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  1. Granted it was a horrible no call but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team The “Bounty on the QB” Saints
  2. What I would like to happen: Rams - 45 Saints - 31 Brees sacked 6 times or more What will probably happen Rams will be leading in the 4th Qtr and Brees ends up have 2 late drives for scores while the Rams stall out on their final possesions Saints 45 Rams 38
  3. If we are always going to have mediocre OL at best...we need a QB that is a double threat not a Matt Ryan type QB this Dimitroff and Quinn regime has shown over the last 5 years that they are inept at picking O Line talent (and/or they just don’t make a great OL a priority) therefore why have a statue QB like Matt Ryan who is not a dual threat behind a sub par OL. either really ramp up OL starters and depth with the draft and FA and keep Matt Ryan, or keep the same ol sub par OL with no depth and trade Matt Ryan and get a great dual threat QB
  4. This team had an impressive win against the Washington Redskins to get to 4-4 and actually had a real shot at being in the playoffs and the instead of having his team take that momentum and put the hammer down and focus— the opposite happened — the falcons got absolutely embarrassed by the Cleveland Browns the following week and it’s gotten worse from there At this point im not sure who could actually take over this team in the future and turn it around but Quinn seems to have lost the ability to prepare and lead this team
  5. What is needed is a QB that also has halfway decent accuracy with deep passes - a cannon arm so they get there with zip would be a nice bonus
  6. When Blank ran Home Depot—If Dan Quinn was managing a division of Home Depot for Arthur Blank and getting this kind of pathetic performances from Superstar employees managed by him —-he would be fired
  7. Couldn’t have said it better- it is expected
  8. The Falcons currently look like a 4-12 team - they look totally un-prepared, un-focused, clueless—just plain awful. Regardless of injuries that’s on Dan Quinn - Do we dare start the hunt for yet another head coach or just stick with Quinn for another 5+ years until the bitter end of the Matt Ryan era?
  9. Thank God for ATLUTD - shows that there is no modern day ATLANTA Pro Sports Curse—it’s just the Atlanta Falcons that are cursed...
  10. The current Falcons definitely look like a 4-8 team. Un-Prepared, Un-Focused and just plain bad
  11. Thanks for nothing Dan Quinn - you screwed up a 28-3 lead in the SB with 17 minutes left and you’ve royally screwed up our team since then You are NOT a defensive guru - your defense sucks and in 4+ years here your Defense still can’t muster a pass rush You continue to make the same head scratching coaching mistakes over and over and your post game press conferences and interviews that give the same “we’re going to fix this” BS are really getting old youve let our offense completely fall apart - we have 0 run game and virtually no pass protection, your defense has never measured up and is just a continuos work in progress (while seemingly never making ANY real progress. Your in game decisions and time management are consistently questionable but somehow through it all you’ve managed to still have Arthur Blank at your back no matter what so I guess ATL will just have to be stuck with — the same ol Falcons - for several more years under you
  12. Arthur Blank would actually let Dan Quinn survive 2 back to back losing seasons —even if they were both 4-12, 5-11, 6-10 or 7-9 so Quinn will get a pass both this year and next year —probably the breaking point for Blank would be 3 sub .500 seasons in a row
  13. Beasley was in the right place at the right time and made a great play taking the fumble back for a TD but he is a 1yr 15+ sack wonder who has been a bust outside of that 1 year and is a rotational back up at best
  14. And in typical Falcons fashion—- the falcons will now start to win the final meaningless games which will screw up our draft pick