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  1. Bucs no question..3 teams from the south,which was thought of as one of the worst divisions in football and i dont want a possibility of a DAL/PIT superbowl id prefer bucs,cause i like warrick dunn as well as 3 teams from south but if not,then eagles..cause i cant stand dallas
  2. ALBERT AND GRADY ON THE SAME DLINE! well kevin and pat,looks like your not gonna be the top duo if this happens
  3. voice of reason,were u voice of reason on nfl general message board?
  4. now guys tell me,since weve got the playoffs locked up does anyone else feel like theyd rather get in as a wildcard than win division cause that way that trends over and we get the chance to punk carolina on their own field..i do see us having 3 teams in the playoffs tho which weve never done,so maybe the trend will be over anyway
  5. lol,who knows what theyll invent this weekend if they lose to the giants lolz..we won in their house..and we have a better record and the playoffs locked up they dont yea they lost 4 fumbles but i mean..i thought Matt Ryan would make the rookie mistakes like they said..lol it was them
  6. lol well we can say that about alot of games from 05-06 but thats even beside the point..cause he wouldnt have even done it..he fumbled while he was being driven back by one of our dlineman..and another time while being tackled..there wouldnt have even been any more yards on that carry and since he had 3.5 a carr for the game,well..yea
  7. lol,its no suprise though..their tards lolz,i mean he had 22 car 76 yds..we did a good job on a very good RB ofcourse if you say APs anything less than the greatest thing ever to walk the earth vikings fans think your calling him trash..lol
  8. a vikings fan told me"AP wouldve gashed the falcons if he didnt have those 2 fumbles" i explained to him that he fumbled as he was being tackled and wouldnt have gone any further 22 carries 76 yds 3.5 a carry..im pretty sure it wasnt just the fumbles that stopped him from getting yds
  9. dunn will gain yards this week but the bucs will still lose 24-21 atlanta
  11. laugh now cry later bucman BWAHAHAHA Falcons will beat Bucs next week
  12. lol,everyone thought we would be the worst team in the nfl for doing that hahahahahaha Rod Coleman,Warrick Dunn,Alge Crumpler,DeAngelo Hall,Joe Horn anyone else?lol,its so unimportant i may have forgotten them the only one i miss is Dunn,because hes a good guy,a good player as well..and the only one who never complained
  13. Order of my favorite teams in the division 1 FALCONS-well duh..we're awesome..lol 2 BUCS-they have players like dunn and graham that ive become big fans of..their not our longest rivals either,yea they can have some obnoxious fans but still...not as bad as saints fans 3 PANTHERS-their fans are respectful to me at falcon/panther game every year in carolina..so they rank 3rd 4 SAINTS-their always overrated their our longest rivals their fans are the most annoying morons ever
  14. i knew it...falcons fans are smarter than average fans ive always liked to think we are
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