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  1. They let Dontari Poe, Adrian Claiborne, & Courtney Upshaw walk last season. They replaced them with a 3rd round DT. What kind of insane production did the realistically expect from Vic, Takk, & Grady? Crawford was a pleasant surprise but it still wasn’t ever going to be enough. Teams that have tons more talent on the dline than the Falcons still build on that. The Falcons thought they could get by slumping on the DL and it bit them in the ***.
  2. If EVERYONE was healthy there was still a HUGE flaw with the defense. Dontari Poe, Adrian Clayborne, & Courtney Upshaw walked out the door. They drafted a 3rd round DT and thought that would be a good enough band aid. So did about 75% of the people on this board. Seriously, how much insane production did they expect to get from Jarrett, Beasley, and Takk? Only after they started losing did they bring in more bodies like Means in a too little too late maneuver. Neal might have shaved a little off of that average but they still needed the beef up front to keep Jones clean. But instead of doubling down and getting 2 or 3 guys for the dline between draft an FA they drafted a WR and CB. Again Ridley may turn out to be a good player but the Falcons desperately needed help up front. Now since they kicked the can down the road they STILL need help up front on the dline but they also need OL help too.
  3. QB needy teams may jump up. I've seen too many times when the best rated DT drops out of the top 5 because of things like that and other crazy stuff that happens in the draft.... teams desperate for an OL... guys shooting up boards because of combine and pro day work outs...
  4. Oh yeah. This season is f'ed no matter how you slice it. But if they're starting practice squad guys on the oline why don't do the same thing with coaches? Let Knapp run the offense for the last 3 games and let's see what happens.
  5. Common problem. When you can't block don't call long developing passing plays. (they don't work). Koetter seemed to figure this out pretty quickly. He's not the only problem but like you said he's part of it. Should they keep trying to get blood from a turnip? Or should they have done something last offseason like bring in an OC with extensive NFL experience that will be available this offseason? Should they hope next year will be the one where the light goes off? This season showed Sark has problems adjusting when things aren't working. As the season has progressed the offense has gotten worse. This is a problem. A fairly significant one.
  6. Considering they haven't even tried him inside..... I'm thinking they want to go cheaper at the very least.
  7. Better be careful. Just when you start counting on the Falcons is when they let you down
  8. Blank was sold a bill of false goods...
  9. I guess Carroll knows how to get the most out of his players. Sure wish Quinn did
  10. Look at that defense. No Sherman. No Thomas. No Bennet. No Avril. No Chancellor. No problem. No Quinning.
  11. Since Quinn hasn’t been there for 4 years.... can’t be him can it? Pete Carroll. The true architect of the Seattle Defense. We hired the guy that did the equivalent of painting the house.
  12. Don’t ever count out the Falcons To ruin your plans for something
  13. Nah brah. Blank will be looking at the trophy then a picture of 28-3. Then he'll be looking at pictures of the PACKED stadium on United Game Day and then pictures of the clearly half empty stadium on Falcons game days.... then'll he'll look at the PSL cancellation list vs the United season ticket waiting list. Do people think the United Championship helped Quinn? If anything it upped the pressure and expectation because Blank knows when you have the right coach great things happen. Blank had that but then he got hired by the 49ers.
  14. Blank usually does it after 2. See Jim Mora... See Mike Smith. And there's precedent for 1 (see Dan Reeves). This is all regardless of injuries by the way.