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  1. He's traveling around the country doing Yoga and pulling fish out of the water with his bare hands. Nice
  2. WHAT?! No Travis Tritt or Alan Jackson?!? THE SHAME!
  3. No. It was all the threads in preseason about how we were injury free and that was the only point.
  4. Exactly. Who is the back-up guard now? Garland? Who is his back up?
  5. But what about his back-up's back-up?
  6. Updated . #11 defense Best in the NFC South but that may change after the Saints. #14 offense and #27 defense
  7. They brought up Hill from the practice squad. They knew Freeman's injury wasn't going to be a quick thing.
  8. I'd go by his 10 receptions for over 100 yards and a TD the last time he faced the Falcons.
  9. uhm, which number are you looking at for those stats? When I look at that link I see Net passing yards lists Atlanta at #12. Yards pet attempt has Atlanta as #3
  10. The Redskins have given up 322 total passing yards in two games. The Falcons just gave up 335 to Cam Newton. I'd double check your sources.
  11. ? Based on what? Jacksonville has the best secondary in the league. If you want to go by pass defense then it's Washington, Baltimore, etc.
  12. Is it? Payton and Brees are going to attack Riley. We can count on that.
  13. I agree but they need to do something because the depth at Safety is a concern now if Kazee can't play for whatever reason.
  14. Yes but those guys are on IR and aren't coming back anytime soon. Olsen might have played and if they had to worry about Cam scrambling, McCaffery, AND Olsen in the middle of the field.... it could have been ugly.
  15. I think whatever 'plan' they had for Cam and the Panthers went right out the window when Kazee got ejected and they were winging it. If Olsen had been playing that game could have ended much differently. The guy backing up Kazee shouldn't be playing anything other than special teams. The front office needs to sign someone else because Kazee has a habbit of getting the 'crown of the helmet' penalties and if he's not careful he's either going to get ejected or suspended and they need a better backup. Bring in Eric Reid for a workout