for many of the same Physicality reasons a number of you don’t want CJ Henderson at 16 neither do I. I’m pass CJs tackling issues. I agree it’s bad and need to be worked on but I’m actually more concerned with how he does in coverage vs physical WRs especially the ones he’d have to face in our division! While I do believe CJ is even more talented in coverage than Okudah his lack of physicality is going to get him destroyed.
  12. Like I said in the other thread we’ve always been good at moving the ball between the 20s but finishing in the redzone is the problem. Clearly Gurley has a knack for completing drives and we need that more than his yards. Very good article and it really displays the differences between the two! In the redzone Gurley was 12 out of 14 on rushing attempts for TDs...he will get more opportunities in the redzone here in Atlanta. Gurley will be our elite finisher we’ve been missing post SB run. Heck he’s probably going to be more fresh and healthier than ever throughout a whole seaso
  13. In my opinion we don’t need Gurley to be a workhorse...maybe he gets a game or two where he has around 30 carries because he’s just having an awesome game and feeling great but we don’t need Gurley to be the face of the offense when we have Julio, Ryan, Ridley! We just need him to contribute and actually give us a running game identity for our offense . At the end of the day Gurley may not be elite anymore but he’s still a very good back and he’s valuable. Gurleys biggest value for our falcons is this.... In many seasons with Matt Ryan as our QB the offense finds a
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