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  1. I’m not sure. I don’t get how he keeps making the team, let alone seeing the field. He’s horrible and has never done anything impressive.
  2. Agreed. I’d add Okudah too depending on if Oliver steps it up or not.
  3. Title makes me think I’m reading a woman’s blog post or something.
  4. Haha this is funny. They wouldn’t be as easy to replace as you think, and they are playmakers for us right now. 2 of our top 3 scorers.
  5. Refs contributed a **** ton to this loss. Falcons shot themselves in the foot per usual, but these refs have been straight trash. Hard to win when you play against the Cardinals, yourself, and the refs.
  6. First 30+ point game for Arizona since 2017. Falcons all about helping other teams reach milestones.
  7. Cardinals look like they are using Quinn’s playbook.
  8. Refs need to be fined and suspended for bad calls. They control so much and there’s zero punishment for screwing teams over.
  9. Man so sick of Beasley. Had such high hopes for the guy. Incredible tools, soft attitude.
  10. Go ahead and be stupid and let Ridley & Hooper ball out for another team. I didn’t care for Freeman deal, there’s no comparison.
  11. True, but now people will actually put respect on his name because he’s having a breakout year.
  12. Too busy worrying about his kids and his anxiety issues. Total bum.
  13. Hooper is pushing himself into the Travis Kecle & George Kittle tier right before our eyes. Definitely a lone bright spot this year.
  14. When we went into the fourth, did we switch to another dimension? D got a stop, run game looking good, refs giving us calls. What’s happening
  15. I love our weapons. Hooper and Ridley need to be Falcons for life.
  16. Jamon Brown gets hurt once a game.
  17. It’s so frustrating to see players like Beasley, Campbell, and Ishmael stealing reps from Cominsky, Grace, and Carter. We gave Sheffield a shot and he’s looking better than Trufant. If we suck either way, what’s the harm?
  18. You’d think if a player stinks, the staff would give someone else a shot. But they continue to play Beasley, Ishmael, and Campbell.
  19. 36 just loves covering grass. How many years do the Falcons have to keep this guy around before they realize he isn’t very good at anything.
  20. I don’t see how Quinn isn’t fired after this.
  21. Teams might start making their punters inactive against us to free up another guy. They’re not needed anyway.
  22. It looks like a cover four without the underneath zones.