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  1. If he wins the job in training camp and is the best QB on the team then I say start him from now on....The only QB with experience in the NFL is Joey, Redman has just a few games under his belt and was out of football for a while....so throw the experience issue out (unless you want Joey) and let the best man start.
  2. the "experts" see all the changes in personnel and the youth movement and think "expantion team" when in reality most of the change in personnel and coaching staff was due to the fact that those players and or coaches just were not that good to begin with. Look how many released players are still out of work. also there is no other angle to report on. MV is old news, no disgruntled players (other than joe horn wanting out) just a workman like aproach to the work at hand, playing football, geting better as a team, signing draft picks, etc.
  3. who was it that had all the types of trolls in his sig....I miss that guy...lol
  4. Started out well then.........like always stupid takes over!
  5. I agree but why can't eleven good players make 1 or 2 "look" like superstars?
  6. I too have asked several of the Mod's to be a member of PF but have never even got a reply either yea come on or we don't want you and here is why.... I have learned how to read post in PF and much to my suprise I find BC there with the same crap he spreads here. If the standard for entry is who you know and who you asked then what is the point. I really haven't seen much over their lately anyway. my 2 cents worth
  7. I agree with Farmer, lets give this Coaching staff enough time to build and draft a TEAM that fits into their system. IMO we have the beginnings of a very good staff and FO if we are patient and supportive as fans.
  8. emt861, what WOW server do you play on?I have no idea what you are talking about but if it was meant as a slam, then you missed. It was a genuine question for debate.
  9. Wow! some people are just trying anything to make this kid look bad. I saw the interview Ryan gave a respectfull answer to a difficult question, I think he showed both Intelligence and Maturity.
  10. Just a thought for the off season. Some people here think if we dont have a "superstar" on the team then we are not very good. I think if we can put eleven Good players on the field at all time we will win more than we lose.
  11. you are correct sir!!! You win the prize. Seriously some people here do exactly that ...they read something and then come here and expound the point as a fact. Then the next day read something opposite and do the same thing again and again.
  12. can you name 1 veteran OL ...Pro Bowler....that makes what Jake Long signed for this year..........nope, me either
  13. so the value of this draft class is decided by the lack of a potential superstar??
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