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  1. Time for Quinn and this team to stop talking and making the same old tired excuses after games and go out and perform at a consistently high level week after week. This team has way too much talent to keep producing such mediocre results on the field. also where’s our dam-n improved pass rush we were promised?!!!
  2. It’s only 1 game - Let’s see if they respond next week with FOCUS!!! By the end of week 4 we should know everything we need to know about this year’s team. Perhaps this game is the kick in the face they need to get it in gear and they will win the next 3 in convincing fashion
  3. Such a promising off season with draft picks and new coaches added but it doesn’t look like we have made any progress with a revamped Oline on Offense or our pass rush on Defense
  4. If you’ve watched the Falcons for many years you’ve got to admit it does seems at time like they wrote the book on 1001 creative ways to lose an NFL Game and keep driving your fans insane
  5. The draft was good enough on paper but could have been much better. Only time will tell—the players could pan out to be much better than expected and then no one - including me - will ***** about paying too much or drafting too high. The real concern is DL pass rush. I don’t see Vic Beasley magically turning into a consistent double digit sack monster. Hopefully some other players on DL will step it up this year and maybe some tweaks DQ has up his sleeve for the DL pressure will work wonders on the pass rush this year
  6. Our front office filled needs in this draft but they totally screwed us in the process and wasted many picks. They had a golden opportunity picking at 14 and having so many picks in this draft for once and they didn’t really take advantage the way they should have thT is what is so disappointing Sure we definitely filled needs but we paid way too much for our 1st 2 picks I really like both players we and they should perform well but we wasted so much value and resources unnecessarily in obtaining them
  7. My post said nothing negative about who we drafted from the 4th round on. We spent way too much on the 1st 2 picks. We could have traded down from 14 and very likely still picked the same OG and received more picks. Same goes for the trade up to 31st where we traded our 2nd and 3rd round picks. I also said that I liked both players we picked in the 1st rd but we paid way too much for the 1st 2 picks and could have leveraged much more out of the draft and very likely got the same 2 players. I also said that we addressed many needs in this draft however you put the same amount of picks we had going into this draft starting at pick 14 and give the same scenario to other GM’s in this league and they would have produced a significantly better outcome than our FO did. That doesn’t mean that our FO didn’t adequately address many needs. They certainly did but they should have leveraged much more out of this draft with the opportunity they had with the number of picks they had going in and a 1st pick at 14 going in as well
  8. Thomas Dimitroff needs to write a book entitled “The Art of Panic in an NFL Draft” Face Reality: Our front office filled needs in this draft but they totally screwed us in the process and wasted many picks. They had a golden opportunity picking at 14 and having so many picks in this draft for once and they blew it. TD buys at the high and sells at the low. A GM that really knows what he is doing could have leveraged this draft into something really special but our Front Office panicked and ruined the opportunity we had. Sure like I said above we definitely filled needs but we paid way to F’in much for our 1st 2 picks especially the 2nd pick in the 1st rd that was the back breaker and shows TD’s level of panic and utter stupidity at “negotiating” value Below are Walter Footballs grades for most of our picks I agree with what he says about the 1st 2 picks. I really like both players we got but essentially it’s like we went out and bought 2 great cars but agreed to give the dealer 33% more than retail for Car 1 and 200% over retail for Car 2 we got really good cars and they’ll perform well but we wasted so much value and resources unnecessarily in obtaining them it make you feel like we have rookies running the FO instead of the supposed “dream team” of TD and Company https://walterfootball.com/nfldraftgrades.php Atlanta Falcons: Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College D- Grade Look, I understand why the Falcons didn't select Andre Dillard over Chris Lindstrom. Atlanta desires to be more physical, so Lindstrom would qualify as such over Dillard. However, the value here is zilch. Selecting a guard in the top half of the opening round is highly questionable, especially when considering that teams in the 20s believed Lindstrom would be available to them. I suppose this pick is a byproduct of Christian Wilkins being snatched off the board. It's a panic move for sure. I like Lindstrom, and he should turn out to be a solid protector for Matt Ryan, but once the Dolphins snatched Wilkins, the Falcons should have moved down six or so spots. They would've been able to obtain Lindstrom or someone comparable there Atlanta Falcons: Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington D- Grade I nearly made this my fourth "F" grade of the night, but the other three were slightly worse. Still, this is a horrible selection, mostly because of the trade. Kaleb McGary is a player I consistently slotted in the 50-75 range of my mock draft. He was regarded as a Round 2-3 prospect, so had the Falcons chosen McGary in the second frame, that would've been fine. Trading up for him, however, seems unnecessary and ridiculous, and after what happened in the first round, I have to wonder if Atlanta's front office created its draft board after a long night of drinking. Atlanta Falcons: Kendall Sheffield, CB, Ohio State B Grade Kendall Sheffield is an extremely raw prospect. He has immense upside because of his athleticism, but he's a project for sure. The Falcons will need to develop him, or he won't do anything. However, he's worth the risk here in the fourth round. Atlanta Falcons: John Cominsky, DE, Charleston A Grade This is a great pick at the end of the fourth round. John Cominsky could've been chosen a round earlier than this, but there's obvious concern with his level of competition. However, Cominsky is a highly athletic player with immense upside. He holds up very well against the run and has the potential to emerge as a potent pass rusher. Atlanta Falcons: Qadree Ollison, RB, Pittsburgh D Grade Qadree Ollison is a tough runner, but offers very limited athleticism and upside. I didn't think Ollison would be drafted, so this is a reach. The Falcons needed a backup running back after losing Tevin Coleman, but they could've done better Atlanta Falcons: Jordan Miller, CB, Washington B Grade Jordan Miller is a long cornerback (6-1, 186) with above-average athleticism, so there's some potential with him. However, he needs to be developed. He lacks strength, gets injured too often and misses way too many tackles. This is an OK choice at the end of Round 5
  9. He may not be worth $18+ but there are other teams willing to pay around that — some perhaps even more - so that is the going rate set by the current market for that age, skill level and position like it or not Now all that being said..... Have the Falcons GROSSLY OVERPAID people in the compared to market—h-ell yes they have — Anyone remember the how much we paid Sam Baker to resign? Practically no other team would have paid him even half of what we did—-if even that.
  10. Granted it was a horrible no call but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team The “Bounty on the QB” Saints
  11. What I would like to happen: Rams - 45 Saints - 31 Brees sacked 6 times or more What will probably happen Rams will be leading in the 4th Qtr and Brees ends up have 2 late drives for scores while the Rams stall out on their final possesions Saints 45 Rams 38
  12. If we are always going to have mediocre OL at best...we need a QB that is a double threat not a Matt Ryan type QB this Dimitroff and Quinn regime has shown over the last 5 years that they are inept at picking O Line talent (and/or they just don’t make a great OL a priority) therefore why have a statue QB like Matt Ryan who is not a dual threat behind a sub par OL. either really ramp up OL starters and depth with the draft and FA and keep Matt Ryan, or keep the same ol sub par OL with no depth and trade Matt Ryan and get a great dual threat QB
  13. This team had an impressive win against the Washington Redskins to get to 4-4 and actually had a real shot at being in the playoffs and the instead of having his team take that momentum and put the hammer down and focus— the opposite happened — the falcons got absolutely embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns the following week and it’s gotten worse from there At this point im not sure who could actually take over this team in the future and turn it around but Quinn seems to have lost the ability to prepare and lead this team
  14. What is needed is a QB that also has halfway decent accuracy with deep passes - a cannon arm so they get there with zip would be a nice bonus