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  1. Let’s not forget when Knapp was here we had a QB that wasn’t doing his homework and looking at film... so it’s not like you can put in a complicated game plan when the QB is just getting by on his athletic ability.
  2. WTF is Sean Payton doing at a grocery store? I don't see it. I totally see him doing the other stuff but I just don't imagine Payton is a guy that buys his own groceries and makes his assistants do it.
  3. I don't think it works. Ryan would have had to have thrown it quickly and the corners would have been on the route/ball. Here's the play before the snap: Here's where Sanu turns for the slant: Here's probably the best place for the pass IMO and as you can see Ryan is about to get killed if he holds it any longer. You can also see above the Shovel itself has no chance because Matthews and Garland were walked back into where Ward was and there were plenty of Eagles ready to come up and make the tackle.
  4. Ok so here's the play pre-snap. Clearly by the personnel and formation the play is giving the impression it's going to the right. After the ball is snapped you can see that FB Coleman could have been an option for the slant. He had position but again its D Coleman so it probably would have never worked. T Coleman is staying in to block BTW. So on this play this is where Julio begins his cut and just starts to fall. Ryan is still moving to the right and hasn't started his throwing motion. If this is a quick out the ball should probably be in the air by this point. This is where Ryan starts his throwing motion and by this point the play is busted. FB is covered, T Coleman is on the Ground. TE is on the ground. Julio is on the ground. Sanu is double covered This is close to where the TV screen shot you took and like I said by this point it was an unmitigated disaster. Nobody's open and 2 pass-rushers coming straight at Ryan so the only option is a prayer to Julio.
  5. Well yeah at that point it's an un-mitigated disaster... hold on while I get a couple of screen grabs. But I still think it was a bad play to begin with.
  6. Yes but the personnel changes are similar to what Quinn did here with the defense. Les Snead is still the GM there so it's not like he suddenly decided to start going in another direction with players. The coaches have to have a system and communicate to the personnel staff the type of players they want for that system. Then they have to coach and teach them that system. That's the thing that people are overlooking. The work in the meetings and practice. Being able to anticipate what the defense will try to do for them and prepare for it. How many times did you see the Falcons run plays on offense that looked like a hot mess? Thankfully the insane decision to go for it on 4th and 2 during the Eagles game was one of them and the penalty forced them to punt. There was the Sanu TD where he ran into Julio in the end-zone that ended up not being a TD.... which seems like horrible play design. When I think about the Falcons offense this season I saw maybe only one or two games where they improved. Last year you could clearly see both the offense and defense improve as the season went along. You could even see a little of that in 2015. I saw improvement on the defensive side of the ball as the year went on this year but not as much on offense.
  7. While that would have sucked nothing will ever top the pain from the Super Bowl loss. I would have probably been mad for a little but I would have gotten over it.
  8. The 2016 offense is gone. Every subsequent year we chip away a little more at the personnel that made that team up but it's gone. That offense was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. The offense can be good but that offense was one of the best EVER. We're not getting back to that. What we need is an offense that doesn't get shut out against good defenses. If you take away the turnovers that's basically what happened in the Eagles game. Hopefully the defense doesn't take a massive step back next year like the offense did this year. You would think it wouldn't but you never know and 1/2 of the defensive line will probably be different next season. Reed, Clayborn, Upshaw, and Poe will probably be gone. Maybe more. Who do they replace them with? Draft Picks? More bottom of the roster guys not being re-signed by other teams?
  9. I've also looked at that play several times and I'm also not so sure that play would have worked because what was the route? If it was a quick out Ryan didn't throw the ball before Julio made his cut. Ryan's throwing motion clearly starts while Julio is in mid fall. Also if Julio doesn't fall and it's an out route the corner looked like he may have been in position to undercut the route unless Ryan threw it perfectly to the sideline. If it's a comeback route.... I'm not sure that's a great route to do in the endzone because the corner is going to be right on top of Julio and he won't be open. Julio can't go inside because if he does there are 2 other defenders there so the play has to be going to the outside. The best option on that play was probably the inside slant to the FB because he was one on one and no one would have expected that. Unfortunately the team knee-capped themselves in that department when they signed Coleman. So other than the jump ball, which didn't work anyway, the quick out was probably the best route to run in that situation but the timing was f'ed up with that even if Julio stays on his feet.
  10. Really? It sure seems to be for this team. Did they ever find an adequate replacement for Harvey Dahl? Was that Chris Chester who wasn't really that great to begin with? Was it the guy we cut Asmagiouah(sp?) that we cut after a year. Other teams sure seem to be able to find good guards but the Falcons aren't one of them.
  11. It depends if he’s still under contract with the Titans. If he is we can’t talk to him until the new coach fires him.
  12. Oh that was a horrible decision and I've never been so thankful for a penalty. Quinn was very lucky on that one. I guess the defense wasn't as good as people think according to the article which I kind of agree with. The front office still needs to bring in someone with experience to act as another set of eyes because I am still not sold on Sark.
  13. I have watched the play.. several times... and I'm not sure Matt would have gotten the pass out on time. If the play is a quick out then the ball should be thrown before Julio breaks on the route right? Matt doesn't even begin his throwing motion until Julio is midway through the fall. He starts throwing it after Julio would have made his cut. Also if it's a quick out the corner may be in position to undercut the route if Julio wouldn't have fell. There's basically one place Ryan can put the ball and after everything I'm not so sure it's a catch....just look at the history of Ryan to Julio in the endzone this season. 1 for 18. But the main thing I see is that when Ryan realizes Julio fell he looks around for other options and there's nothing there so it's a jump ball prayer to Julio.... a play in which Julio should have made. We'll agree to disagree. I just can't say it's the right call when it doesn't work and we lose the game.
  14. Oh yeah great play call.... other than the fact Julio fell and there were no other options on the play and we didn't score and lost the game... oh yeah. The perfect call.
  15. Look at the formation. Shotgun... FB wide to the left Julio and Sanu to the right.... Coleman on the left of Matt... TE motions to the right. Which way do you think the play is going? As Coleman lines up wide to the left... he didn't motion... they ignore that side. Throwing to the FB probably would have been the best option if Coleman wasn't horrible because NO ONE would have expected it.