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  1. meanwhile gesicki is in miami not jacksonville.
  2. derrick shelby coming back on a one year according to his agent. kemal ishmael may be coming back too according to vaughn
  3. fam nobody is holding the gun to your head and forcing you to be a falcons fan. im sure the other 31 teams will be happy to gain a new fan
  4. so we lost poe and clayborn as "starters" but we have a first round pick in takk replacing clayborn. lost shelby who been hurt for most of his falcon career and upshaw and rubin. you mean to tell me that in the weeks to come in the very long nfl free agency the falcons cant grab 2 players similar to shelby/upshaw/rubin if not bring them back?? and we cant draft a DT/DE??
  5. free agency is not even a week old and yall already calling for the end of the world. maybe just maybe give the front office and coaches that have been achieving success past years a chance to work.
  6. based on the website listed above steelers got 2 mill in cap, seattle had to release half their defense to get cap, the patriots got a friendly deal from brady and just lost their starting left tackle as well as other starters on defense and thats how they gained their cap space. dont be dense do some reading. we lost poe and signed a starting guard. we left what will be a backup de walk and now a second year 1st round pick will start.
  7. the league mvp last year is broke??? i hate for yall to be browns fans or any other fanbase that hasnt been to the playoffs in forever or whose qb is not a former mvp.
  8. sometimes you lose sometimes you win. the mental gymnastics that some people do when searching for reasons or excuses when their team loses are incredible. people really act like teams supposed to go undefeated.
  9. 2 wins in a row and we are in the playoffs at this time. go take a nap, you bored.
  10. this is the nfl, anybody can lose on any given day. we are 3-1 and one of the best teams in the league. calm yall ***** down
  11. watching on tv i thought the defense as a whole looked exhausted. technique is the first thing to go when tired on a football field. that pi call in the endzone looked like a play from a tired player that was simply trying to hold on as a last resource. he lost the ball and panicked.
  12. but they have stated multiple times that they are not protesting the american flag...what part of that you dont understand?
  13. they won, we blew it. stop caring so much and wait for the play on the field to speak for them. if ryan dont wanna be on the corner than he can make sure that we dont lose again like we did
  14. that pic of the receiver wearing number 84 freaked me out cause i thought roddy was back at first. but these pictures are great man thanks. julio looks like a ******* monster.
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