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  1. Yep still bitter. I think I'm fine with it then something will remind me of it. Like yesterday I was watching tv and a commercial from the SuperBowl came on and everything came back. We'll see what happens next season but that may well end up being a once in a lifetime opportunity that they blew.
  2. Ok then how about this? How many winning seasons has the Steelers trio produced vs the Falcons? I love the Falcons but as it stands we're only talking about one winning season. When the Falcons show they can do it consistently then they might get respect... and I say might because it's going to be hard to overcome the Super Choke perception nationally.
  3. My wife wanted to throw a party too. However I didn't want to because... well because I was afraid something like that would happen. How ****** up is that?
  4. Just as many as the Falcons but the Falcons need to show they can sustain excellence Historically they haven't been good at that.
  5. Yeah. Absolutely horrible
  6. Not saying this was necessarily tough for Pioli but Pioli went through very tough things while the GM of the Chiefs. I had forgotten about the guy that killed himself, (in front of Piloi), after he murdered his girlfriend until this article reminded me of it.
  7. You know how coaches are. They look at measurables and think what they could do with him in their scheme.
  8. Google 'most pro athletes go broke' and there are many many articles that go into it. 30 for 30 did a thing a couple of years back and has former Falcon Andre Rison.
  9. He should be careful with his money Most pro athletes are broke within 3 years after they stop playing
  10. If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?
  11. They're still going to make profits on everything they sell. Remember you get what you pay for and 'cheap hot dogs' doesn't sound safe...
  12. It's the torque that occurs with the change of direction which is why it's not a big deal with linemen. This post made me think of David Boston. For those that don't remember he was a WR for the Cards that started getting super jacked and the media began bringing up this same point and speculated he might tear something. Long story short he did. 15 lbs of muscle in 4 months..... Yeah I hope it doesn't impact him negatively.
  13. Yep we needed stability along the oline badly. Look at the Rams. Sure they have Donald and a lot of pieces on the defense but they had to do a reverse RG3 trade for a QB and then fired the HC in the middle of the QBs rookie season.... and the o-line is still a disaster. Young QB + bad o-line * fickle LA fan base = team moving again in 5 - 10 years