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  1. We can’t just trade everyone away. Falcons have enough holes already.
  2. The entire OL. Mack has regressed so much, and the Carpenter & Brown signings have been lack luster for us. Kazee, Ricardo, Trufant, and Oliver have been liabilities for us in coverage. Not to mention the putrid play from Campbell and Ishmael. Freeman lost a little juice. Keith Smith has been an average blocker at best. Pass rushers? Don’t have any besides Jarrett and Clayborn. Beasley and McKinley have been MIA.
  3. The thing is, there’s several good coaches who can scheme & game-plan well. But that alone doesn’t make them a good HC candidate. Need to have a coach who is a natural leader. Someone who can rally & lead the troops. If you don’t have the personality to lead a locker room, then it doesn’t matter how well you can scheme.
  4. BPA at position of need. DT, DE, LB, S, CB. This is a deep front 7 class so we could trade back if Young isn’t there. If not I’d be okay with staying put and getting Derrick Brown or Isaiah Simmons.
  5. I didn’t say it did...
  6. We can clear an extra $24 mil off the books by cutting Trufant, Freeman, Schaub, Stocker, Bailey, Sambrailo, Carpenter, Calhoun, Gray, and Brown. That’s before the new the new cap increase too. We could be around $35 mil in space when it’s all said and done.
  7. What do you mean? He is active on game day and has been a really good STer for us. Do you even watch?
  8. We don’t need any of them. Between Gage and Blake, I think we will get a solid WR3. It’s going to be impossible to replace Sanu outright, but Gage has made some fantastic catches with the little reps he’s got.
  9. Gonna miss Sanu, but this was an excellent deal for us. At least Sanu can get the ring that we should’ve got him.
  10. I think you can blame Quinn for keeping him around though.
  11. He has definitely learned a lot from Belicheck. I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I wonder how loyal he would be to the franchise. His history in Denver worries me a little too
  12. I was begging for us to get Donald when he came out. Was told by some here that he was too small to be good, even though he flashed elite ability throughout his whole career at Pitt. I actually like Matthews. Just really wanted Donald coming out.
  13. Yeah I think he can last until then. Players like Fulton, Okudah, Adebo, and Terrell could go ahead of him. Either way I think a very solid corner falls to us in the second. Our second round pick will likely be between 35-40 range.
  14. I’d rather have him over Harbaugh 100%. One has been groomed under Belicheck the last few years, and the other one has been a let down for a solid program.
  15. I can’t get onboard with Harbaugh. 1-7 on the road vs ranked teams & he’s never taken Michigan to that next level. Been a big let down for that program. He seems defeated in nearly every press conference I’ve seen this year. I’d choose Josh McDaniels over him.