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  1. And the Falcons had one of the all time WRs in his Prime in the Superbowl and they couldn't hold a 25 point lead. The Bucs didn't win the Super Bowl because of their WRs. They won because of their defense and pass rush. Honestly I am surprised at this. We've already seen this movie and know how it ends. Even if you have one of the best offenses of all time it doesn't matter if you can't stop the other team..... and that's been proven time and time and time and time and time again..... but yet we still want to load up on expensive WRs instead of heavily investing in the pass rush
  2. And what were their combined stats in said Super Bowl?
  3. When you think about her background and where she came from... We really don't. She is the closest thing to a modern day patron Saint the US has produced. There will be stories about her and her amazing journey long after she is gone. I've been trying and I can't even think of a historical comparison or modern day equivalent...... with Michael Jackson and Elvis there's so much other bad stuff that goes along with them you can't really compare them to Dolly.
  4. I remember hearing similar things about the spiraling costs of health care 20 years ago.... Now the conversation is about the spiraling costs of health insurance. They've completely given up taking about the problem isn't the cost of health insurance.... it's the cost of health care.
  5. Probably the best argument I've heard for getting rid of the fire department.... Why spend all that money in the unlikely event that a fire breaks out and spirals out of control? Or health insurance? Why spend that money in the unlikely event of a medical emergency? Just think of how much money you'll save vs the half a million you'll owe in unplanned medical expenses? </sarcasm> I can't believe these people. When 6 inches of snow and sub-zero destroys your power grid and people die for something that could have been prevented... there's no excuses for that.
  6. Oh yeah I don't care about Quinn. Just giving people information that think the Falcons will be able to re-sign their UFAs for nothing because no one else wants them...
  7. They're not cut. They're unrestricted free agents that need to be resigned. They've hit the open market. Sure they could be re-signed but that's hard to do with zero cap space and until they announce what the cap is going to be the Falcons don't even know what moves they have to make just to get under the salary cap.... let alone sign free agents. And now with Quinn in Dallas and Morris with the Jets there may be demand for their services from other teams. That will drive their prices up and like I've said the Falcons don't even know how much they can spend yet.
  8. Just a quick reminder for everyone thinking about the Falcons and upcoming FAs. Resigning guys like Neal and any other Quinn guys might be a little more challenging than you think.
  9. Just so everyone understands the situation Ricardo Allen and Jaylinn Hawkins are the safties. Neal, Neasman, and Kazee are all unrestricted free agents....and the Falcons are maybe 31 million over the cap.... based on a 185 million cap I believe. And Allen is probably going to be a cap casualty.
  10. Dan Quinn is the DC in Dallas and they have cap space. Resigning Neal is going to be a little more expensive than you think.
  11. Are you talking about the one where Julio caught the ball and then everything went to ****? That wasn’t the last drive. The Falcons got the ball back with 54 seconds left.
  12. 2 words.... Thomas Demetrioff. Kerney was a Reeves pick but the other most successful dlinemen not named Jarrett were all McKay Rod Coleman, Johnathan Babinauex, Grady, etc. And let's not forget McKay had to trade in order to get Abraham. Can you imagine TD trading a first rounder to get a established vet pass rusher? Or do you see him using that on a DB or OL instead? For whatever reason TD had the heeby-geebies when it came to pass rushers.
  13. Look what I found! Want to know how the Falcons can get under the salary cap? Want to play GM? Do you just like pushing buttons? Well then behold the Salary Cap Calculator! https://overthecap.com/calculator/atlanta-falcons/
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