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  1. Somewhere Frank Wren is laughing at this John Hart moron...
  2. Mark Bowman just tweeted the Braves are still pursuing Jonny Gomez. He said Gomes would platoon in LF.
  3. Ok. That makes sense. But I'd rather see him in left than Gattis. DOB just mentioned Aoki as a possibility.
  4. Stupid question, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he play in the same league as Cespedes and Abreu?
  5. Why not? Most Cubans come over and go straight to the Majors. If the Braves are going to suck as much as everyone on here thinks their going to, let the young guys play.
  6. What about that Cuban OF'er Dian Toscano for LF. His deal should be done by ST and I HIGHLY doubt he'll be in the minors to start the season.
  7. Jon Heyman tweeted the Braves may have interest in Stephan Drew to play 2B.
  8. Oh my bad. I Just read something about Lester, than saw that. My bad guys!
  9. Not anymore. Since he was acquired midseason Oakland couldn't give him the QO.