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  1. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/26556194/attorney-gloria-allred-to-discuss-nfl-player-violence-allegations-in-atlanta Doesn't mean it's a Falcon but ****!
  2. Pathetic human being always shows his ugly face sooner or later, you scum bro and youre shook
  4. SHUT THE **** UP! People actually agree with the 2nd paragraph of this post? Aaron Rodgers throws these quick slants for breakfast lunch and dinner along with any QB worth a **** in the NFL. This isn't college football, you don't get WR's wide open on every pass play, **** half the time these QB's have to throw their receivers open. Harry Douglas in terms of NFL standards is wide ******* open on this play! To say the QB should have taken a sack or called a time out instead of throwing a ball to an open WR because there is so called "too much at stake" to make a normally contested throw is some of the more ridiculous logic I've seen on here. Stick to analyzing your own crap QB Kaeperdick who has been exposed for being nothing as nothing but a mediocre at best the entire season.
  5. The only thing that worries me about Worrilow is his overall speed. His instincts are great, but I think the speed thing is the only thing that could hold him back a bit.
  6. LOL @ the people posting in here, they can't even name 2 to 3 players on most defenses including the OP but going to sit here and evaluate talent and depth charts of all 32 teams. And this is why I don't post here. Later.
  7. There are glaring issues all over, but this simple stat sticks out Matt Ryan Era Before This Year: 26-13 in game decided by 7 points or less, 1 possession games This season: 1-4 in same type of games This team has been great at winning close games. If we had won just 2 of those other games we've lost we're looking at 4-4, and that friends is how thin the margin in the NFL is on a week to week, year to year basis. Even with all of our problems we have had our chances to put ourselves in position to stay in the playoff hunt and we haven't done it. Some could say its just the law of averages catching up to us because that's a very solid record in one possession games but it's a combination of a lot of things. Simply put it's just going to be one of those years, but if you go back and objectively look at our season thus far we have had multiple shots to win a ton of close football games. Whether needing a TD or a stop we haven't risen to the occasion this year, injuries aside.
  8. oh joy another hey look at me look at me I can make another thread saying the same **** other people have said, look at me look at me. **** YOUR OPINION BRO, PERIOD. You don't know ****, you're typing from your basement.
  9. This is why no one respects our fan base and why we're the butt end of every ******* joke. It's you losers contributing to it. So proud to be part of such a pathetic fan base people make fun of it on the daily. This thread after today's game is an awful look. It's actually embarrassing for a team that has been successful as it has in recent years. Love my Falcons, hate the way our fan base represents this team. YOU ******* WANT TO KNOW WHY THE MEDIA DOESN'T RESPECT THIS TEAM WHEN WE'RE WINNING, IT'S BECAUSE OF THREADS LIKE THIS ********. WHO WOULD RESPECT SUCH CHILDISH BEHAVIOR? YOU'RE A FAN, REPRESENT YOUR ******* TEAM BETTER. ACT LIKE A MAN NOT A COMPLETE *****!
  10. Except I didn't you stupid mother****ers. Pointing out idiocy does not equate to idiocy. **** I bet some of you don't even have a reading level past 3rd grade reading the posts on here. **** ALL OF YOU LOSERS! You're all lifeless sacks of **** who try to live your life through a football team. Congratulations. FOCKER OUT! AND WHOEVER MODS THIS PLACE IS A POS WHO ALLOWS IT
  11. Make a ******* post in a post game thread instead of you cry babies and attention whores making thread after thread offering "your thoughts" on the game. No one gives a ****, you're not an expert and it clutters up this already cancer stricken forum. I mean what the **** are we doing? Every time we lose a game at least 89 new threads pop up with this ******** analysis. It's lame makes our fanbase look like a bunch of biches. Is that what we are?
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