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  1. Bump! Looks like a bunch of hogs to me...
  2. I agree much better at a lot of positions than in the past. I think if you take a step big and look at what has been done player and coach and even mangement wise I am starting to see a pattern and a plan. Takes a little getting use too as a Falcons Fan.
  3. would you rather have a 300 pound man with a stress fracture just below his knee, playing in the trenches and making 30 million minimum? young and fast is what we are going for
  4. I am tired of reading all these post about thugs, malcontents.....etc. I am an Atlanta Falcon Fan. I was a fan of MV untill he got arrested, confessed too, and convicted of a crime....I am not mad at the crime, I am mad because of the crime he admitted to, he cannot play and help my favorite team. I for one do not care if the players are thugs, wife beaters, drunks, dopers, or any other thing....as long as it does not effect their ability to play and their effort on the field. If Boley is convicted of a crime the it is up to others, not this board to decide his fate. If he isnt convicted then
  5. Crumpler, Coleman and Hall ....leaders?.......did you watch the falcons last year or what.... if we did have any leadership on this team the past few years then it was VERY POOR what I have seen in the past few years i a total lack of quality leadership.......if we had leaders they might have guided YKW so that he didnt get into trouble.......D Hall would have went to mangement and said what can I do for the team...not screw this I want 70 mil long term or trade me.....Crump could have laid off the groceries and worked on catching the ball. Just because you have been around a while does
  6. IF you read all the player evaluations you will find positive and negative issues with all players. Sam Baker excellent pass blocker can be overwhelmed in run block situations ...quick feet short arms. Projected ot Jake Long excellent run blocker good hand work, needs work on pass blocking poor footwork, can be overwhelmed by speed rushers on the edge. projected og
  7. I think it is comical in that before the draft all these "experts" said that we "had" to have Matt Ryan because he was the Best QB on the Board......now the same experts (after hearing it somewhere else) say we should have taken Dorsey and hoped for a QB later. Fact 1 : we still got 11 picks Fact 2 : we got 2 first rounders....2 multi year all americans Fact 3 : no-one really knows who would be there in the later rounds Fact 4 : a system was used for the first time in Falcons history not the BPA type of draft. Fact 5 : if Wilcots and Rucker were truely experts, they would be a GM somewhere no
  9. REMEMBER GUY'S THIS IS THE NFC SOUTH.........ANYONE CAN WIN THIS DIVISION.......... realisticly a competitive improving team is what I hope for
  10. Thats what I hoped for. The Media makes up stuff to get attention I really dont think there is any division that a few "WINS" wont cure. Please lets all get along and pull for our "TEAM"
  11. What do you guy's think a "Bigger" story from the draft was......the supposed racial division or the fact that for the first time we had a draft with a plan?
  12. In Miami everyone didn't beg for a Quarterback.......In Miami everyone will give Parcells the benifit of the doubt........In Atlanta everyone bit_hes no mater what........I don't care what a smelly Tuna does I didn't want him here anyway....He did so great in Dallas huh...he leaves and a dimwit does a better job.
  13. its ok to rant because you are a Team Fan.....I too am a team fan......Most of the negative posters will go away in time.......and when the national media stops encouraging the race debate.....we will all go back to what we are at heart............................................... ATLANTA FALCONS FANS
  14. give it time and ALL the nay sayers will be back on the bandwagon with beer and chips.......maybe a dog on the grill and they will tell you they supported this team the whole time.
  15. What a joke look where KC was picking and they had the "best" draft of all this year....oyea they drafted Dorsey.....roflmaf
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