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  1. And who wears a t-shirt with their own face on it? What a douchey move.
  2. Or maybe Abe decides to retires around the same time Jared Allen is looking for a new contract...im just sayin
  3. Im bumpin it, because we finally got another Seminole.
  4. He is a little undersized for a center, but he is an awesome (and versatile) pick up. Just passing on the heads up from my insider here at FSU. this is his info from nfldraftscout.com: "Draft Scout Snapshot: DS Rating on 9-1-10: #9 C, #285/750 Overall, 7-FA 2009: McMahon has started every game each of the last three seasons for a total of 39...earned a season average grade of 80 percent, second only to Rodney Hudson among offensive linemen.... has played all but 10 snaps, getting a respite in rout at BYU, where he also saw a handful of plays at guard....vastly improved his pass protection and
  5. Weems to return, but HD on offence on reverses and such.
  6. Ryan IS that good. But his talent wasnt reflected in our playoff loss, which is what the world and the creators of Madden remember us for
  7. Thanks for the definition Webster. And yes, we will finally see the screen this year, and it should take tons of pressure off of Ryan. And dont forget about Julio, he caught a ton of screens at Alabama.
  8. I'm with Mr. Allgood, very good use of time talking about jersey numbers on draft day.
  9. C'mon, ur a crazy homer. No way AJ is even in the same class as Julio. Julio has a different mentality, its almost like his favorite football player is Ray Lewis, or something...
  10. Julio wins. And I cant belive I was proved right..for once. Thanks TD.
  11. Great Mock. I like Cobb in the second, im just not sure if he will last that long. But if the draft fell this way, we would be taking care of almost all of our needs with very explosive play makers.
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