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  1. I really hope smith is not the problem I really think he has the potential to be hall of fame coach his winning percentage is off the charts just got to get playoff wins and a ring.
  2. So just an objective question/analysis of the hire? Looking at the overview this guy has a very impressive college resume and his first year at Jacksonville was impressive I am wondering del rio maybe dabbled a bit to much in the offensive gameplan. I always heard rumors that del rio stuck his nose in too much with his coordinators. Maybe with free reign of the offense maybe he could excel. I honestly hate the hire but just trying to reach for some type of positive.
  3. I am not sure if it is same every year or not I hope we play Saturday
  4. Sadly I had actually had a convo with my boy poppa falcon few days ago about this. We agreed baker would be better at RG, at least for the stint today we were dead wrong.
  5. Does anyone know when grimes is expected back? Also to add did anyone get injured today
  6. Or babybanks you prob was not even a falcon fan then sometimes you just have to know history
  7. Remember the 2008 45-17 whipping the falcons put on the panthers I think that could happen again and excuse me for having confidence in my team. Our falcons are way better than they have played.
  8. No I do not underestimate the other team. I think they are solid I do not however think they are as good as they have seemed their defense is not very good and the offense has been good. Theyhave good running game but we can stop the run. Newton is not as good as numbers show, it obviously will not be easy, but we have the ability to beat this team handily.
  9. I feel like we will see this falcon team explode tomorrow against an inferior panther team. I know they have played very well this year but we are clearly the better team overall. I feel even without Julio the offense is going to come together and finally be explosive. I see a monster day for turner as well. Are run defense will also prove itself as well and how about an interception for Robinson ( well let's not go overboard) lol but I see solid win tomorrow
  10. We are all disappointed with how the game ended blowing such a big lead. This has been a theme this year though teams coming back from big deficits. At least we won unlike Philly and Dallas who both had sizable leads and lost. On the road you are always happy with a win especially at such a touch place like Seattle. You better believe we will be ready for green bay the players have not forgotten that playoff game last year and you better believe they are still angry over it. We will atlantas best next week hopefully that will be enough.
  11. No, I beg to differ. What is wrong with our culture today is that politics have to impact everything. The more I think about it I think that their is some other agenda going on. If this was just about negotiations and money then a deal would have been done by now. Something is just not adding up.
  12. I got a buddy shipping the same day I am for Fort Jackson, he is doing Intel, and I very much agree football is a lifestyle baby lol
  13. I might would agree if most of these nfl players did not make more money in 4 months than most people make in a lifetime. What happened to the love of the game? I mean the lead player suit is being filed by brady manning and brees. These guys have millions and millions of dollars. This suit should be coming from the players that are making veteran minimum, but no, those guys do not even have a say in anything. My point is, why not just set down a get a deal done instead of dragging things out for months. That is what I do not understand. You have players that if this season is lost could have played their last down of football i.e. Tony Gonzales, Pat Williams, etc. This whole thing is over 1 billion dollars essentially. The owners want to take 2 billion off the top instead of 1 billion. Why cant they compromise on that, it makes no sense to me. I am just furious out of the whole thing.
  14. I blame him, I blame Goodell, I blame every owner, I blame every player. Including our own players. If at least one owner or player had the balls to stand up and say enough is enough, lets just deal and get back to football. I mean why does everything have to be so dragged out. Lockout started March 11, they should been meeting everyday since everyone coming up with new ideas and suggestions. Two times now the owners have offered a deal, and the players instead of doing a counter offer or being like ok here is what we like and do not like. They just blow it off and do not even respond like **** 12 year olds. This is just pathetic on everyone's part.
  15. I love my Atlanta Falcons, but I am over it. I ship for Fort Benning May 31st and was hoping very much to get a good feel for the team about who would be on the team and how things were shaping up because I am essentially going to be unable to learn anything about the team for about four months (even though I will be in Georgia)lol. So I just am going to stop caring, the NFL does not give a **** about us, so why the **** should be care about the NFL. Keeping up with the Falcons was my way to get away from everyday problems. Oh well just wanted to vent, this probably be my last topic for a long time.
  16. I am trying to wrap my mind around why Derrick Locke and Noel Devine did not get drafted. I would have been happy with either one of these guys in any round from the 4th on maybe even the 3rd. I wondering if something else maybe is going on with these two that we do not know about. I know I personally was looking for the Falcons to take a shot at Devine in the 4th before the big trade anyway. Does anyone know anything going on with them, or did they simply just fall.
  17. I thought of that comparison as well LOL but i just not sure I see that with this guy. He has trouble, but to be honest what can be worse than punching another player out (legaratte blount) and look at how his career is going. He seems to be doing really well in Tampa. If we have the leadership on our team we can really straighten the guy out. I not saying I defenitely would, but I would really think hard about it at least. Although, You could be right lol Just a topic of Conversation during this dreadful LOCKOUT
  18. With him being kicked off the Florida Gator football team. He is entering NFL as Undrafted Free Agent. Look, I know this guy has character issues to an extent, but honestly he does not seem like a bad person. He is a **** of a talent who probably would have been first rounder in next years draft. If we have a chance to land him down the road, if he could slip through the Falcon Filter, I would not be against it not one bit. As long as he got his act together.
  19. To me when I look at Luke Stocker I see a younger version of Jason Witten. This guy is a great blocker and can get down the field and make the tough catches and is very athletic. His stats were down a little this past season because of the emphasis on the running game and the Quarterback carousel going on at UT. I would love to have this guy, I think he can be a special player. Gerald Jones is a deep threat with very good hands, he has lightning speed and was really the only player teams in the SEC were worried about stopping when playing Tennessee. He can play all over the field including outside, in the slot and even coming out of the backfield. He is also a good blocking receiver as well. Call me a bit of a homer but I would love to see these two guys in the Black and Red on Sundays.
  20. I really believe that this team will leave no doubt next year. The anger and hurt that we all feel as fans is only a fraction of what the players and coaches feel. I believe next year will be the year of the falcons dominance. This year we were good but we could have very easily lost more games. I believe next year will be when Atlanta comes out with that killer attitude. This loss I feel will be remembered for years and years to come and will be that battle cry next year. I am telling you that we will dominate teams next year. Not just squeak by teams, we will show utter dominance. This embarrassment from last night will never happen again to this team.
  21. Does anyone know what is going on with babs lofton and brian williams. I heard the announcers say they were shakened up and they have not returned. I wonder if it is anything to worry about because we really need all of these guys for the playoffs
  22. Yea, Jennings is the only one that really scares me. I really hope Dunta can rise up and play for that money today.
  23. LOL yea actually I am a police officer with a little bit of down time at work. It has just been a great day at work so far. Hopefully I feel as happy at about 4:30 today.
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