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  1. Hey! We are making a playoff run. Each and every player regardless of their experience level must do their part. Saying that DeCoud is too inexperience is like saying Lofton, Bierman and the rest of our rookie players are ineffective because of their tenure. Get Real! These are our Atlanta Falcons aka "Dirty Birds."
  2. Wow! I have Falcon Fever really bad. This team is very exciting to watch. The defense is now coming into their own and with these next home games, we will be situated within the process of making a PLAYOFF RUN. GO FALCONS!!!
  3. Wow! Gives me chills too. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of something great. I've been a Falcon fan for 25 years. Never have I felt like this about a team. Even though we had MV, the chemistry was all over the place. Now you see a cohesiveness that's enjoyable to watch. GO FALCONS!
  4. The problem with Joey H being with the Saints is that he knows our playbook. That presents a problem because if Brees does not get hurt before our matchup, he and the other Saints will have an advantage. What do you guys think?
  5. I think that our FA and coaching staff are doing an excellent job. I believe that our defense will help us win games.
  6. :PWow! I have been a Falcon fan for over 27 years and when we won that GAME I also lost it. After the field goal that clinch the victory, I immediately ran outside screaming at the top of my lungs ("Falcons are going to the Super Bowl"), up and down our cul-de-sac for about an hour. It was a completely wonderful moment. I just hope the coaching staff can mold these guys into a cohesive unit that can ultimately produce a winning record. What gets me are these newly required Falcon fans who only became interested in our team when MV was drafted. What a waste of time and money. It really hur
  7. This is what bothers me with most individuals on this forum. It takes a very mature person to forgive. If Mr. Blank would like to help reestablish Vicks career once HE's served his time and suspension, then why hate the man because of his wrong doings. Just maybe, he might turn his life around and be a spokesperson for PETA. In fact, I think this might be Vick's saving grace here. "Remember that everytime you point a finger at someone, there is another one pointing at you" Iam a 49 yr old man and have been a falcon fan for over 35 years. I've seen the ups and the downs. This too shall pa
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