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  1. Technically yes. Anything could happen but it is highly unlikely the Falcons will even make it to the playoffs we still have too many holes — lack of a real running attack on offense — we do not have an rb that any defense fears nor is our Oline something to be feared on run blocking — we still suffer from NRPR - no real pass rush. No one fears our pass rush and we haven’t made any significant improvements to it over last year so why should we expect things to magically change this year
  2. KC 17 ATL 14 And that concludes this week’s episode of THE FALCONS SUCK to recap the Falcons sucked every fan back in again by keeping this one close but in the end tried and true fans that have been around more than 20 years already knew what the ending would be Falcons go ahead late in 4th QTR Falcons then allow a TD putting them back behind Matty Ice drives down the field and either throws a pick or the Falcons find another creative way to end the game losers in this case a missed FG by pro bowler young way cool end of game
  3. OMFG - this is just depressing and hilarious at the same time ONLY THE FALCONS! could dominate at home and be up 17-0 at halftime and then 24-7 in 3rd Qtr and go on to unravel completely and lose the game
  4. While i like Raheem Morris and it would have been a great story for this season Let’s be real here - did you really expect us to change coaches mid season and start winning every game and make the playoffs. C’mon I expect us to end up 5-11 or 8-8 at the very best we were not going to reel off 11 wins in a row and go 11-5 with Dirk Koetter at the helm of this offense. He is somebody else that needs to go after this season And the defense... while we played very well last week - the majority of the time this D crew just can’t pull it together when it counts in 4th Qtr it’s
  5. They also could have just taken a few knees to run clock down and kick a FG
  6. Now we choke against the Lions. The Falcons continue to be the leading chokeaholics in the NFL
  7. More like guys this is the Falcons we are talking about, we will be on track to have the #1 pick and then we’ll magically win 6 to 7 games somehow and end up with another pick in the mid teens
  8. Fire only Dan Quinn on Monday or Fire both Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff on Monday? I say get rid of both
  9. On February 2, 2015, Dan Quinn former Defensive guru of the Seattle Seahawks reached an agreement to become the head coach of the Falcons. Almost 6 years later the Falcons defense is no better than it was when he took over
  10. Sorry but Ridley is not overrated. I wouldnt say he is a dominating take over the game #1 WR but Ridley is definitely a great WR and his stats would be fantastic on a good team instead of having to play for the current Falcons regime. Can you imagine Ridley's stats playing for Mahomes or another elite QB/offense
  11. Arthur Blank is ultimately the person that controls the Falcons. It's time he stops being DQ's enabler and take action. This season is lost. Put an interim HC in and start the process of finding a new HC and top mgt
  12. The TV announcers said DQ challenged his players manhood during his halftime speech. Perhaps the players should tell DQ to find his manhood as well 0-5. Now will Arthur Blank finally send a statement after this loss that this "Quinning" losing culture will not be tolerated anymore in ATL and fire DQ
  13. We were ahead 7-0 and blew the rest of the 1st half We were on our way to tieing the game 20-20 and Ryan chokes and throws an INT in the end zone
  14. New coach but same ol story Falcons choke again Just when we think they are breaking their addiction and are making progress they sink right back in and choke again Chokeaholics.
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