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  1. Help!!! Does anyone here know a good site to chat with other fans....other than jmikes blog, a hand full of good posters, this place has become horrible......negative.......whining.......know it all posters that I think want us to fail.....it has become "cool" to complain. I think I will read the news here and jmikes blog and stay away from this board.......no inteligent life here......the sad sacks have won. See all yall fans at the games.
  2. Yes thats not a lot of money, but a TON of money, but before we go crazy lets wait for the press conference at 8pm. Maybe there is something we dont know. Also ive read on this board that the Falcons are too cheap.....don't think you can say that know. Long is a OL if you look at what miami is payong him this isn't that far off the slot.
  3. where did you find this? link? please?
  4. So everyone else is wrong but you're right? You're saying the guys who get paid to evaluate players are idiots yet you, a person on a team MB, is pimping greater acumen? Can you step outside the Flacon bubble? Dude; just who are you a fan of?
  5. OLD WHITE FAT BAST--- Oh sorry too much huh.......well then I am an Atlanta Falcons Fan I was a MV fan when he was able to play, wow what an impressive athlete, skills off the chart, an amazeing player to watch, also broke my heart with the turnovers and such....then prison. I do not hate him, I fell sorry for him. All that talent wasting away in prison a young man who damaged his future. Now I will pull for Redman, Ryan, Bloey, Shockley or whoever puts on a Falcons Jersey and plays.
  6. thanks gazoo, I cant remember this type of move in years past at this time of year though.
  7. relax people just keep saying what they have heard someone else say......Jamie Duke aint the sharpest tool in the shed ya know...lol. Last year Bakers arms were fine.....also everything I read has Jake Long playing Right Tackle for the fish and he was #1 overall. People are still dog pileing the Falcons, we are an easy Target.......like I have said they get paid for what we do here for free!
  8. Like I have said not the same old Falcons, some kind of move almost weekly.
  9. OK I disagree. McKay is the broker he hires the players, it is the Coaches job to coach/teach and correctly utlize each player, that being said have I agreed with all his picks, no, have I agreed with the Coaching since Dan Reeves H--L no, also if you are being payed 115 million dollars to play a game and your salary counts highly against the salary cap, and you, due to no fault of the team, fo, etc... are in prison and cant play for the team that still has to pay you and your salary still counts against the cap......I would say this is a no brainer.
  10. what team is that donkey f____r a fan of anyway this is, a positive thread.
  11. GAZOO; Thanks brother for the positive posting!
  12. I still say the trolls are nervous, we are not doing business like the "same old Falcons" ......... and to that I say "THANK YOU AB, TD, AND Coach Smith
  13. Nowhere but up baby.........top o the world ma! top o the world! Football Expert on ESPN: Getting paid for what we do for free!
  14. WOW and people think I drank the Kool-Aid..........fiflmao
  15. I really do think we are headed in the right direction.
  16. IMO if you play that way the WINS will come and keep coming.......there have been many other laughing stock teams......bag headed saints fans....the original Buc fans....and last year, as bad as things got for us last year......prison, injuries, class-less coach wanna-be leaving mid season....discruntled players...a true lack of leadership.....all of that and for Miami it had to have been worse!!! The beloved Dolphins 1 and 15 no prison issuesor any of the News worthy crap....just a very bad football team.......and no matter how much tuna you feed it it still stinks like fish.
  17. I am sorry if some of you dont understand what I am saying.......I hope we win every game but get real.......I have a question for some of you if we agree that it is improbable that we could win every game........then how would you like us to act when we loose? and every teem looses at some point.......do the Colt get blown out or the Patriots or do the fight to the bitter end. This is what I am talking about...a "TEAM" of "MEN"
  18. So pre-Mora...the Falcons were like the Miss Congeniality of the NFL? No read what I said pre-Mora we were a tougher team, more physical style of play.
  19. Tom D didn't bring Bill B with him so all that energy is going to waste. Your team will be lucky to win 4 games this year, don't get all crazy because of a GM. I'm not sure if you know this but the GM's don't play on Sunday's, it's the players. Unless your roster has been transformed into some kind of super team then don't get your panties in a bunch. Don't worry, we have a great coaching staff now too. We won't be a super team, but we'll be much improved and I think we have a good chance of winning this sorry division. By the way, you're always trolling our boards and telling us how much we
  20. You and most scouts that I read think the same, that he was a good value pick.
  21. Me too Norwood from Robinsons interview sounds like the receivers are re-learning how to block. Thats what other teams receivers do to help the overall offense work.
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