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  1. Raider fans probably said the same thing about Schrader
  2. Yep. Julio’s extension was just going to get more expensive the longer they waited to resign him. They could have done it last year but they kicked the van down the road...
  3. Seriously, some of you guys need to go look up NFL Europe. Dante Hall Brad Johnson David Akers Adam Vinateri James Harrison Kurt Warner. The only way to get better at playing football is by playing football
  4. The only problem with that is that there are so many more examples where losing seasons with ‘winning momentum’ at the end was followed by another losing season. We’re talking about 3 - 4 examples in the last 30 years?
  5. Did they swap out both coordinators in that offseason? Actually 09-10 is probably the better example. Same coordinators and minimal personnel changes. But ‘momentum’ from one season to the next.... that’s like the tooth fairy. That’s just something somebody made up. Why is there momentum from one season to the next but not from preseason to the regular season? Because it doesn’t exist
  6. Really? Go work on a 10 minute mile and then take 6 months off and then tell me about momentum. new coaching staff... ”momentum”
  7. You see this guy pulling a 9 to 5? He couldn’t keep himself straight at the chance for MILLIONS. Now he’s going to have to get a regular job where everyone knows he couldn’t pass a drug test in the NFL? His options are a little limited. My guess is that his college transcript wasn’t that impressive...
  8. Nice boat. I bet the annual upkeep is north of 5 million. Probably closer to 10%..... ****....
  9. Not without a MASSIVE dose of pass rush...
  10. Oh the Irony.... Finally the 'shiny hood ornament' people would have their wish.... but then get to the Superbowl and then get MURDERED by Julio Jones with TB and McDaniels scheming..... Quinn couldn't stop McDaniels/Brady with only Edleman... can you imagine the bloodbath that would happen with Edleman, Gronk, AND Julio?!?!? Then the fallout would be.... We need another playmaker like Julio Jones.... (which there isn't because JJ11 is special). So trade away Julio for picks, get murdered in the Super Bowl, then trade all the picks to move up in the draft for another JJ11 type of player..... Oh the sweet irony....
  11. 10 out of the first 16 picks are in the trenches...
  12. Pats also draft in the trenches every draft and are 3 for 3 with their last 3 1st round picks. Went back to back DTs in 2014 and 2015.... and 5 of the 1st 6 picks were in the trenches in 2015.... Meanwhile the Falcons are taking WRs in the 1st round.
  13. And they more than make up for it with their coaching. Quinn on the other hand fired the DL coach that was in place when Beasley led the league in Sacks.
  14. If you hired a guy that wasn’t working out would you draft a 1st round WR to help him out and cover for your mistake? Of course not. BB has never drafted a WR in the first round. But he’s gone in the trenches 9 times.. and he didn’t have a 1st rounder 5 times.
  15. I disagree. The Saints let Jared Goff drive down the field twice. One at the end of the game and again in OT. Goff! Tom Brady would have ripped apart their defense like wet toilet paper.