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  1. On some of those slow motion replays the OL guys were doing more weird stuff like blocking nobody as someone ran straight at Ryan untouched. There seems to be some disconnect somewhere.
  2. I guess AS was a Tecmo veteran because that pass 1 in Tecmo Bowl was almost impossible to stop. Even if you opponent picked that play on defense you could complete it almost everytime if you timed the pass right. Maybe someone should explain to him this isn't Tecmo Bowl.
  3. Just hope I'm not compelled to stop watching before half due to ineptitude.
  4. Wow, last time I was in Walmart their PS5 area said "online orders only", which I found to be pretty shifty since their online sales are nothing more than a store front for the people buying them at retail then trying to mark them up for a profit.
  5. That film is so confounding. Did the guys that looked like they pulled to the right not understand the play call or something? It is almost like they thought it was a run play. And what the heck was the Left tackle (or was it tight end) doing on that play? He didn't look like he even tried to block anyone on that play. Like he thought it was a run to the right to? Really really poor play. If they don't show any noticeable improvement next game I may be taking some time off as a fan like I did last year after the horrible onside kick debacle.
  6. He (Brady) would have been in those guys faces giving them a "stern talking to" as well. I think Ryan should do the same. He needs to be over on the sidelines punching some of those slugs in the throat. They are literally going to get him killed.
  7. If you are an omelet person it is pretty good in an omelet too. With beef and habanero peppers. The more the better.
  8. I don't watch individual positions that much. I'll just be happy if we have a defense that can get off the field on 3rd down and long the majority of the time. (I personally like watching a good well coached and played defense more than the same on offense. I'm guessing that may make me a weirdo).
  9. I quit watching games after that play/debacle last year. I'm not going to waste time watching if you can't even field a team of professionals that can properly field an onside kick. That was, hopefully, their nadir. Nowhere to go but up from there...right?
  10. Charlie Watts, drummer for Rolling Stones. (RIP). https://nypost.com/2021/08/24/charlie-watts-longtime-drummer-for-rolling-stones-dead-at-80/
  11. I wonder if Rosen is already copping an attitude in the locker room because he read this and it hurt his feelings...
  12. Looks like he's trying to bring back the VanGorder porn stache.
  13. I was born in 1966 and have been a Falcons fan literally as long as I can remember.
  14. Another weird one is nobody ever seems to mention Devonta "pay me more money" Freeman deciding he didn't need to pick up that blitz to try to prevent that last sack. Lots of blame to go around for that debacle and Ryan should be near the bottom of the list. If he deserves to be on it at all.
  15. I literally LOL'd. This is my new moniker for him henceforth.
  16. His ability to sit there with a straight face while Ledbetter mumbles out his question is impressive. Matty Ice indeed...
  17. I thought one of Smith's strengths was "working with what he had". If that is true, and he sees that Ryan can excel in that environment, hopefully he'll craft an offense that can take advantage of that.
  18. On Facebook they announced he died in his sleep. I guess if it is time to check out that is the best way to do it.
  19. Yes, 25mg gummies turn me into a pleasant zombie. I've also taken the 10mg gummies. Those are more manageable in that they take the edge off without almost incapacitating me. Here is what I currently take (this company offers the 10mg gummies as well). https://thegeorgiahempcompany.com/product/delta-8-25mg-30ct-by-sympleaf-wellness/
  20. cosign this. I take 25mgs every evening around 6:30pm. Then get in bed around 8:30. I'm usually asleep before 9 and sleep hard and peaceful all the way through till 4:30ish AM.
  21. When you come here to report your disgust of Quinn we need you to be more fast and physical. Also it helps if you just embrace the suck.
  22. Wondering if folks will actually hit the "add to cart" button on that? Like I said earlier. I'm not going to pay a scalper on Ebay that much for a PS5, I won't do it if Walmart is fronting for the scalper either. Wondering how much, if anything, it cost Walmart to throw that up on their site and how much of that they will take a cut of for folks that don't have issues paying that much for one.
  23. Hiking, playing video games, attempting to play guitar (I've reached no talent hack level of competence).
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