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  1. cosign. 2nd year in the system and on that knee, I fully expect Dunta to be in beast mode this year.. I think that last year as more and more games went by w/o a pick, he started to feel a little(a LOT of) pressure to live up to what he's known for, and that's being a bell-ringing ballhawk. Now that THAT monkey is off his back he can get back to putting in work. Not to mention the fact that we WILL grab one of these free-agent DEs that will have QBs throwing up beach balls, thankfully our LBs have good hands too!
  2. may be my "medicine" talking, but am i the only one who LOL'd at this question?
  3. I had to work yesterday for the first time during the season, and it was in the back of mind all day that if we came out and stunk it up, THAT would be the reason why. I work in a restaurant literally right in front of a tv, so i was watching the game and it was 14-7 when i left... ...By the time I got home it was 24-14(d@mn MARTA ) and they were about to kick us the ball. I thought about calling up to my job with my voice disguised, asking for the manager that makes the schedule, and giving him the most severe, random tounge lashing he has EVER received! After that return I knew we were i
  4. I agree. A team like we have needs a perennial all-pro at LT. With that and a durable Norwood type back, we would be freakin unstoppable!!!
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