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  1. Cobb County in Georgia has been declared an emergency and issued shelter in place till 15 April orders with only essential businesses to remain open. We'll see how that works I guess.
  2. Indeed. All any rational person would need to do is go take a look at his twitter and check out the "live" videos he post himself. I wish a team in our division WOULD sign him. He is nothing more than a distraction.
  3. Brown is a top shelf twitter follow if you like reading funny comments.
  4. Bring him home TD?
  5. I wasn't worried until I watched this. After watching this it almost felt like it was grab your bug out bag and head for the hills time. The person talking here is an expert in infectious diseases. Don't watch if you aren't worried and want to remain unworried. (Food for thought).
  6. I thought Joe Walsh was the one that did the neck. I have read that when he bought it from Walsh the neck modifications and tuner switch had already been done.
  7. If you put up #1 & #2 up for auction I wonder how much they would go for. A lot of awesome riffs came out of those guitars.
  8. Has anyone played the game Disco Elysium? Looks interesting to me.
  9. Hopefully this ends peacefully and the end result is he gets some professional help.
  10. Reading reports that Brown's personal trainer Glen Holt is arrested, but it sounds like AB has fled the scene. Police reporting they are looking for him.
  11. Folks are saying he was never the same after this hit.
  12. I thought at the end of the day the character they got the most wrong was Triss. I'm partial to red heads though so may be letting that prejudice me.