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  1. Hey guys, I have started a new Twitter that will have hard analysis on everything Falcons. I'll live tweet games and give new insights. I love the Falcons! Please follow @FalconsThoughts!
  2. Another bump for Roddy. Greatest Falcon ever.
  3. I say it time and time again: he is the greatest Falcon ever. The way he plays is full of passion, he legitimately hates the Saints and bleeds black and red.
  4. HURR DURR I only like you when you are good. I will never stop being a fan of the Falcons. I admire what has been done, and been here for some awful years. What is your problem? A fan of production? Go be a Giants fan then. Not appreciative of past achievement? You think of the players in your mind as just servants. I'm not saying that we should SUPPORT mediocrity, but these players have given a lot to us. I know I will always love players that play for us. When Roddy is in the tank down the road, it doesn't mean he won't be my favorite player ever. When Turner is done, it doesn't mean I can't like what he has done with us. Football is about the personnel-- the team is a hollow body without it. The players are the heart. So you are a fan of a figurehead? Great.
  5. Roddy is the greatest Falcon of all time to this point. To me, he just LOVES being here and loves playing football. He hates our rivals and comes to play every week.
  6. The man has performed at a near All Pro level for us. If this was 10 years ago, you wouldn't be saying any of this cause Twitter didn't exist. Many players want to get paid, and they should. Grimes has lived up to the billing and more. Our secondary would be the best in the league with him. That said, Dunta played pretty well.
  7. I just can't even. If this is serious...
  8. Thank you for this thread. One WR is going to take over every game in different situations. Some days it'll be Roddy, some days Julio, some days someone else. We have the best weapons in the league.
  9. I was surprised it took this many posts for people to realize.
  10. I absolutely LOVE Jones. I love Julio. But we know who the man is gonna be this year. It's still Roddy. Roddy takes the best corner into every game, demands double coverage, AND STILL comes in clutch as the best third down receiver of decade (yeah, I said it). I love Julio's upside, his attitude, his everything. He is going to be 1000 yard + receiver this year. But what Ryan and Roddy have together is a SPECIAL chemistry that is a half decade in the making. I love this team, and I'm REALLY glad we got Julio instead of AJ Green. But Roddy is still the guy for now.
  11. You hit the nail on the head; Roddy hates the Saints through and through. Maybe it is out of emotion; but hes a grown man. No reason to say that.
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