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  1. Just by starting out at first saying this is an issue, we need to take it serious, and that wearing masks will help save lives puts them in front because yes, the other guy has set the bar so low with the back and forth.
  2. This is how you know they struck a nerve. I don't really recall anything other than.... Meh... when they announced Tim Kane in 2016.
  3. WOW! Good to see Twitter's excellent controls are in place. Oh and someone may want to make sure he doesn't cast a vote in November.
  4. Yeah. Americans are definitely not welcome in Canada right now. I said it before. Illegal immigration is now happening north of the border and its Americans illegally crossing into Canada.
  5. Yes. It's amazes me that they didn't realize the power you have when you control the drugs before this..... or should I say the power that you don't have when you don't.
  6. Yes but you are talking about how different countries are charging/being charged for the same thing but is available in both areas. Gasoline costs one thing here and something else in the UK. We're talking about something that only one place may have..... that's going to have incredible demand. We won't even go into the political leverage the vaccine will have. When other countries see things like the little chart below my guess is their first thought isn't about how generous the US is with its medications.
  7. Whoops, i meant to say of course. Right now everyone of his advisors are going “please don’t mention this” “please don’t mention this” ”please don’t mention this” But let’s be honest. As soon as they bring it up on Fox and Friends or Hannity it’s all over.
  8. Of course not. He would never try to push an unknown untested “cure” on his own people just so he could have a short term political gain, would he?
  9. Well to answer your initial question If the US is the first one with the vaccine are they going to give it away or charge for it.... and this is for its own citizens. I don't expect other countries to have the expectation that we would give away the vaccine when we're going to charge our own people for it. Oh it's most likely every country for itself. The one that invents it and then the one that can actually mass produce it get it first. Unless I've missed something the US hasn't brought all of their pharmaceutical production capabilities back home and still has to rely China and India. Good thing we're still worried about people trying to illegally cross the border into the heart of the pandemic from Mexico instead of trying to make sure we can mass produce medicine/pharmaceuticals in country.
  10. I'm telling you..... this is how zombies happen. Russia rushing something to market that they found in their deep vaults from the cold war USSR days.... And then stupid countries, like us, believing them when they tell us 'it's safe comrade'
  11. College players want to get paid too. I don’t see her yapping about that...
  12. Yes. The US is the laughing stock of the planet. ’We don’t want those dirty disease carrying Americans here.’ There are Canadians volunteering in British Columbia, (area around Vancouver), to make sure Americans don’t try to sneak across on boats. Remember illegal immigration? That’s not really a thing anymore... unless you’re talking about Americans trying to get into other countries.
  13. AZ is a very interesting state. Everyone thinks it's like living on the sun, (to be fair Tuscon and Phoenix in the summer gets close), but the variation in climate and wildlife is crazy. The plant-life and wildlife that adapts to live in the desert is like alien life if you're not used to it. Another AZ favorite of mine.... explaining haboobs
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