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  1. Yes you always play to win, always but one team has to loose. I am a fan and I want the Falcons to win every game....will they , not likely. But if you do loose a game which all teams do, do it in a dignified, professional maner, then we will stop being the whipping boys of the media, and will be respected by our rivals.
  2. Hey i'll take that B and be happy. Not bad for a team ranked dead last in the off-season power rankings....not bad at all.
  3. I have Direct TV for NFL Network and other sports packages.....live in the mountains no comcast to fuss about.
  4. UPDATE There are a few videos up on AF.com one I liked was with Matt Ryan he said that he is here for good as in moved here and will be here throughout the OTA's when asked about his contract he said, that was off the field stuff, and he was here to work and get better. Wow that is way different than what we have heard around here in the past.
  5. IMO like in Dallas a year or so of improvement then mass mutiny again.
  6. The Falcons ....pre Mora era....were always respected. Not a powerehouse or perinial playoff team but always hard hitting respectable competition week end and week out. I see a similar mentality. From the days of Nobis, Zook, Humphrees....to the Hammer Jessie Tuggle, Jamie Dukes, Van Note.....we were a hard nosed team. You may beat us but you knew you were in a game. Since Mora, we have become IMO, weak, and soft. No power since William Andrews or Riggs....Now I see a different mindset, I saw it at mini camp, a swagger almost......a swagger from a team that went 4 and 12 in 2007.....yea and it
  7. Its all good I just like to keep it positive. Do I think Super Bowl......I wish, but I'm not that stupid. All I mean is back to respectable professional football.
  8. I believe that the best indication that we have made some positive steps this off-season, is the amount of troll activity by fans of other teams. I have seen negative posting by fans of all other NFC south teams, the Cowboys, and the Patriots. It is like a kid whistling in the dark because they know the Falcons are changing.......no more same old Falcons.....no more laughing stock of the league......no more primadonna players gathering personnal gains, but a team oriented group out for wins, wins, wins. What do yall think? Agree or disagree it's just a thought for a slow day in the off seaso
  9. First of all good post!!! Second I will no longer respond to post from trolls so they will go away quicker Third I too have hope for this season and I believe that we will, at the very least see "professional" football in Atlanta again. A hard nosed hard hitting team is all I hope for for this year. The talk of all the player turnover is, IMO, overated. If they were (the one that are gone) that good we would have been better the past few years. Keep these positive post going and let the trolls fade to the back pages.
  10. For those asking, Vicks 1st year 2001 he saw limited action with only 2 starts. He played in 8 games and had 2 TD and 3 Ints. He also rushed 289 yds and 1 TD. He also had 6 fumbles with 5 lost. So he committed 8 turnovers total in 8 games played. 1:1 ratio. Pretty loose ball handling. Vick Stats courtesy of CBS: PassingYearTeamGGSAttCompPctYdsYPALgTDIntTkld20+40+Rate2001Atlanta Falcons821135044.27856.95522321/11311462.7 RushingYearTeamGGSAttYdsAvgLgTD20+1st2001Atlanta Falcons82312899.3351615 FumblesYearTeamGFumLostFum ForcedOwn RecOpp RecYdsTot RecTD2001Atlanta Falcons865000000Wow thanks
  11. Are you serious, I think on paper we are much better off a TE than last year, and I think the addition of K. Morehead, Frazier, and Moore will if nothing else add depth to the position, and at Corner Back the only loss was overated You must be crazy if you think replacing Dlow with chevis is good. Then smack me and call me crazy.......at least I wont see a guy making millions getting beat by every good receiver we face. D. Hall = OVERATED!!!!!
  12. OK, I like that... Now on that we agree!
  13. Are you serious, I think on paper we are much better off a TE than last year, and I think the addition of K. Morehead, Frazier, and Moore will if nothing else add depth to the position, and at Corner Back the only loss was overated
  14. A least it's not one of our guy's. Maybe this will start a pattern where the Media climbs off us for a change.
  15. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Dont give nothing to the aints.
  16. I think he watched at mini camp too, he saw the young receivers that I think are better than him at this stage of his life in football. I think the performance of Harry Douglas impressed him too, and he wants to move on......like I said with D. Hall, if they don't want to be here, cut them loose" maybe trade him for a DT.
  17. KC had the best draft and they are sitting at 30.....what a joke........this is worse than the pre season College standings. These guy's are a joke.
  18. all of the above Puketrino ....terrible coach, most of the staff the same, lack of chemistry with players Clubhouse distractions.......fighting with coaches and each other MV7.........nuff said Injuries........wow were we hit hard or what? Players.......not quality backups for when injuries hit. Game Planning........what game planning Halftime Adjustments.........what adjustments. Effort.......lacking by all
  19. I agree that we are not in as bad of shape as most people think......we are however the whipping boy of the media.....national media tries to keep the racial devide crap going....and the YKW fans hating Ryan BS and that what IMO it is BS. I am just a fan but I played ball most of my young life and also a little college ball in the SEC. Coaching and effort can compensate for talent. I will tell you my observation from camp....Speed, Speed and more Speed all I saw Saturday was exitement and speed. This team has had a big turnover this for sure but I for one think that is the "BEST" thing we have
  20. I agree, went to Saturday AM practice...........organized, up tempo, coaches everywhere coaching....was my first trip and I was impresed with the staff. If nothing else we may have our best staff in many years. Good to see Brookings smileing again and at the "will" wher IMO he belongs.
  21. I enjoyed the tempo! everything quick you going back tomorow?
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