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  1. How long have you been watching the Falcons? Having to keep the TE to block/chip the DE happens more than you would like with the Falcons. Especially if the RT can't block. Who can forget the game where Levine Tolilo had to play emergency tackle?
  2. And they’re both on special teams
  3. Tuggle. Even though he retired before Blank took over no one wears 58. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with 84 either. There are some numbers they won’t put into circulation in the regular season. The first month of training camp is a different story.
  4. And yet no one wears 10, 58, 84, 57, 60…. Just to name a few
  5. You’re omitting Mora to Petrino and then Smith to Quinn. Falcons ended up with top 10 picks in those years. One thing Mora and Smitty had that Quinn & Arthur Smith did not. A true stud pass rusher on the roster.
  6. Let's call this Dan Quinn Syndrome. Any system and coordinator can look good when you have multiple Hall Of Famers playing in it.
  7. I liked the 2012 team better because BVG was not the defensive coordinator. They came out hot and won 9 straight games. They also won a game where Ryan threw 5 picks… which is basically impossible.
  8. 2014 the problem was the oline couldn’t block at all against the Panthers. The nightmare came true. 2008-2011 Smiths run heavy scheme would run Turner into the ground by the end of the year. Also those teams were designed to keep things close. 2008 & 2010 turnovers more or less ruined the Falcons. 2011 was more of a scared game plan and gave waaay too much respect to the Giants pass rush. Again Turner was pretty much running on empty by the time the playoffs came. This also illustrated the limits of Mularkey as a play caller. 2012 absolutely ZERO pass rusher doomed the Falcons… & turnovers.
  9. Question but if they didn’t extend Ryan how else could they have gotten under the cap? Cutting/trading him wouldn’t have really helped that much as far as cap hit. Restructuring/extending Grady wouldn’t have been enough to get the Falcons under the cap. And getting under the cap with a Ryan restructure still required trading Julio. So in addition to trading Julio and extending Grady what other players do you get rid of to get under the cap without restructuring Ryan?
  10. Dude, did you forget who Ryan’s agent is? There isn’t going to be any discount and he will try to fleece the Falcons for max dollars on the contract. if he thinks he can get Ryan more money elsewhere he’ll push his client in that direction. A Matt Ryan extension isn’t going to be an easy thing because his agent will want the moon and the Falcons would be insane to pay a 37 year old QB like he’s Tom Brady and winning multiple SuperBowls with different teams.
  11. And with that the era of the Falcons having the best WR I’ve ever seen in person comes to an end. Maybe one day people will remember how amazing Julio really was… which was one of the best WRs of all time.
  12. Get Verizon. Then you can watch local games on your phone as long as you aren’t on WiFi
  13. Here are two things to think about if Julio stays. 1. He gets injured. Then the Falcons have to keep and pay him every cent. 2. Julio balls out and becomes a big part of why the Falcons are winning games. In scenario 2 would you still want to trade him? Oh and in this scenario he’s not practicing or being held accountable or any of the other things people around here have been ****ting on him for the last few weeks. But on game day he’s brining it like classic Julio. Would you still want to get rid of him?
  14. What would the people that have been bashing relentlessly for the last week do then because apparently Julio is a non practicing cancer?
  15. Sanu also yanked the defenders facemask so at best they would have gotten the down back.
  16. Too bad that wasn’t the last play of the game. Everyone seems to forget the Falcons got the ball back in regulation and just needed to get in FG range. Tough ask for sure but we all saw Ryan do it in 11 seconds as a rookie. However by then they were in complete meltdown. Weems brought it out instead of letting the team start at the 25 and then Ryan and the offense couldn’t move the ball at that point. And I’ve never understood why some people always want to give the defense a pass. They just had to make ONE ******* PLAY. Get a turnover. Stop one of two two point conversions. That one year where everyone was excited that Quinn was going to also be the DC. I knew that wasn’t going to end well because everyone seems to have this collective amnesia regarding the last quarter of the Super Bowl where Quinn and his defense did absolutely nothing. But no. It wasn’t the defenses fault. They were tired. (sarcasm) Instead let’s focus on where Ryan took a sack and then Matthews held.
  17. Wow. What an extremely generous impression he has of Neal. Neal made a few big hits but ‘stud?’ Not sure that’s the right word. Based on his lukewarm FA reception and him being moved to LB it seems like other teams would agree.
  18. Sorry, I thought it was a requirement around here. If it was good enough for the President…
  19. It came from somewhere. Who would benefit the most from that rumor? Other teams, Julio, or the Falcons? IMO, Most likely it came from the Falcons
  20. Does 20+ yards mean the ball was in the air for 20+ yards or that it was a pass that went 20 + yards from the LOS?
  21. I think it’s hilarious that the Falcons tried to drum up interest saying a team offered a first round pick a week ago…. And oddly enough no team bought it. It’s going to be very interesting to watch how this thing plays out.
  22. At first he was very happy to be traded but that in particular just highlights how teams are going to make **** sure any player they trade for really really wants to play for them.
  23. The thing I never understood about this was Quinn's defense was supposed to be very simple. Don't give players to much to think about and just let them play. That worked in Seattle where they all pros/HOFers at every level of the defense. But that's when you see talent overcome coaching. Let's look at 2012 Dirk Koetter where he was working with 2 - 3 HOFers and looked like a genius. Or every Raven's defensive coordinator when Ray Lewis was on the team. How many became head coaches? 5-6? How many were successful? Possibly 2 if you consider Rex Ryan making it to the AFC Championship game a success and Marvin Lewis' tenure in Cincinnati. Ideally you want a coach that took a bunch of unknowns and turned them into something respectable.... like Mike Smith with the Jags who then did the same thing with the Falcons. Let's not forget. Dan Quinn didn't develop the Seattle Defense. That was Gus Bradley. Quinn took over an established defense that just needed pass rushers and was given two good ones when he took over.... consequently this was when the Falcons were coming off an NFC Championship game and needed pass rushers badly. They responded by cutting their best pass rusher and replacing him with an aging veteran.
  24. Bad. The Falcons don't have a pass rush that can make up for it. Basically people are just hoping Pees can perform magic.
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