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  1. Well the EAgles just won the SuperBowl and Guess the Falcons sit back and rest on their laurels. Its odd because the Falcons are acting like they won the Super Bowl and they don’t have the distinction of having the biggest choke in SUperbowl history. Thats right Falcons. Act like that **** didn’t happen Go back to the Mike Smith approach And find the bargains..
  2. They could make space to sign him. However it would make Lattimore and their other rookie's 2nd contract a bit of a problem with all the back loaded money they would have. Lattimore specifically is going to be very expensive.
  3. Not upgrading adding a non-practice squad player to the DT spot so we could focus on Guard in the draft.
  4. Didn’t say that. Just that it’s what happened in Smitty’s last few years. And what are you trying to say about the Easter Bunny?
  5. That approach reminds me too much of Smith’s last few years here... especially when it comes to the lines. ’Oh we’re just fine with using draft picks to improve our lines’ or the bargain free agent. No one should expect a rookie to come in and have any type of meaningful impact...
  6. But doesn't that apply when you extend someone's existing contract. Bree's deal is done. Doesn't that mean that the 18 million hit is on the books and anything new is additional to that?
  7. But his contract is up. I believe that means the hit has already been prorated. I'm thinking no matter what Brees has an 18 million dollar cap hit this season and all the Saints can do is add to that.
  8. I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about the Bennet fallout. They were saying of available defensive linemen and number of pressures... Bennet was number one. # 2 was Claiborne and I think #3 was Poe and there was a significant drop in productivity between Bennet and Claiborne. There was an even more significant drop after Poe. So yes. Apparently upgrading from Claiborne is going to be difficult with the guys available in FA. Remember good pass rushers usually don’t hit FA and when they do they’re expensive. Again it’s also very unlikely that a rookie is going to come in and provide a meaningful impact in his first year.
  9. No but it was more of a commentary on how bad the talent level got on the defense in the last Mike Smith years where guys that would have clear backup on other teams were the clear cut starters for the Falcons. Crawford should not be starting but if Mike Smith were the headcoach...
  10. As the article states it just underscores how critical this off-season is for the d line and essentially rest of the defense. Its so sad that just when the Falcons were starting to make progress when it comes to pass rush there’s a real chance they could regress towards the Mike Smith days... which I never thought would happen with Quinn. A lot can happen but no one should seriously expect rookie(s) to come in and make a serious impact on the defensive line immediately.
  11. Oh yeah 2 back-ups then but a starter with Mike Smith. It should tell you something I forgot he was on the team.
  12. Clearly you haven't looked at the depth chart for the defensive line. There are basically 3 starters and 1 back-up when you need 4 starters and at least 4 backups. I don't count practice squad guys because then we're back to the Mike Smith days.
  13. That's OK. We've got Beasley, Reed, Takk and Grady Jarrett and a bunch of practice squad guys.
  14. Let me.... so as far as DEs and DTs on the roster we have Beasley, Takk, McKinley, Grady, Crawford, & Reed and a bunch of practice squad guys So unless we spend every draft pick on Dlinmen or go on a shopping spree in FA where decent dlinemen are expensive, (let alone good), the Falcons could have a major issue up front. And just when you thought they fixed the trenches... they let everybody walk.... and let me guess. They can replace them with lower round guys? Who do I feel like I've seen this before? Oh yes. The latter half of Mike Smith's tenure when our o-line and d-line became a joke and MAJOR liability. And then there's that hole at the guard position.