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  1. We’ll be lucky if there’s still a football season this year. They may have to push it back by a month or two at least. It’s doubtful teams report for training camp in 3 1/2 months.
  2. Well the good news is that he's probably not going to have any wear and tear on his knee this offseason.... at all. It's doubtful he even practices or puts on pads for the next 6 months.
  3. So take the numbers in the US from obesity, smoking, heart disease, diabetes, etc. As you said. They all have high mortality rates on their own. Now add Covid-19 on top of that. I'm not talking about death either. I'm talking about the number of people that will require hospitalization. As many people have said the health care system is not designed to handle high volumes of people requiring hospitalization. Let's be conservative and say if .5% of the population requires hospitalization that's still twice as many people as there are staffed hospital beds according to the American Hospital Association.
  4. From the CDC As of March 16, a total of 4,226 COVID-19 cases had been reported in the United States, with reports increasing to 500 or more cases per day beginning March 14 (Figure 1). Among 2,449 patients with known age, 6% were aged ≥85, 25% were aged 65–84 years, 18% each were aged 55–64 years and 45–54 years, and 29% were aged 20–44 years (Figure 2). Only 5% of cases occurred in persons aged 0–19 years. Among 508 (12%) patients known to have been hospitalized, 9% were aged ≥85 years, 26% were aged 65–84 years, 17% were aged 55–64 years, 18% were 45–54 years, and 20% were aged 20–44 years. Less than 1% of hospitalizations were among persons aged ≤19 years (Figure 2). The percentage of persons hospitalized increased with age, from 2%–3% among persons aged ≤9 years, to ≥31% among adults aged ≥85 years. (Table). Among 121 patients known to have been admitted to an ICU, 7% of cases were reported among adults ≥85 years, 46% among adults aged 65–84 years, 36% among adults aged 45–64 years, and 12% among adults aged 20–44 years (Figure 2). No ICU admissions were reported among persons aged ≤19 years. Percentages of ICU admissions were lowest among adults aged 20–44 years (2%–4%) and highest among adults aged 75–84 years (11%–31%) (Table). Among 44 cases with known outcome, 15 (34%) deaths were reported among adults aged ≥85 years, 20 (46%) among adults aged 65–84 years, and nine (20%) among adults aged 20–64 years. Case-fatality percentages increased with increasing age, from no deaths reported among persons aged ≤19 years to highest percentages (10%–27%) among adults aged ≥85 years (Table) (Figure 2). --------------------------------------- The number of reported cases don't align with what the states are reporting but there's this little nugget on the CDC website. † CDC is no longer reporting the number of persons under investigation (PUIs) that have been tested, as well as PUIs that have tested negative. Now that states are testing and reporting their own results, CDC’s numbers are not representative of all testing being done nationwide.
  5. I’m talking about hospitalization not death.
  6. Yeah because they’re generally healthier and tend to live longer. And their health system is about to collapse. The US has obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in higher numbers than Italy... in other words more underlying health conditions.
  7. Ok Boomer See, I just find that **** funny. i could care less about that other stuff.
  8. Ok Boomer.
  9. Keep telling yourself that.
  10. It's not the getting the test as much as it is getting the results. Depends where you are. In a place that doesn't have a lot of reported cases you could get results back quickly. In Washington State it takes 3-4 days and the people in the labs are killing themselves to do that. They're working 7 days a week and crazy long shifts. They're burning out.
  11. It's that other 10% that's the problem. You do realize that's 32 million people in the United States, right?
  12. I live in the Seattle area. If people aren't taking this seriously by now... Non asymptomatic are still contagious. In China 4 out of 5 people got it from people that didn't know they had it. When was the last time the flu collapsed the economy?
  13. Maybe that’s why I can’t find toilet paper at any store.... Something strange is happening...
  14. My theory was that he saw the writing on the wall with Petrino and got out while he could. Cant blame him at all. He got one more big payday that set him up for life and his career was over a few years after that. Great move by him on several counts. Otherwise he could have wasted that year with Petrino and then his career would have probably been over and no big payday. Yeah he definitely made the right move.
  15. Still averaged 33 points a game during the regular season. Just not on the same level as LSU or Alabama.