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  1. Dude chill out and have another something! I't will go away in a few days and those guys will jump on the bandwagon with us and I't will be there idea to draft him at #3
  2. can you get that guy to pick the LOTTO numbers for us?
  3. Thanks Rev......I'm looking for that ball so I too can be an "EXPERT" roflmao
  4. It simply amazes me, I read the newspaper, watch the sports news shows, listen to the pundits that are supposed to know all, watch a lot of football my self, pay extra for NFL network, and you know what? I can come here and read so many things that people, I guess, make up to support there opinion. It so laughable and such a waste of time. If some of you would spend the same amount of energy supporting this team, and bringing facts to the discuusions, this would be the very best Fan's message board in all of sports. Trolls beware and go away! Please go away!
  5. Dude lighten up already you been this way all day.....come to mini camp and have one out of my cooler
  6. Coach Smith said it would be open while he was on 680 the Fan
  7. according to reports in another thread mini camp will be "OPEN to the public" this is a very good move on Coach Smiths part let every one see the new faces and direction. I'll be there and it should be fun.
  8. Me too I can't wait .......also a real good pr move open as much as possible to the public
  9. If you like the grading aspect go to Fox sports and check the grades given to all teams and the reasons behind it. I think that some people here have it in their head that this was a bad draft because they think it makes them look intelligent. They will not be convinced period. I too was purplexed with some of the picks bu ya know I am no "expert" I am just a fan.
  10. Who is this guy and what is his relevance?
  11. Come on give Blank a little credit, he is trying to field a good team. Are you old enough to remember the "Smiths"?
  12. nice post and I agree I think this draft was a planed and ploted draft with most moves decided before the draft to shore up needed positions.
  13. I too have been a fan from the first year until now........I will remain a fan of our team......I just hope that all these folks that are done with the birds will just go away and stop all the negative post.......I wanted Dorsey as well but you know what?........I am not an expert I am a fan. I know nothing of the interviews or injuries. I do know we have people who are experienced in the FO who do know more about player evaluation than most of us fans.....also if everyone declines there season tickets wont the prices go down and some better seats become available.....lol
  14. I'm hoping that this turns out to be a really good draft but right now since I'm not an expert have to go by what the so called experts on ESPN & NFL network are saying and they all think we did a really bad job. Only time will tell. who said this? link please ? all I have heard is that we did a GOOD job, not great and flashy but a good solid needs based draft
  15. Douglass in the slot quick tough receiver. Bye Bye pick six and Joe Horn and Adam Jennings
  16. A weak OG and DT class? Didnt you see all the linemen flying out of the first round?? We had to trade with the Redskins to get somebody quick. I hope next year does look fruitful for our sake! Read what the man said.........big dropoff after the first round.........TD decided that the QB was the most important selection this year......then trade to pick the best available OT........then BPA for need down the line....the so-called experts thought we did pretty well not great but needs based.
  17. WOW Thanks thats what I was saying just not as good. Thanks for a great post and for the information.
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