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  1. A good coach and GM will look at EVERY option and investigate all players and or prospects anything less would be stupid. I am not an expert in player evauluation I am a FAN and as a FAN I have an opinion and IMO we need lot of big nasty linemen...pick them early and often but pick them then go after the "skill" positions. But as a FAN I will cheer any player with a Falcon on his Helment!!!
  2. watched the replay of the Titans game from last year...then I watched the tape I have on the other games.....the last drive in the Titans game sums up our needs.....1st and Goal at the 2 yard line ......1 min left down by 7 chance to at least tie.....turned over on downs...could not punch it in all because our line is sooooo weak no power and no pass protection.....also 3 missed field goals in the game shows another need that has been taken care of with the addition of Elam......just think about it and it becomes clear a good line and a good kiker and we win that game and I think many more . s
  3. Nice I can live with that draft
  4. i'm with you guy's I think this draft is about hog's big mean and nasty linemen on both sides of the ball this can be the cornerstone for years to come. ALL good teams preach the same thing if you can run the ball and stop the other team from running the ball you will WIN!!! most of the time. Thats what I want for us to WIN!!! most of the time.
  5. quality ....yes pro bowl caliber ...imo no it is not that we all do not see the need for a QB in this draft the majority of people here just dont think that our 3rd pick in this years draft should be used on Mr. Ryan he is not that highley rated....look at the prospect list in order or rank. I think we can stil get a quality Quarterback in the second round and not have to spend what little salary cap we have left on a so so prospect.
  6. I could be happy with 8 and 8 and a competitive team every week .....I too think with better coaching we could have easly won 3 more games
  7. AMEN bro......a team is built from the trenches outward look at the hoggs for the redskins not that much fancy players just solid players with a great O-line and D-line
  8. thats all I'm saying as well....Ryan may be the best QB ever but as a value pick it just don't fly with me.
  9. he was very solid against the run and almost had a sack or two.....for a first year player I thought he was solid and well deciplined
  10. where have you been reading? lol please give me a link other than ykw on the nfl network (mayock)
  11. No so called expert that I have read has ryan in the "elite" class of quarterback prospects.......19 int's in a p_ss poor conference, o'yea a 1 year starter please give me a break...before you come here with this the best qb this year stuff look at the tape on this guy and decide for your self...besides he has said that he does not want to be here
  12. Jim Mitchell and Art Malone in 1974. That year was about as big a circus as this past one. thanks was it that long ago still makes me laugh to think about it
  13. What is your favorite falcons game memory?......NFC champs?....nah for me when we had a fight break out in our own huddle on national tv...priceless...at least in the day our team had b__ls and every team knew that they would be hit hard and often.
  14. Have to say "Mr. Falcon Tommy Nobis" all time fav......zook and humphrey close second Fran Tarkington fav non falcon anybody but me remember the game when we had a fight in our own huddle?
  15. And I'll repeat, if he does that, he needs to be shown the door. I will boycott this team this season if he doesn't draft a QB. Please Sir; Start you'r boycott now and start with this MB thank you for leaving
  16. aLL these april fools threads are killing me I think i'm going to log off and not return until tomorow.
  17. yea I remember had to go to the gave in order to see the game (black-outs) had season tickets then, sat with 5,000 of my closest friends on a cold wet sunday watching us play .....Detroit i think, can't remember if we won .........drank too much but had a great time at the old FCS I loved going to the game outside. Yea we have always had the sell-out problem. and we may again but I just don't believe the doom and gloom squad on this board refuseing to "spend another penny on this team" a few wins and they will take their tickets of E-bay and use them....lol
  18. I just finished reading a post from a guy asking about season tickets.....sir get on the waiting list and you will be contacted as tickets become available. Then it turned into the same cr_p that goes on here all the time. If all the people on this board do not renew their season tickets there should be plenty available at a greatly reduced price because if you listen to some of these "FANS" the dome will be a ghost town empty of all life...........BS I think that the fan base will grow in size and excitement. The dome will be full and rockin' if what I think is happening with this team. we wi
  19. good point about the rookie contracts. also i think that some of our younger players have not hat the best of coaching in the past I do think that we have a better staff than we have had in years.
  20. I see the point about how much he is paid. Nut to call Jamal a "BUST" is a bit harsh ....call him not earning his first round payday. I can live with that. That though is another thread....Why do rookie's get so much money anyway.
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