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  1. Wilson isnt that much younger is he? He came into the league at 26 yrs old. He's about to be 29. And he's a running QB so he's probably in a similar spot to Ryan career wise considering the wear and tear of a running QB vs pocket passer.
  2. Tyreek Hill right now is better than Devin Hester right now. It's unlikely we'll see him, but still need to get it cleaned up just in case.
  3. 35 and 11 was over a 2 game stretch http://www.nba.com/hawks/news/schroder-leads-germany-second-straight-win
  4. Dude that's awesome! Big smile on my face right now. Thanks.
  5. Pick 2 = Clowney, so your logic is incorrect. It should be: pick 6 + Osi > Pick 2 Or pick 6 + Osi > Clowney
  6. I have no problem with Peters. It wouldn't mind at all if we re-sign him to a reasonable contract. As of now though, he is not under contract and neither are Babs or Jerry, so we pretty much have a clean house until we find out whether they are going to be re-signed or not. To me, that provides an opportunity to adjust our DLine significantly.
  7. Just wanted to point out, we don't really have any defensive tackles at the moment. I think Robertson and Repogle are the only ones on the roster. If we pick up the right DTs, Johnson could be a great pickup. The idea he may sign for less than $10 mil a year is actually a huge selling point for me. Sorry to Osi, but if we clear Osi's salary and sign Johnson, it's a no brainer upgrade to me. Especially when you consider we could add Joseph AND Donald or some similar combination. Johnson, plus the right DTs would make our line ridiculously better.
  8. Byrd would be great, but even it we create a ton of cap room by cutting Samuel, Decoud, Nicholas, etc. we still need to put that money into the front 7, period. Primarily the interior of the D Line. Our secondary is a strength. Its young and talented and considering Moore, Trufant, and Alford's contract status, will remain a strength for the next 3 years at least. My preference is to add a safety in the draft this year, resign McClain for 3 years at a couple mil a year, and then call it a day. Franks would be a cheap vet resign to fill the last spot, but that's trivial. In the draft, I would be willing to give up an early round pick to lock down that last safety spot with the selection of Deone Buchanon, but we would need to trade down in the first and pick up at least a 3rd (Vikings?) or better yet a 2nd or more. If we stick with our current picks, I feel like Tre Boston could be a ball hawk, and he could be had with a mid-round selection (3rd-5th, maybe even later). To me this route would be much better (and cheaper) than signing Jarius Byrd. Moore plus Byrd would be sick though!
  9. fair point. But if you look at it from a business perspective and a personal perspective(for Robiskie), he's probably not going to see any play time(business side of things), and you could do worse than a second round pick as you're 5th or 6th receiver(a vote towards gaining that personal benefit). If he can play special teams, he would fit. Not saying it will happen, just that it would make some sense if it did.
  10. If I was coach Robiskie ide be begging the FO to bring him in. Letting him learn under the likes of Roddy and Julio would be giving him every chance to succeed, and as a father that's the ultimate goal.
  11. Fair enough. There might be some useful info here, but it sounds like someone might have gotten their details crossed somewhere along the way.
  12. It actually says the Falcons would want Milliner at 6. It also says the Browns would trade the pick if Milliner was not there at 6. So really this article makes absolutely no sense.
  13. This article says the Browns want Mingo at 30, it doesn't say who the Falcons would want at 6.
  14. It doesn't sound like he really wants to come back. I feel like it would be big of TD and co. to let him stay home and have no doubts about retiring as a Chief. Would be better for the team and for Tony.
  15. 2007 was last decade... pays to think before you call someone else idiot
  16. Mike Gillislee - 3rd or 4th round He seems like the most reliable speedy guy. Quizz is quick but not a home run threat. We need some lightning to complement him and Gillislee seems like the most reliable burner available this year. Ideally, we would take a little speedster back in the 5th or later to compliment Quizz, but none stand out to me. I think the potential all around back capability that Gill has would make him worth the higher pick. Moving up from our spot in the 4th would be an even better option if its possible to get him that way(so we can use the first 3 picks on defense). I think Quizz/Gillislee/Snelling would be an outstanding backfield capable of providing more than what's needed to compliment our stellar passing attack.
  17. The best thing about it is when the games are on at 3 or 4am(which is most weeks), I can avoid the early wake up time. Go to work, dont look at ESPN/Nfl.com, come home and watch the game first thing. Makes for a much more enjoyable season, and a much more rested one. The first couple of years here were hard before I discovered Game Pass.
  18. I've got 2 young ones that are Aussies. I definitely miss things about the states(Zaxbys, uncapped internet/high internet speeds, the Atlanta highway system). If I was still in Atlanta, I'd have season tickets for sure by now. This could possibly be the worst time to be on the other side of the planet from the Falcons. Game Pass makes it bearable though!
  19. Cool, I drive past the golf club every day on the way to work. We're renting on property my wife's family owns(she's Australian). It's not a too bad spot out there, 30-40 minutes from everything it seems.
  20. Been on the Central Coast for 3.5 years. Grew up in Atlanta. Fan since '90. Rugby is cool but NFL Game Pass is better!
  21. Not sure Long could physically handle going up against Abe every week in practice. We've all seen what happens when Abe and Long go at it! Actually, it seems like ever since that gif came out Long has been sub par.
  22. I dont think Quizz is really all that slow. He looked really fast on that return. The only guy that could catch him was KCs returner(cant remember his name). And hes a really fast guy. If I remember correctly, he didnt catch Quizz very easily. JQR isn't a blazer like 4.3 speed, but I wouldn't be surprised if his game speed is closer to 4.4 than 4.5, its definitely not 4.6 like the combine says.
  23. And on the other side Cadillac Williams - 1st round Ronnie brown - 1st round Cedric Benson - 1st round TJ Duckett - 1st round
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