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  1. Dow topping 30,000 Thanks President Biden for fixing the economy. Yep. Just like in 2016 the incoming President will get credit for everything.
  2. Did you smoke or eat it? Sounds like it wasn't just CBD if you actually felt high. The only time I've felt remotely close to this if I've consumed multiple edibles and they hit me all at once and 1 was a 50/50 CBD/THC split. Even though the 50/50 splits have less THC there's something about the combination with CBD that makes it potent.
  3. Decent oline?! How many first round picks do you need to spend on the oline? There are 3 on it now. Do all 5 spots need to be first round picks? Ryan was an All Pro MVP QB 4 years ago but what is he now? Father Time is undefeated and what I saw was a hesitant QB holding onto the ball too long. Ryan isn’t a guy that can carry a team anymore but the problem is he’s getting paid like one. One thing that has become apparent is that the Falcons have to put so much around him to be successful there are serious detriments on other parts of the team... namely they can’t field a go
  4. How many times do we need to see the same things happen over and over? There are 3 1st round picks on the oline. Soo much invested in the offense and 9 points to show for it. Ryan’s best days are behind him and I doubt the Falcons hire the next great offensive innovator. Today showed it’s time to start thinking about life after Ryan because at best he stays the same... most likely it’s all downhill from here. The Falcons have invested so much to help Ryan over the years... and here we are.
  5. How insane was this press conference? This wasn't an episode of Veep on HBO. This was reality. I still can't believe the optics on this. This is like Pence and the fly in the VP debate. It absolutely doesn't matter what he said because no one will remember that. They're going to remember the crazy visual of Rudy sweating bullets and black ink running down his face. The really sad thing is people will forget his leadership in NY during 911 and instead remember him for this insanity.
  6. Let's do that right after they rename Prostate exams 'Geraldo's' 'How old are you? You should be Geraldoed.' Or 'What's wrong, dear?' 'I went to the doctor and he Geraldoed me. I feel violated.'
  7. It was probably that Guliani sweating bullets and black hair dye press conference. After that Fox News was “We’re out!”
  8. Exactly what they want them to. People never ask themselves how is this platform going to make money. “I mean I just have to give them my information in order to sign up but that’s it” And all your contacts but they won’t mind, will they? https://legal.parler.com/documents/privacypolicy.pdf
  9. Yes if there's one thing I've learned is that people are stupid. There's a pack mentality that happens that defies logic. Atlanta in 2008. "Hey there's been damage to the pipeline coming to the city but we have plenty of gas as long as people don't rush to the gas station to top off and horde" What happens? People rushed out to fill up and top off and Atlanta ran out of gas. You couldn't find gas but if you did you were paying $5 a gallon. Fyi the economy collapsed shortly after this. Now. "We have plenty of toilet paper as long as people don't go out and horde it." What happens
  10. I wouldn't get too excited. This map changes daily. One day Hawaii was green, the next day it was Oregon, then it was Washington, then no states were green.
  11. And I for one can't wait to see him Hold campaign events at the White House Hold Rallies where Air Force One is in the background Ask other countries for dirt on opponents Cut money and funding to organizations that will hurt the other party's ability to vote Basically doing all the same **** Trump did And then when the Trump party screams with outrage hopefully someone will remind them that their guy set the precedent.
  12. As a general rule I usually try to avoid generation 1 of anything. Video game consoles, cars, etc. Anyone remember the red ring of death? That being said I will most likely get a vaccine. However by the time I'm eligible for one it will have been widely circulated so any snafus, (like Zombies), will be known.
  13. It won't be a civil war.... at least not as we historically know it. In America's Civil War it was one set of states vs another set of states. These states could still have their own economy and produce goods and foods. This won't be that. Maybe a couple of states will remain solvent but otherwise it will be cities vs rural areas. All economic output will collapse. Interstate commerce will stop. Local infrastructure, (police/firefighters/EMS), will try but eventually fade because they're not getting paid. Militias will try to enforce "laws" and by that I mean whatever they
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