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  1. Rogan had an ex CIA agent on today. I thought it was pretty good.
  2. My favorite is his lecture about the Celtic holocaust.
  3. Just heard on 92.9 that before he was in football he graduated from West Point and spent time as an officer in the Army. Including special forces.
  4. I think Brian Van Gorder is available too. Might as well hire him back as well.
  5. There are 1,221 previously recorded podcasts on that youtube channel. He also does MMA themed podcasts (I'm not interested in MMA so more or less ignore those. They are labeled MMA and easy to ignore if you aren't into that sort of thing).
  6. Some of his guest might be worth letting the kids listen to. Sometimes he has scientist on there and those can be very thought provoking.
  7. Joe Rogan has an eclectic list of guest. It is worth following on youtube and you can listen to the ones that have guest you are interested in. Edit to add: I don't know if Rogan could be considered kid friendly or not. Not uncommon for folks to drop the F bomb on a lot of his pod casts. If F bomb isn't too taboo though it is otherwise kid friendly.
  8. Not to mention Joey F'ing Harrington
  9. RIP Mr. Clark. Dude could straight up play a guitar like a boss.
  10. The block #70 made on Skins cornerback was a work of art.
  11. Jimmy Page is working with Fender to recreate his Dragon Telecaster guitar
  12. That is one of the sad facts about how we currently live. Most have a complete disconnect when it comes to where the food they eat comes from.
  13. When they ran those jet sweeps I started thinking that Steve Sarkisian was calling the plays since the Falcons have a bye.
  14. Tony Joe White. RIP.
  15. Watch #22 make a business decision and get out of the way instead of trying to tackle him.