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  1. It’s both. Defensive talent is pitiful and offensive play calling is just as bad.
  2. I mean only we can make an underthrow look like an incredible play.
  3. I like Paye’s and Rousseau‘’s upside and athletic ability. I really like Azeez Ojulari as well. I think he could rise to the first round if he keeps playing the way he has. A few guys I like that are stout but not flashy players: Joseph Ossai, Jaelen Phillips, Aidan Hutchinson, and Quincy Roche. The two Penn State and the two Pittsburgh defensive ends are really good as well.
  4. This is a loaded RB class. Guys other than Etienne and Najee that I like.. Kenneth Gainwell, Memphis Khalil Herbert, Virginia Tech C.J. Verdell, Oregon Michael Carter, UNC Jaret Patterson, Buffalo Max Borghi, Washington State
  5. He was a waste of a roster spot and a draft pick. Was always a head case & a moron.
  6. Why the hate for this guy? Seems like a young offensive minded coach. Really like his attention to detail.
  7. Really digging Paris Ford and the two TCU safeties.
  8. What were y’all saying about Gage? That he sucks? Get outta here
  9. So now tackling a quarterback is roughing the passer. Stupid f*ckers.
  10. Dylan Moses has been abysmal this year. No thank you.
  11. This was sarcasm lol
  12. Wish we could trade him and Ryan.
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