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  1. I am a FAN!! I am still a YKW fan because of what he did on the field in a Falcons uniform....that being said I was a Falcons Fan before YKW was a twinkle and I will continue to be a Falcons fan until there is no more me or Falcons. It don't mater to me who is in the uniform as long as the team is here in the Atl. and has a Bird on the Helmet.
  2. Jeeeeeezzzee Just had the draft and were talking about Boley and his contract think depth peopledepth is what separates the good teams from the bad......not castaways but quality players for depth
  3. I for one am glad it is over the draft that is .......did I get all my guys......did they draft the way I wanted them too.....NO.......Will I support the tem it's players coaches and front office.........DA_M skippy.......I saw a method in this madness.....I saw picks for need and for the best player available of a need.........look at it this way now they can practice, and play and add more later. Can anyone truly say we didn't need a Quarterback? Can anyone say we didn't need a Left Offensive Tackle? Can anyone say we didn't need ILB and OLB? Can anyone say we didn't need help in the seconda
  4. somecut 8 I am with you build the lines then get a QB later ....besides didn't these same experts dismiss Tom Brady as a project not a "BLUE CHIPPER"
  5. What do we need most ....the expert will have you believe that qb is our highest need then some say DT others OT and still others say CB........IMO we need PLAYERS lots of players as a FAN!!! I don't care if they run everyone off and start over with good sound players, big strong nasty linemen, fearless QB with a cannon for an arm, Corners that hit and tackle, safeties that punish. LAst year I saw prema donnas that whined more than they played. Coaches that were clueless, and a lack of effort. I don't really care who they draft tommorow as long as they can play and have a good attitude......I
  6. To all you folks Bashing Mr. Blank will some of us remember the previous owners.........The Smith's Rankin in particular......coaches like Jerry Glandville (tickets for Elvis), June Jones fighting with a Quarterback on the sidelines, Marion Cambell.....Wow. At the very least Mr. Blank has TRIED to put together a competitive Team. He spent the money on popular players (some are very good). Has he made mistakes O'yea but at least he is trying.
  7. sorry QB somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round
  8. I think we should go: 1. Dorsey 2. Howey's boy 3. Ellis
  9. Can I have your Falcons tickets this year I think it will be Fun at the DOME!!!
  10. I agree, and I think we will get a QB in the later rounds......I have watched a lot of film and I am sorry but Mr. Ryan is NOT a first round draft pick. I dont think (IMO) that he is the best QB in this draft.
  11. Dude you got a Man Crush on Ryan or what???
  12. Watch the Ryan highlight videos, looks like all his passes were behind, low .....never did I see a receiver hit in stride, or over thrown.....we have a QB on the roster who can throw the short stuff (see joey) I want a QB that throws the ball ahead of the receivers. We have speed on the outside but it does not show without a QB with a cannon. This is why I think MR is grossly overated.
  13. And they let this bozo in pure football and wont even answer my request. Go away you are NOT a fan.
  14. Yet another stupid and useless post. Matt Shaub has been gone for a year now and bringing him up now is.........stupid, different coaches, different GM, different team. Last years "mistake" is water under the bridge and it's time for a new beginning without looking back. IMO Schaub was overated anyway.
  15. I really hope not I think #3 overall is a reach for Matt Ryan, I hope we trade down for more picks and pick up a project QB later......also I just don't know if we can afford a top 5 pick with our cap situation anyway.
  16. Any body here get a sneek peek at the mini camp. I know it was a "closed" workout but surely someone got a peek. From what I have read it sounds like a higher level of coaching was there as well as more intensity and "FUN". I also read of comradery and together and team this is a good change for our "TEAM".
  17. I think the Falcons need in this order: 2@DT's 2@OT's 1@QB 1@KR 1@DB 1@ILB I will trust TD in who to pick I just think, and hope that we build this way. Anybody think different?
  18. It's not a Joke stick around a while and you will see that most of the "experts" and fans here know little about the Falcons or the players, and even less about football in general.
  19. Wow again more "experts" I think we all agree that we ned to draft a QB this year to develop who is the big question, do we take a high (3) draft pick and pay him a fortune or do we look to the second round for one that we can develop.....rememberwe are still paying a furtune to the last frenchise QB ........Redman, I think can hold down the fort this year ith Joey as an experienced back up this is not long term but a stop gap this year.....sorry but DJ has to go in training camp or be on the practice squad sorry to all the UGA homer's but he just has NOT shown me anything but injury since he
  20. Wow all the experts on this board, and some that have been around a while......amaze me with their supreme lack of wisdom.....Jamal is a bust because he had no sacks.... please this kid came here to the worst coaching staff in ALL of football and that starts at the top....players play and coach's coach and a rookie underclassman player to come in under those conditions I think he played well......well aginst the run and did get pressure on the QB I look forward to seeing what he can do with a real coach and some help up the middle.
  21. All teams with early first round draft picks begin negotiating contracts with there prospects about now. I helps to know what a player will cost and if you can get the deal done. See Jamarcus Russell last year with the Raiders. Just to draft someone dosen't mean you can sign him and get him into camp.
  22. slap to who's face not mine it justb tells me that either A. they cost more than we have (see ykw's salary cap hit). or B. they were not good enought to start here or did not want to be here. also I hope more "starers" are gone it just might improve us ...I mean we were soooo good last year with those "starters"
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