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  1. Not as good as last years class IMO. The top end talent doesn’t seem to be there. Also harder to evaluate because of COVID-19.
  2. McNeill has more upside and flashes way more on tape. He’s a borderline 1st round pick.
  3. I actually kind of like Lance. I think sitting on the bench for a year or two is his ideal situation. He has great raw potential; his arm strength and athleticism is there. He just needs some mechanic work, but his upside is great.
  4. Has a history of injuries, but his upside is insane. Great length, strength, athleticism, and motor. He could be a strong piece on the DL.
  5. RIP Vincent. He was too dang young. Great player too.
  6. I like Patrick Jones. He kind of reminds me of an Adrian Clayborn a little bit. I like some higher upsides guys a little more, but he’s got solid technique. This is a deep Edge class for sure. Could be a good option on Day 2.
  7. Would be amazing if this could happen. Don’t have a gripe about a single draft pick, really love them all. Especially McNeill and Elerson.
  8. Thank you man! Really appreciate the kind words. Next step is to introduce some baby Falcon fans to the world haha.
  9. No problem! Got a lot of pros & cons for a lot of them as well. Agreed. No top end talent like a Donald or Quinnen Williams, but a lot of solid upside guys who can push for the first. Any players in particular that you like or are “your guys”? I think Herbert is a really underrated RB. Great blend of size and speed. I go by mostly film. Then I use a spreadsheet I created which looks at historical data (combine & college stats) of great NFL players. I use those statistics to create parameters for testing & production, and
  10. I don’t think this DT class has that top end talent in my opinion. It has decent depth, but the top end talent isn’t really there for me. I really like McNeill & Nixon’s 2020 tape, and Barmore had some great stretches. Twyman, Tufele, Shelvin, & Onwuzurike had really solid 2019 seasons as well. That entire top 6 is really close for me so I may move some around. I’m with you, I don’t see the Donald comp at all either. He’s more like an Ed Oliver without the freaky athletics. I get the hesitation on him as well, but I think the combine and playing in 2020 would’ve increased his val
  11. Thank you guys. Really appreciate! Been crazy busy lately. Got married on the 23rd & went to Mexico for the Honeymoon afterwards. Then we closed on our house on Feb 1st & moved into it on my birthday lol.
  12. Hey everyone! This is my annual prospect positional rankings for the upcoming draft. When it gets closer to the draft, I will unveil my rankings similar to last year. I will be updating this regularly, but the top 10 for each position is pretty close to being solidified. After the top 10, there will be some movement since I am still watching film. Quarterbacks: Trevor Lawrence, Clemson Justin Fields, Ohio State Zach Wilson, BYU Trey Lance, NDSU Mac Jones, Alabama Kyle Trask, Florida Kellen Mond, Texas A&M Davis Mills, Stanford
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