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  1. Takk Mckinley Falcons Thomas Dimitroff blows another 1st round draft pick
  2. Lets review all the 1st round picks since Dimitroff took over YEAR Pick# Player POSITION Outcome/Result 2008 3 Matt Ryan QB Excellent/Great 2008 21 Sam Baker OT Horrible 2009 24 Peria Jerry DT Mediocre at best- a fail for 1st rd pick 2010 19 Sean Weatherspoon LB Very good 2011 6 Julio Jones WR Excellent/Great 2012 — No pick — — 2013 22 Desmond Trufant CB Good but not great 2014 6 Jake Matthews OT A solid player but not a very good result considering he was taken #6 2015 8 Vic Beasley DE Bad - underperforming player - should have never been taken at #8 in 1st rd 2016 17 Keanu Neal SS Excellent 2017 26 Takkarist McKinley DE Solid player but the jury is still out - so far not as good as we had hoped - could be Beasley 2.0 - this year needs to breakout or bailout for him 2018 26 Calvin Ridley WR Excellent/great 2019 14 Chris Lindstrom OG Jury still out - time will tell but underwhelming so far and would be considered a fail based on being taken at 14 2019 31 Kaleb McGary OT Jury still out - time will tell but underwhelming so far and would be considered a fail based on being taken at 31 and trading picks to move up to get him 2020 16 A.J. Terrell CB Time will tell--one thing is for sure--we could have done much better trading down to another spot in 1st rd and acquiring at least 1 addl pick (or trading up and giving up picks to get a player that is a "lock") With 1st round picks Dimitroff seems to be great at picking 2 positions - QB, WR -and is good at Safety with his pick of Neal but is not good at picking any other position at 1st round - especially lineman
  3. Even Mel Kiper agrees The Falcons blew it on their 1st round Capital Atlanta Falcons: C Top needs: CB, Edge, RB, DT The pick that stunned me the most on Day 1 was Atlanta taking cornerback A.J. Terrell at No. 16. It's one of the biggest reaches of the past few years. Think of it this way: At No. 16, many teams can get a top-10 player on their own board. The Cowboys did that at No. 17 with CeeDee Lamb. Instead, Atlanta forced a pick for a position of need. Sorry, Falcons, but you're not a cornerback away from the Super Bowl. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2020/insider/story/_/id/29056681/2020-nfl-draft-grades-mel-kiper-all-32-classes-best-picks-steals-sleepers#ATL
  4. Is WalterFootball right about these 2 picks? only time will tell - they could surprise everyone and be starters in a few years or at least solid depth It would be a nice change though if Dimitroff would spend our draft capital in early to mid rounds more wisely and get players who at least on paper look like locks instead of extreme reaches or projects https://walterfootball.com/nfldraftgrades4.php Atlanta Falcons: Mykal Walker, LB, Fresno State - D Grade I'm not going to give this an O'Brien, but I don't like this pick at all. Mykal Walker is a smart linebacker, but I don't think he has the physical tools to be someone who can remain in the NFL. I had him in the seventh round. Atlanta Falcons: Jaylinn Hawkins, S, California - O'BRIEN Grade Get ready for some bad grades because ESPN is trash and playing music to appease dumb people who don't like football. This is a terrible pick. Jaylinn Hawkins was not a draftable prospect. He's a slow safety who will have to play on special teams if he even makes the roster.
  5. After a successful free agency season Falcons Thomas Dimitroff blows another 1st round draft pick. Yes we needed a CB but we used way too high of a pick for who we got.
  6. After the SB We should have Let go of DQ and made Shannahan HC (yeah Shannahans non-running calls at end of game killed us but DQ could have overrides the calls given the end of game Managing and clock management. Shannhan was the reason we were in SB in the 1st place not DQ) And kept Tevin Coleman - even if it meant having to drop Freeman
  7. Your right- my bad for posting, Mike Smith was our coach in the NFC championship at home VS the SF 49ers. But like the SB where Quinn was the coach we lost that game against the 49ers after being in the lead for most of the game.
  8. Quinn-- up 28-3 in the SuperBowl with 17 minutes left and loses! That would have been the tell for most people----that Quinn would never win it all in this league ------you blow a 25 point lead like that with that little time remaining and also blow a chance at end of game with 4:47 remaining and up 28-20 to save face with a FG after the Julio catch (2nd & 8 at NE 49 (4:47 - 4th) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass deep right to J.Jones to NE 22 for 27 yards.) - simply run it on the next 3 plays and make NE use time outs or we run down the clock and kick a FG and go up 11 points and now its 31-20 with anywhere from 3 minutes to 4 minutes and change remaining. You can try to blame Shannahan for not calling 3 run plays after that catch but ultimately the head coach (Quinn) can over rule and mandate what we are running. The rest is history. Lets also remember that Quinn blew an NFC championship at home against the SF 49ers as well (after being in the lead for most of the game) that could have put us in another SuperBowl.
  9. No surprise at all - I think even if we went 3-13 Blank was going to double down on TD and DQ
  10. The Falcons will probably win the last game and end up 7-9 at this point even if we lose the last game and end up 6-10 I don’t see Blank firing Quinn or Dimitroff- he will likely double down on both and roll the dice with both of them to at least the end of the Matt Ryan era
  11. it will have to be with Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff as Arthur Blank is not getting rid of either one
  12. The road win against the SF 49ers today guarantees that Arthur Blank will bring Dan Quinn back next year to be the head coach of the Falcons Quinn beats Shannahan in SF when SF is #1 seed in NFL It was a great win for the Falcons as the 49ers really needed to win this game and they were at home Still---even with this great win--does Quinn deserve to be brought back? This is the same Dan Quinn who was up 28-3 in the SB with 17 min left and lost At the end of the day --yes-- I could see Quinn having winning seasons again here still at some point if he coaches this team another 3 to 5 years and possibly even squeaking into the playoffs again 1 out of the next 5 years--but I still dont believe that Quinn is capable of returning this team to the SuperBowl--much less winning one
  13. JG2008


  14. Dan Quinn - What is "Quinning" ? Losing when you ought to be Winning and Winning when you ought to be Losing......that's Quinning Losing miserably for most of the season to to keep us from having any chance in the playoffs Then.... Start winning meaningless games at the end of the season when you should be losing to try to get a top 3 draft pick for the possibility of getting a franchise changing player in the draft
  15. Now for the Bad News There is a 90% chance that Thomas Dimitroff and Co will screw up that #5 pick in the draft along with the majority of the rest of the picks.
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