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  1. When you come here to report your disgust of Quinn we need you to be more fast and physical. Also it helps if you just embrace the suck.
  2. Wondering if folks will actually hit the "add to cart" button on that? Like I said earlier. I'm not going to pay a scalper on Ebay that much for a PS5, I won't do it if Walmart is fronting for the scalper either. Wondering how much, if anything, it cost Walmart to throw that up on their site and how much of that they will take a cut of for folks that don't have issues paying that much for one.
  3. Hiking, playing video games, attempting to play guitar (I've reached no talent hack level of competence).
  4. Remember that time Ryan dressed up in a disguise and worked in the Atlanta Falcons team store? Maybe he's doing the same to moonlight as a baseball player.
  5. I hadn't had any THC containing products in this century. I took 25mg of the Delta 8 product and that turned out to be way too strong for me. Was an interesting 6.5ish hours. Now I take half of a 25mg gummy and that is perfect dose for me. (I found some with 12 mgs of the delta 8 and 25 mgs of full spectrum cbd and those work great too).
  6. With edibles just keep in mind it will take and hour and a half to 2 hours for it to take effect. I think folks get in trouble with the edibles because they eat a dose and then think it isn't having any effect and take more. I'd start with a small dose too. Taking too much may turn your edible weed adventure into an ordeal.
  7. Agreed. I'll just keep playing my PS4 games. I can be patient and wait for the shortage to sort itself out. I wish everyone would do that and make the scalpers have to ditch theirs at below market value just to get rid of them after the shortage situation stabilizes.
  8. If Walmart hopes to improve their profit margin with this stunt I think they may be disappointed. I think most folks that won't pay a scalper $1000 for a PS5 isn't going to pay Walmart that much either. Wonder how much of a cut they plan on taking from the scalper for being a front for them? I didn't read the entire story, but did skim through and didn't see how much Walmart is taking for their part in this.
  9. Is it just me or does Ledbetter always sounds like he is stroking out as he mumbles the question?
  10. He needs to get a bonus check for being able to sit there with a straight face while Ledbetter mumbles out the first question.
  11. He's going to cause a lot of DBs and Safeties to make "business decisions" if he can get to that level on the field.
  12. Co-sign. I had to take a break from TATF because it was never ending day after day.
  13. I just hope if we don't get Pitts he doesn't go to a team we have to play often. Then at least we won't have to watch him dismantle us like good tight ends tend to do.
  14. I find this multi tracked cover of We're Gonna Grove from Royal Albert Hall fascinating. Especially during the guitar solo, then the space the guitar leaves after the solo for the drummer and bass to shine. dude that did the video even wore similar looking clothes to what was worn by the band during that show.
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