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  1. Playing Devils Advocate But the Falcons are also 2 dropped passes away from being 3-6. As they say you are what your record says you are.
  2. Yeah we actually got burned on it a couple of years ago.... I want to say it was Tampa and Morris may have been the HC. The rules change drastically when a QB leaves the pocket similar to when a pass is tipped.
  3. The only person that can do that is not walking through that door folks...
  4. Division games can go either way but I’m pretty sure the Falcons would be underdogs in both games. Saints are the hotter team right now and the Falcons look like 2015 is the norm and 2016 was the aberration...
  5. Exactly. It’s halfway through the season and the team has shown that they can’t make adjustments. The offense can’t stay on the field and defense can’t get off it. The way the team played the Dolphins coming off a bye week showed us everything we needed to see.
  6. So if it’s on the players and their lack of execution and disclipline doesn’t that fall on coaching? Basically the same stuff we were saying in 2015
  7. The devil you say?
  8. It’s not just the plays and pre-snap motion. It was the way Shanahan would do things and run plays a certain way that would set things up later. Basically Shanahan would use plays to scheme for the 2nd half. To put it another way Shanahan was playing chess and Sark is playing checkers... or more like chutes and ladders. Sark can’t do what Shanahan did. You get a guy from college with no NFL experience and surprise the once in a generation offense looks like a college offense...
  9. And then they’ll just look at the film and realize no matter what the score is they can come back and win the game.... Some teams finish.... and the Falcons aren’t one of them
  10. I really feel for people like that because the comparison to the stock market isn’t correct. A PSL was never a sound investment in any kind of way and the chances of just breaking even are pretty bad. A better analogy would be buying powerball and mega millions tickets every Sunday. Sure there’s s chance you’ll make money but the odds are seriously against you. With regular season tickets you can make a profit but that’s next to impossible with PSLs and the up front fee. The NFL has always been headed towards a problem. Over saturation combined with pricing out the die hard fan that will always be there despite the record is eventually going to bite them in the butt. Ratings are declining and attendance is too. The good news is that in a couple of years people will be able to buy tickets at a deeply discounted rate.
  11. Chance? There’s always a chance. Would I put money on it? **** no
  12. Then halftime 3rd quarter a bunch of 3 and outs for the offense and the defense can get off the field and the Cowboys have long time consuming drives. The Falcons make it closer in the 4th but ultimately fall short. Oh yeah and a bunch of people pissed off at how many Cowboys fans are in the new stadium making it sound like a Cowboys home game...
  13. Here's my prediction Falcons come out hot and score a couple of TDs and get a few turnovers
  14. But they didn't expecting the offense to put up 30 points a game isn't realistic anymore. 17 seems to be the number these days. Again the defense is improved but they're closer to average. In order to win this season the defense needs to play much much better because the offense has shown it's a comedy of errors. I agree with the OP that this season is a wash although I came to that conclusion after the Miami game. The Legacy of the greatest Choke in history here to stay.... sad
  15. They still need to improve in gettingoff the field. Sure if we still had the once in a generation offense it might be good enough. However as we've seen last year was clearly an aberration. The defense has improved but it's still isn't good enough to win games.