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  1. DO it.... DO it..... DO it.... Go Matt Ryan Go Falcons
  2. The twin cheerleaders told me.... it is a word.... however it you used it incorrectly
  3. One of my favorite skits on SNL... and reminds me of the best NFL team in the league!
  4. I was one of his biggest fans ....when we drafted him. Now... I cringe when the ball is thrown to him... I am amazed when he does catch it... almost shocked. A part of me knows he has the ability to be a great receiver.... and hopes this is the season that he turns it on. A bigger part wants to not even see him on the field...
  5. Hmmmmm.. our NFL Draft guru Mel Kiper AND... The Cold Miser
  6. Why we arguing about youth...let's go with experience Morten and Elam in the secondary.... Let's watch em' kick it old school
  7. LOL... too funny So true.... but would love to have a young rookie kicker come in.... I am not an Elam fan.....but will support him if we decide to put the dirty bird on him!
  8. It can not be that hard to realize.... He had many positive contributions to this team and yet there were issues. This can be said about many players on many teams. Let's agree to disagree and wish him the best...thank him for the good things and hope we kick the snot out of the Raiders when we play! Go falcons... Hurts to read this board when people verbally attack each other
  9. Just a thought... would there be any reason for TD and the FO to be "in cahoots" with D.Hall... Hear me out... they stage the "D.Hall wants out" plan to shop and see how flexible the league is and the plan is to keep him and work some draft day deals? Thought?
  10. I was surfing for porn...what did I miss
  11. Ralphie says his choose is ....trade him!
  12. Funny how D.Hall tells all yesterday...there is no truth to deal... and today we find out he has already offered money for his jersey number... Good Luck...and Good Bye... I am very excited about the future and the draft still! Go Falcons!
  13. Part of me laughs... I like the message sent to Hall and others... as good as you think you are... you are part of a team. It does 2 things...gets rid of someone IMO that was not prepared to a part of the solution(not all his fault), and hits him in his ego...letting him know ...you are only worth a second round pick..
  14. When you get the chance... Pharoahe Monch--- by Simon Says http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdWHY8Hrnv0
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