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  1. I don’t know how I feel about this show anymore. I will admit I liked the mid-season finale for the most part, and this season is better than S07 so far. But Gimple has really screwed this show up. If it wasn’t for JDM being an amazing Negan, I wouldn’t be watching. Horrible pacing, weird story arcs, weird editing (whose idea is it to do all of these slow motion close ups?). I mean I get it, Carl looks about 18 even though in the story timeline he’s supposed to be like what, 13? (Really can’t tell due to the bad pacing), but that’s not a great reason to kill him off. Gimple said,“We killed him off so that Rick would change his mind about killing Negan.” But couldn’t this have been done another way? Honestly, Morgan would have been a better choice. Gimple could have made an emotional scene where Morgan is dying and tells Rick remember that every life matters and people can change, blah blah blah...then he passes on and Rick books Negan in the jail Morgan made to honor him. And as much as I love Negan he should be dead. Somehow Rick’s group doesn’t manage to shoot any of the Saviors when they first surround the Sanctuary. Not even a single sniper could hit any of them? I mean what? Okay I’ll let that slide but then this most recent episode...Rick has a chance again. He has a gun and at one point gets Lucille and he could’ve bashed his face in but wait what he was holding the bat wrong? Okay never mind he’s still got a gun though...oh okay Rick is running away? What, why? He has a gun and Negan has a bat? What? It was a badass fight scene don’t get me wrong, but why does a dude with a gun run from a guy with a bat? Not to mention how did Negan resupply after he got out? I thought they were spread pretty thin, but nope he has the manpower and everything to deploy 3 different large assaults, set up tree traps (how did the saviors know Maggie would be riding down that road at that time?), and form all these attacks just hours after they got out? Seems a bit fishy.
  2. I know... I just replied to someone who said it could be a whisperer, and I said I don’t think it makes much sense.
  3. Honestly, I thought about this, but why would a whisperer bite? I get they want to appear to be zombies, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to bite. Especially during an altercation. Well, unless they REALLY wanted to sell their act.
  4. Our edge defenders are a huge reason for this. They are great pass rushers, but tend to give up the edge against the run. Sometimes they really struggle to hold the point of attack. When you build defense for speed, this is one downfall of it. Personally, I think we need a heftier thumping LB and a stout DE. Also if we don’t retain Poe (who has been okay, not a world beater), we definitely need to add some more beef to the interior DL. We have been getting pushed around this year against the run.
  5. Woahhhhhh impressive... /s
  6. Okay man whatever you say. I respect you defend your team, but objectivity is not in your realm of thinking. I just don't see it with Kalil. I don't think him having his brother there will make much of a difference.
  7. Vikings OL was arguably worse than yours and you guys signed a player who was one of the reasons the OL there was so bad. How much sense does that make?
  8. We really don't care. Now you're just spamming with homerism. You just said high upside Matt Khalil lol. I'm done. When's the last time he was good? OT Matt Kalil to Carolina Panthers Actual: Five years, $55.5 million, $25 million guaranteed PFF play-earned contract: Two years, $6 million, $2 million guaranteed Grade: F Matt Kalil has earned PFF grades of 43.8, 68.4 and 36.9 over the past three seasons, one of which was almost entirely lost to injury. His best season was as a rookie in 2012, and since then, he has been varying shades of poor. His play suggests he should be making little more than the veteran minimum, not walking into another starting job as one of the best-paid tackles in the league.
  9. I agree man. He was a pretty big steal. For us to get him is awesome. I think he will see the field sooner than later.
  10. Allen is in a good spot. I don't love him, but I don't hate him either. We could be in much worse shape. He's taken strides under the regime and I think will only get better. Plus Kazee could step in as well with some proper coaching at the FS position. I like Kazee a lot, dude is just a playmaker with the smarts as well. People want to harp on numbers and what not, but the most important aspect to being a FS is instincts. Earl Thomas doesn't play sideline to sideline because of his speed (yeah it helps), but he's incredible at reading routes and the QB. He starts running to where the ball is going to be before the QB even throws it. I think Kazee can have a similar effect (not saying he's Earl Thomas) but there's a reason he had so many picks. It's his instincts and ability to cover ground before the throw. His quick decision making and anticipation is some of the best I've seen in the 2017 draft. Not to mention he's got incredible ball skills and tackling ability. I think we are in a good spot at FS, not to mention the pressure from our revamped front 7 will also make life easier back there in the secondary. More rushed throws, QBs getting off the spot, and less time for routes to develop. We will be fine between Rico, Kazee, and Poole. The best man will win.
  11. I feel you OP. My birthday was the 6th, the day after. I thought I was getting the best gift I could ever get. 3rd quarter and I was cheesing so hard. I thought, "Wow we are getting a Lombardi, I didn't think we'd ever get here before. If we win, now what?" My good friend from the Army is a Pats fan, he texted me at halftime and said, "Good game man, it's over. Y'all deserve it." And I told him just out of being nice, "Don't worry it's Tom Brady, you never know." Yeah well my worst nightmare happened. It took me a few weeks to get over it and honestly I don't think I'll ever stop blaming Shannahan. After Julio made one of the best SB catches I've ever seen to put us at the 20, Shannahan could've just ran the ball, milked the clock, and kicked a FG. Game over. That's what hurts the most. One guys bad decisions in the 2nd half screwed up everything. Oh well. It doesn't hurt as much. We are a good team, we weren't even supposed to be in the SB with such a young team experiencing a lot of turnover in Quinn's second year. We are only just starting in my opinion.
  12. Same with him starting the post. He can do what he wants. The irony.
  13. I get that he can be back up and depth but he's going to compete with Rico IMO. He's a really good player and I can see him getting a lot of snaps. He's too much of a playmaker.
  14. It's just lazy to compare him to Allen. He's a different player in many aspects as I said earlier. Better run defender, better ball skills and instincts. Obviously Quinn and TD disagree with him being a clone of Allen or why else would they freaking draft him if they already have him on our roster. Makes no sense.
  15. I've seen him make some solid catches and tough ones too but drop easy ones. Could be a threat on passing downs if he cleans up hisnhands like Roddy did.