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  1. This is going over a lot of people’s heads lol.
  2. This guy is pretty good. I love his athleticism and ability to be multiple. He can rush the passer and drop in coverage. He’s a major sleeper.
  3. He’s sneaky athletic, but he’s not known for that. A Scout told me he has the build of a dad and runs like a dad. He has great hands and a nice catch radius. But if you can’t block then it will tip the hand to the defense that we are more than likely running a pass play when he’s in. You need a dual threat guy. I guess we will see at the combine. I don’t hate the guy I just want a more complete TE.
  4. As of now I’d say Isaiah Wynn is the most realistic option for us. If we sign a G in free agency then I think we look at someone like Taven Bryan. Dude is a freak.
  5. Gesicki is a terrible blocker. Not that athletic either. My dude is Dallas Goedert.
  6. Maybe the wrong thread for this, but an impressive DT prospect from Fort Hays State came in and straight up bullied Hernandez yesterday at SB practice. Nathan Shepherd This guy is about to fly up the draft boards. Keep an eye out for him.
  7. Yeah he dominated some decent DL. Made Alabama’s DL Hand look like a kid on a couple reps.
  8. I love Will Hernandez. I think he will be a beast in the NFL. 1st round potential for sure. Nice feet, he has a nasty streak, very strong with a good base, can anchor well, and he has the agility (for a bigger guy) to get to the second level. He has all the tools.
  9. CB/WR Darius Phillips, West Michigan WR Dante Pettis, Washington These two are the best returners in college football. Go watch some clips on them if you haven’t. They will be special in the NFL.
  10. Don’t think he’ll be there for our second pick as of now. I wouldn’t mind taking him in the first depending on FA.
  11. Yup. This is a loaded TE class too from what I’ve seen.
  12. I love Anthony Miller and his amazing hands but if we go WR in the first I’d want Gallup.
  13. Yeah the hardest transition to the NFL is OL in my opinion. Especially with a lot of these college teams now that run the spread system. Most of the guards that come out are not ready to handle NFL Defensive line strength. So it can take a while waiting on them to develop. Would rather just have a plug and play guy since our window to win a SB is open now.
  14. Why do we need both? Other than RG what are we missing on the line? I feel like it should be either or. Either a high price FA or a first round guy. If you like power then check out Will Hernandez. Dude is a road grader with nice agility.
  15. Agree man. I think he has all pro potential.