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  1. thanks for your report Duke I too was there and I would have to say that your assesment was right on. Douglas looked really good and I like to see a few scuffles out there. Also for this to be Ryans first practice in the system I thought he looked good, except for one long pass that was behind the receiver. I was a little disapointed in Redman but I think I will like this offense.....lots of different sets and lots of motion. overall team speed looked good we are much younger and faster.
  2. dude I was there too and I didnt see what you were talking about......Was Ryan perfect ...no. but a pretty good first practice. Redman not so much but not bad I would have to say that bloey had the best day..........and for you DJ fans he threw to the tight ends and receivers but not in any play activity .
  3. I'll buy the beer and a blunt if you will let it go!
  4. I'm with you most of the trolls here, the good ones, are in PF, they come out to be Azz_oles and return to their smug little group of wanna-b football experts! Then they will copy a post found here and repost it in PF to look smart. I have invaded the stronghold and observed.
  5. Dude; Move on man just move on, or go somewhere else and bi__h! seriously let the Dorsey Deal, go water onder the bridge
  6. add me to that list I am looking forward to a competitive season. now lets run before the trolls get us
  7. ok you know everything doomsayers.......how many season tickets are left? Do you know, or are you just talking ____ again. When I called last week only thing left was upper level endzone and corners. Please if you have (which I doubt) tickets please give them to the next fan that you meet.
  8. Listen to yourself. Take in the information and form your own opinion. This is a form of entertainment, not a cult. I mean that Football is entertainment and also speculating. Take it as such and have fun! If it isn't fun for you, then this probably isn't the right place for you.Dude you missed the "SARCASM" in my post. Just trying to lighten this place up.
  9. thanks for the link ....just as I thought
  10. Good Luck I have been trying for 3 months I dont even get a no They just dont respond. I will try again next week because this board has gotten out of hand.
  11. I for one am proud to be a part of a MB with so many experts in the world of football. From talent evaluation to the finance department, loaded just loaded. I am confused and I need help. Who do I listen to? The experts here that loved this draft and think we are on the right path? Or the ones that have so completely killed any hope of the next year, calling for the fireing of TD, and Coach Smith because of the draft. For Mr. Blank to sell the team? I have even read a few that want the falcons to move. Who should I believe??? It is at any rate an honor to share this MB with you all. Thank you
  12. Uhh he owns the team and can do whatever he **** well pleases. And he is not even in the same league as Al Davis or Jerry Jones when it comes to meddling with the team they own. Blank would be an idiot to spend 500-600 Million dollars on something just to ignore it. Its called micromanagement and he shouldn't have hired TD if he thought he could do a better job. Right now, he's been lying through his teeth about NEVER interfering. He needs to tell the truth and take up golfing or chess to pass the time. Never more should we hand over the team to a retail guy. You can't micro-manage someth
  13. Nice post I agree........ignore the negative replies .......I think people think it makes them look smarter to dis. the team and the front office......to me just more blah, blah, blah keep up the positive post fellow FAN!!!
  14. or a stress fracture like Dorsey
  15. Baker Injury facts from ESPN Strengths: Insider OnlyWeaknesses: Insider Only Overall: Baker arrived at USC in 2003 and redshirted his first year. He moved from guard to offensive tackle before the 2004 season, and went on to make 39 consecutive starts at left tackle over the next three years (2004-'06). As a senior in 2007, he played 10 games (all starts). He was a first team All-America selection as a junior (2006) and a second-team selection as a senior (2007). He missed three games in his last season because of a left hamstring strain. Baker also suffered a bone chip in his left knee in 200
  16. The only edge Baker has over Alberts was experience. Baker was coming off a season full of injuries while Albert added a new wrinkle to his game by playing LT. Albert is the bigger and better athlete who's best football is ahead of him, Baker doesn't have ideal arm length and tested poorly at his pro day. Albert shined at the combine. If this was 2007, you'd have an argument. Present day, Albert projects to be a better LT than Baker does. I wouldn't be surprised if Baker ends up as a G, and Albert will still be the better player. and you work in whos front office??
  17. trying to find the link to the rule, I am sure it deals with training camp not mini's or OTA's, yes rookies count against the cap and number of players on the roster, but this is why there is a second round of free agent signings after the draft and before training camp....also only count as rookie minimum salaries. Hey Cap. .....how are we looking as far as cap space to sign our draft picks?
  18. The 80 man roster limit is not in place for "mini camps" or OTA's It only applies to the training camp that leads up to the start of the season. Hope this helps.
  19. Media and Logic ha what a laugh. This year has been the worst for "band wagoning" both positive and negative....... KC is the darling of this years draft.....and the Falcons have been the whipping boys for the last year. It did not mater who we drafted or when we drafted them, it would have been a bad pick. For weeks leading up to the draft we in dire need of Matt Ryan with our #3 pick, now that we did it we should have picked Glen Dorsey and we were stupid for taking ryan and even worse we traded up to get an OL that has been an All American for the past 3 years. I guess what I am saying is
  20. Center; the ancor of the line, call's all blocking assignments at the line, changes protection assignments to fit the defense at the point of attack. This being said a good center is: A. Strong B. Good hands C. Good footwork D. and most important....Smart, has to know all line assignments, like a 2nd QB for the line. give the young guys some time together, let them gel, then we will see what kind of line we really have.
  21. Maybe I'm a homer but those are some good players. I don't think we are as far off as a lot of experts on this MB think we are. Also look at the coaching staff....IMO the best staff we have ever had here.......upgraded scouting and player personnel staff as well. I truly think we are finnally on the right path to success year after year.
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