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  1. And four letter last names as well -- see they are so alike it isn't even funny :w00t: lol....dont know how i missed that one:D
  2. what have we done to deserve the respect that you want us to have. if you werent a fan of the falcons, would you respect us?.....i agree with you in that we are going to have to earn(or take) any respect we are going to get, & that will just make our victories sweeter
  3. thanks for the updates....i dont really agree atl isnt a sports town,the fans are a bunch of bandwagoners though...not as many diehards as in some cities....but it is great that atl. has a nfl team( & baseball,nba,nhl,afl)alot of cities would love to have one in their hometown but dont
  4. how was that ryan avoiding comparasons....you cant compare the 2 in any way.....except they both have mr blanks $$$$$,& are on the falcons roster as qbs
  5. i would rather have a winning team than to have a so called winning qb that thinks he was gods gift to football & was so stupid he became the hardest rock bottom fall in sports history
  6. did you ever stop to think that the reason we only picked 1 ol in the draft & fa, is that we might not be as bad on the ol for our system as alot of people think. this offseason has been systematic in the cuts we made & how we handled fa & the draft,so im really curious & excited to see how the altanta falcons become a team
  7. He only got us to 8-8 the last two years, playing high on weed. That's not winning, FOOL. He's only half as good when he is high. He flipped off all the fans on national TV (news). He never tells the truth. He is a big liar that nobody can trust. He is a criminal, and belongs in prison. their ya go.......let it all out...get it out of your system.....lol
  8. everyone thinks that because you are the worst team in the league. No, the falcons won't suprise anyone and there won't be a person eating their words. you have the worst team in the league believe what you want to......we had 4 times as many wins as the fins last year & we have done more to get better than they have....& they just got worse by trading their best player to the redskins.....so whatcha gonna do when we win more games than 5 or six other teams & prove that we arent the worst team.....hopefully disappear
  9. coach wasnt on the list??.....no love for smitty:w00t:
  10. i wouldnt worry to much about this...because mr blank will put a smile on his face:D
  11. let everyone think we are the worst team.....so at the end of this season,everyone will be eating their words & saying how we are the most improved team in the nfl & start getting some respect
  12. its funny that dj threads are always the longest ones.probably because the same thing keeps being said over & over....i think he has a chance but, its do or die.... imo
  13. his running style alone should allow him to put up decent numbers at the very least
  14. hopefully it will be better than our last marriage....cant be any worse unless matt turns out like leaf
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