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  1. To be fair in that pedestrian 2015 Julio had one of the best seasons EVER. And this was with no true center where every week after week 5 was a clinic on how to run stunts...
  2. Amen. No Julio means teams not respecting anything deep.... man coverage and 8 in the box. And the defense ready to jump anything underneath. I like Ridley but not as a #1 in his rookie season.
  3. Here’s a quick question. How many playoff games has Ryan won without Julio?
  4. Don’t forget Rams and Eagles. Those are going to be very tough WITH Julio...
  5. But if you take away Julio it’s no longer the best roster in the NFL. Rams and Saints would have better cases without Julio
  6. With this OC? Pretty **** important... i think most agree he was figuring things out last season... Take away the biggest threat and he’ll have to figure things out all over again... like how to deal with 8 in the box every play.
  7. My original point was however good people think Sark might be is that if you take Julio out of the mix by trading him, like some people have suggested, the offense takes a huge step back and Sark probably gets fired. I freely admit I went down a Sark rabbit hole with the college thing.
  8. Harbaugh isn’t a great example. Harbaugh was an NFL QB, then was on several NFL coaching staffs before going to college and then coming back to the NFL. Also Greg Roman called the plays. Koetter is maybe a better example of a coach that was primarily in college then came to the NFL with the Jags and had success in his second NFL job. But even then he had a ton more experience than Sark as an offensive coordinator and play caller before coming to the NFL
  9. If there’s no Julio you can go ahead and pour gasoline on that and lite it with a bomb.
  10. Yeah let’s not crucify him for it
  11. And let’s not forget the potential long term health issues he’s probably going to have. I definitely see long term issues with his feet and hopefully he doesn’t have any undiagnosed head trama. Ive said this before and I’ll say it again. Julio is going for the payday because he sees the end coming and coming soon. Regardless of how the contract plays out we probably have 2 seasons max of ‘peak Julio.’ For all the people defending Sark and not wanting to have to start over on the offense... Guess what happens without Julio? Other than Sark being fired the season thereafter...
  12. And he’s recovering from off-season shoulder surgery again this offseason. Not the best way to start but we’ll see if it makes an impact...
  13. And how many opportunities in life will he ever have a chance to make this much money? Ive always said ‘get as much as you can while you can’ I don’t fault Julio for using the leverage while he has it. One thing I think people are missing is that he’s doing this because he knows his time is coming to an end. Our time with Julio is coming will be over before we know it...
  14. Oh he pulled the race card. i was wondering when someone was going to do that. Good. It’s about time someone said it.