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  1. Day 2 - same uploader
  2. Man I really hope we doesn’t waste any picks. If anything, move down and get more picks. This is a deep draft for sure. I want Simmons and if we can’t, trade back and get some picks. Bunch of starters to be had on day 2 of the draft.
  3. $13 mil is too much for Beasley. Can cut and resign him for $5-$6 mil, but ain’t no way in **** he deserves over $10 mil. Can find better use for that money by getting a FA OG or RT this year or by just saving it for the players on our team who really deserve it next year (Deebo, Campbell, Neal, Hooper).
  4. When have I ever pretended size wasn’t something we take as a concern? I simply said don’t assume he’s something he’s not based on his size. As in I see a lot of people saying he’s not that powerful, but I think that’s a joke. I don’t think he will show up at 290 lbs, but I think he will lead all defensive tackles in the vert, broad jump, 40 yard dash, and I think he will put over 30 on the bench. He already benches 400+ lbs and squats over 600 lbs.
  5. Like I said, I’m a Simmons fan over Oliver, but I’m telling you Oliver will have an insane combine.
  6. I could see them reaching and drafting someone like Elgton Jenkins.
  7. This dude gets in the backfield on passing downs and running downs. 33 career games: 53.5 TFL, 13.5 Sacks, 14 PBU, 23 Hurries, and 6 FF. That’s a disruptive player right there. I see most concerns are his ability to finish sacks, but is that not correctable? It was for Fletcher Cox (had less sacks per season on average than Oliver). He’s still young and has insane traits. He’s super raw and has these numbers despite not having polished hand usage. This dude can collapse a pocket which should help our DEs feast. I think Simmons is a better fit, but this guy is going to be good. To those saying he’s weak, that’s a joke. Don’t be lazy and look at his size and judge he’s weak. He will have an insane combine and has freaky strength for a man his size. I think he has Probowl level talent.
  8. All trash. I hope we don’t draft one.
  9. Renell could push himself into the first round if he keeps it up. Good size, strength, and explosiveness.
  10. Top Senior Bowl Day 1 Prospects: - Deebo Samuel - Terry McLaurin - Andy Isabella - Penny Hart - Trevon Westco - Chris Lindstrom - Ben Powers - Elgton Jenkins - Andre Dillard - Chuma Edoga - Olisaemeka Udoh - Charles Ominehu - Montez Sweat - Jaylon Ferguson - Carl Ganderson - Renell Wren - Kingsley Keke - Daylon Mack - David Long - Terrill Hanks - Isaiah Johnson - Amani Oruwariye Sidenote: I am not sure where Zach Allen fits. He’s too stiff to play the edge and not strong enough or big enough to be on the interior. Had a so-so day as well.
  11. Added some people who aren’t mentioned much. JuWann Winfree, WR Colorado Alex Bars, OG Notre Dame Isaiah Johnson, CB Houston JuWann had an outstanding NFLPA game. I like his size, speed, hands & ability to high point the ball. Nice quickness in and out of his breaks. Absolutely roasts people on double moves. Cheeks QB play held him back. Alex Bars tore his ACL this season, so he may slide, but before that he was arguably the best OG prospect in the nation. Nasty attitude, ability to get to the second level, locks on to targets fast and latches onto them, people. Great all around OG prospect. Isaiah Johnson is just a freak athlete. Has crazy length and size, but may very well run in the 4.4s. Perfect CB in Quinns scheme. Won’t be surprised if he is a day two pick.
  12. Not really, we still have extra 4th and 5th round comp picks to play with.
  13. I think one penalty challenge per game is okay. But only if you specify the penalty (like WR #11 was inferred with). I just think it’s incredibly dumb to have blatant missed calls (like Julio in Seattle in 2016) and there’s nothing that can be done. It’s obvious to everyone in the stadium, including refs, and we just let it go? I hate the Saints, but man the NFL has some weird rules.
  14. They got away with quite a few non-calls, particularly face masks. **** them.