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  1. The current FO is going about its business in a quiet effecient manner no big splash just revamping a very weak roster. I like the stockpileing of servicable players. we are in need of MANY above average players not just a couple of superstars. Joey while not my favorite is a serviceable backup and better than any FA quarterback out there. Good running back choice and a bargan in todays market. our last years starters would be backups on most teems (linemen) and our backups would have been cut by most teams. We have some good young players from the last draft, added some better backups and wit
  2. I know i'm a newbe but only to this board.....I have been a fan since the Norm Van Broklin days... I remember cold wet days at Fulton County Stadium with 3000 of my closest friends and plenty of beer and cheer, I can remember a fight in our own huddle on TV... a proud franchise that has a history of strong ,hard hitting defense's and a tough running game. We might not have won the game in the past but our opponents knew they were in for a game when they came here.....In the last 5>8 years we have gotten away from this. I dont think we are feared any longer, we are a joke on defense and soft
  3. even farther back ...Zook, Humphreies, Nobis.....these are the hitory of the falcons......white-shoes, bartkowshi, jenkins (the one with hands), van note... these are the ones not KNW, Meangelo, ....
  4. as long as the D is aggresive and not soft I dont care what you call it, I miss the days when the falcons had a tough D and a rep for hitting and hitting....feared at times...do you remember?
  5. hey boss that mean you agree?
  6. what a load of crap this is ...if you are not a fan then why are you hear speading your poison. I support the team no mater what.
  7. As coaches go all coaches are a crapshoot... will they gell with the players, front office, etc...moves made either are genious or ignorant depending on if they work or not. my take is as follows... Spag's 1 year as DC in Ny real young little experience...... Singletary not a DC yet but a great player and person...... Smith 5+ years as DC plus more experience than Spags.... Ryan good blood line more years than Spags. less than Smith... We tried the "new" blood coach look how that worked out, lets find an experienced DC, OC or assistant give them 5 years and then see what happends. Has anyone
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