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  1. 42 years and not one single superbowl win and never had back to back winning seasons. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  2. Marcus howard would fly past wayne gandy or todd weiner and sack joey harrington repeatedly.
  3. who has matt ryan competed against that makes you believe he's really that good?
  4. how could any one of you pathetic losers that actually are falcons fans make fun of any other team?? That is funny.
  5. it was basically the same as this year. All these losers were saying......... THIS IS THE YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL :w00t::w00t::hehe::hehe:
  6. Everytime you wonder about the intelligence of the falcons front office. LOL LOL Just look at all your FIRST ROUND PICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL
  7. oh, i thought this was another vick thread
  8. In college football today. The true POWER is in the team's i named above. Look what happens when a team that never has to play one of those teams has to one day. THE RAT KILLING IS ON.
  9. It is so funny to me to watch people build teams and players up constantly and then when reality hits they wonder what happened. You gotta look at who someone is going up against to tell what there capable of. Bottom line. Some of yall may not like it but tough. Here's the truth. If a team or player has not competed against........ GEORGIA BULLDOGS FLORIDA GATORS AUBURN TIGERS LSU TIGERS TENNESSEE VOLS Then you had BETTER think twice about decideing that there the next Walter Payton or Reggie White.
  10. I've never read so much garbage in all my life. I bet not one of you scored over 1100. No way. No way an intelligent person would buy season tickets for the falcons games. :w00t::w00t:
  11. give me one good reason why you really, truely believe your team is gonna even win half there games this comeing year.
  12. Last year you morons said that petrino was the next jimmy johnson. Yeah, now its this smith guy and that 17 year old gm you got. You guys won't win 5 games this year.
  13. Well, in a way he's right. The falcons home is atlanta. Therefore the majority of the "fans" around there see no problem with drowning dogs, smokeing weed everyday, electrocuteing dogs, spreading herpes, flipping a bird to the same folks that supply your paycheck, running a massive dog fighting operation, lieing repeatedly etc. etc. etc.
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