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  1. Wow OldMan70. You never go full potato. And you did just that
  2. So much better than this and never thought I'd see you relinquish to such a terrible idea. Sad day in TATF land.
  3. I keep hearing mealy-mouthed half arguments like "so and so and such and such will be gone so... Gurley" "We need a RB so... Gurley." "We need more on the offense cuz the D is doomed to suck, so...Gurley" No one knows how the draft is going to play out, so proclaiming, with certainty, that the top guys that can help the falcons on the edge will be gone is more than asinine, it's ********. All of this is conjecture until the draft but I swear some of you act like this guy is gonna be able to rush the passer for 3 sacks, rush for 200 yards and catch 5 balls for 100 every Sunday. He's good, but
  4. From a football perspective, yes. I'd take Greg Hardy but it's hard to separate both football and the reality of the situation. DV is a huge issue to me and the fact that it isn't a huge issue to lots of you or you go into victim blaming is indicative of a society that's values entertainment over the moral compass
  5. 5 years ago... Yes. Now he's just a liability waiting to happen, just like SJax
  6. is rising up right at this very moment

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