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  1. Yeah it stung but i literally thought to myself.... man that was nothing. But those were my last games in the Dome so good memories.
  2. I would like to think so but he’s got a big cap hit . its also the last year of his contract so they can’t really restructure Maybe they resign him but he’s 33 and there’s no guarantee he resigns.
  3. Yeah the Falcons love throwing away multiple first round picks the year before a roster purge.
  4. I see the JUGs before and/or after practice I can’t help but think of Tony Gonzalez. I don’t think it can be understated the impact Gonzalez had on the Falcons.
  5. Ugh.... Falcons lost to a much worse Colts team at home. This isn’t going to be a cake walk...
  6. No it doesn’t. Beasley isn’t under contract next year. The Falcons are 6 million over the cap without him. The biggest question will be what to do with Mack.
  7. He has to have the surgery. It has to heal. THEN he has to rehab. I think this is what people either aren't thinking about or don't want to think about. His grip strength and stamina. Ok so first he has to work back to the point he can just hold the ball. Then he has to work on the ability and stamina to hold the ball while throwing. Then there's the fatigue he's going to have throwing in games. He's going to have to work to get his arm strength back because he's not throwing the ball until he can hold it. I don't know if people remember but years back Farve injured his thumb and nowhere near as bad as Brees. Anyway he kept playing and several times he would wind up to throw and the ball would just pop out. I can see that happening with Brees those first couple of games back especially towards the end of games.
  8. WOW. Falcons picked him up on a one year deal for peanuts....relatively speaking. $895,000 They should resign him now. Will they? The Falcons are already $6 million over next year's cap. They will need to make hard choices next year but they could get a deal done. The good news is that he isn't the flashy stat producing player so the Falcons might be able to get a decent deal.... BUT he's a 27 year old DT with proven value and the Falcons are paying a lot of money elsewhere.... AND they have to pay Neal and make a decision about Beasley. McKinnley is also on the horizon. In the NFL you can't pay everyone. Yeah. Hard choices.
  9. You really need to go take a better look at the Colts. Go watch the highlights. I didn’t know they had Justin Houston until recently. Also do you know who is a better rushing team than the Titans? The Colts. They’re number 2 in the league. Seriously, you should go take another look at the Colts.
  10. Yeah that was back in the good old days when there were no such things as car seats or seat belt laws, parents chain smoked with the kids in the car with the windows rolled up, there were maybe 10 channels, asbestos was everywhere, and smallpox was still a thing. There was also a guy named Chuck Hughes. This poor soul died of a heart attack on the field. They may not tackle like they used to but in some way things are better now.
  11. The front half of the schedule is brutal. I forgot about 1-7 against the AFC. That’s horrible
  12. The Browns game last year wasn’t a trap game. The Falcons just weren’t that good.
  13. Defensive lines are tricky because you have to have a good unit to really get the most out of it. Every position matters... especially the depth. The offseason signing of Davidson could be one of the most unheralded pickups as he could be that missing piece the dline needed.
  14. Agreed!. Go ahead and figure out a way to get it done TD. He could very well be the missing piece.
  15. 1. Yes. Power rankings don't mean jack. This was meant to use the 'no respect' card to motivate the team because the team isn't getting respect nationally. 2. Clearly they weren't lacking in motivation. It was a nationally televised game, they just got EMBARRASSED the week before, there's a history with the Eagles games to pull from So yes they were SUPER motivated for the Eagles game. What I'm saying is Quinn needs to manufacture things to try and keep up the level of motivation. What no one wants is the Falcons to go from 'We were just embarrassed and can't let that happen again on national TV, let's stomp these guys!!!!!!' to 'here come the luckless Colts' All things being equal with preparation, schemes, etc. A little extra motivation doesn't hurt. To be clear motivation alone won't win you a game but it can give them that little bit of extra edge. Bellicheck used to use the 'no respect' card all the time before the Pats became the 'greatest dynasty of all time' so no one disrespects them anymore. But if there's even a whiff of that BB jumps all over it. If the Falcons want to be taken seriously they need to prove it against the Colts. And hopefully that's what Quinn is telling them.