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  1. I really like him as a guard prospect. He’s strong with the ability to move. Gives great effort too.
  2. I see Mooreland as a 5th-6th rounder. He has quick twitch ability, but he’s strictly a NB right now. Too small to trust on the outside. I am curious to see how he tests though.
  3. Think Risner has a good week overall. Struggled at first, but got better everyday. Has good strength and technique. Had some great reps versus Wren and killed Zach Allen all week (who is basically just a power guy). Also created some massive running lanes on Saturday’s game. Held Montez Sweat in check as well.
  4. I like Charles a lot. Think if we go DE, he is the one I would want. Incredible versus the run and pass. Sets the edge nicely and gets great push on passing downs. Isn’t really all that bendy, but has great length & strength and a good motor. Reminds me of Carlos Dunlap and Jason Pierre-Paul a little bit.
  5. Kris Boyd is absolute cheeks though. Dude got burned all year.
  6. Well it’s possible to run off Alford. Have to wait a little to let go of Trufant.
  7. Guys I never understood the hype with: - Kris Boyd - Been getting burned all season and some sites have him as a top 10 CB. Also a step too late and really sucked in Mobile. - Zach Allen - As I said before, just lack luster with no real position. No bend or moves to be an edge guy, and too small to be on the inside. - Oshane Ximines & Jaylon Ferguson - Both guys are underwhelming. Gets stone walled too easily and aren’t explosive enough. - Joe Giles-Harris - I just don’t see it with this guy. Doesn’t show urgency or suddenness. He’s boring to watch and I don’t see him really knifing through gaps. Constantly see him listed as a top 10 LB. - Caleb Wilson - This guy has never flashed to me, yet I see him ranked pretty high up there among TEs some places. His agility and movement are awkward. Never seen anyone run as weird as him.
  8. To be fair, Trufant and Alford have been pretty solid up until this year. Hindsight strikes again with you. Jalen Collins held his own on our Super Bowl run & had moments of playing pretty well. Isaiah Oliver is still unknown, but has upside. Akeem King is still floating around the league and isn’t a massive liability, think he played in the playoffs this year.
  9. He will have an explosive combine. Think he will lead DL in most categories. I even think he puts up 30 or more reps on the bench
  10. Yeah I think this is pretty accurate. I just am not a fan of Zach Allen. Even before the Senior Bowl I thought he was just average with no real position he excelled at. Rock Ya’sin and Iman Marshall had really good weeks. Same with Lonnie Johnson from Kentucky. Isaiah Johnson started out the week fine, but his short area quickness got exposed.
  11. Having a good week of practice so far. I heard Prisco say there are some character concerns about him but wouldn’t specify what.
  12. Yeah that’s how I feel. I feel like these practices give you an idea about someone’s IQ and fundamentals, but realistically, DBs won’t have to cover these WRs as long in games (Isabella dancing around won’t be a realistic game time strategy). Likewise with some of these OL, they won’t be singled up against a guy a ton without other blockers to chip in. I just find it interesting how some have abandoned players over these practices. I can see Sutton Smith being valid, but Deiter has excellent tape.
  13. Just want some opinions on this. What do you value more, and how much do you adjust the way you grade someone based on these all-star events? Someone like Kaleb McGary had decent games/film, but he’s performing really well this week. Where as someone like Michael Deiter has had great film, but is having a rough week. What do you value more? I’ve seen some poster here take Prospects off their boards for how they are performing here as opposed to their body of work as a whole.
  14. Wesco is also a pretty solid route runner. He would be a great choice. If we do go pure fullback, I like the Pitt guy.