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  1. He just can’t separate. Has amazing hands, just isn’t the quickest which doesn’t help him sepearate.
  2. I really hated that Southward pick. I also wanted Donald so **** bad. Overall not a terrible draft though. We got a steal in Freeman. Also it’s crazy to think not one of those LBs stuck after drafting four of them. Is this the year we got Worrilow and Bartu? I can’t remember.
  3. Good vid even though it was recorded on a potato.
  4. I had Beasley rated higher than Shane Ray and Gregory. That was a highly debated draft for sure. I’m glad we got who we did, but Beasley needs to step it up this year.
  5. I really wanted Kai in last years draft.
  6. I disagree. Oliver has some of the best technique of any corner in this draft.
  7. Wimbush is underrated. I like some of these signings, but dang seems like we are really loading up on DBs and WRs.
  8. I see that now. My bad dude lol
  9. Lazy reply as usual. Needs to be a big boy and watch him play for himself lol.
  10. I think it was a bit of a reach tbh, but he’s really solid. Think you’ll like him and his ability to make cuts and get upfield.
  11. Not even close. Idk how you get that if you actually watch him play. Totally different styles. Smith is way better.
  12. **** this is a REALLY solid pick. Perfect ZBS with one cut and home run ability.
  13. Could be good value here for sure.
  14. Jaylen Samuels, Sirian Neal, RJ McIntosh, Tyrell Crosby, Genard Avery, Andrew Brown, Duke Ejiofor, Fatusaki. All good names still there.
  15. I really love Neal. High upside and very physical.