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  1. I was looking at some games of Deionte Thompson and Raekwon Davis, and then this guy started to flash like crazy. #92 gets in the backfield quite a bit, just look for yourself. He’s quick off the snap & uses his hands to avoid contact. A few plays he gets held in check, but his explosive plays make up for that.
  2. I really don’t want to explain the bad joke.
  3. This is such a touchy subject.
  4. Yeah he’s going to be special. Debo 2.0
  5. He really reminds me of Beasley athletically. He’s lengthier, but he can get overpowered by bigger guys.
  6. The way I saw Smith squirming around in the booth during the first half really made it seem like he was in over his head. I love the guy, but the Bucs have more talent on D than we do right now, and they are worse than us. That’s bad.
  7. Is something wrong with our Turf? Why are guys falling left and right on our field.
  8. Clearly I was a huge Beasley fan, but he hasn’t done anything special the last two years. Has all the tools, just is missing the it factor that a defender needs. Takk has that fight and motor in him. Beasley doesn’t.
  9. Yes, but Alabama hasn’t had a QB like Tua since I can remember. McCarron was a game manager. Tua is a playmaker.
  10. Bosa is the best player in this draft from what I’ve seen.
  11. And be in cap ****? No thanks. They may have lost a step but it’s better than eating a bunch of dead money.
  12. Levitre is probably gone. Mack has taken a step back as well as Schraeder. It would be smart to draft one or two interior Olineman. I feel like we will probably sign one since this team has had more success with FA OL than Rookie OL.
  13. I meant for the 2018 season. I like Kubiak though.
  14. Yeah it’s been embarrassing throughout.
  15. I mean at this point who can come in and make an impact at any of those levels? We are kind of stuck with what we have.