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  1. brain froze for a while there. About snelling, during the game you could tell we were missing depth at rb, everytime the camera caught him he was sucking wind like crazy. still proud of him for coming up and giving us a chance
  2. how do you use myp2p every time i open the link it doesnt come on
  3. me too please me too please
  4. I know. But its still kinda of funny to read some of the comments. he does look mad "happy" in that picture
  5. http://www.mediatakeout.com/2009/36940-ummmmmm____we_aint_trying_to_start_nothing____but_we_got_an_old_pic_of_nfl_baller_thomas_decoud____and_dude_is_looking_extreeeeemely_zesty.html
  6. d wade= ring josh smith and entire hawks team= nothing
  7. i have a question which i hope you all can help me with. Did you start college the summer after high school or the fall after?
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