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  1. All right well that's good enough for me! Go Falcons!
  2. I mean they're just chairs... like all of a sudden all the people who don't have season tickets are just gonna drop everything and run to ticketmaster because of the seat color? I think it seems a little too desperate like "C'mon guys, SCREW the team look at these GREAT SEATS!!! Bring your children!" Enough is enough about the ******** chairs... By the way I love the Falcons and I have for years, but maybe I just need to be from ATL. Anyway I guess I'll finish up by saying good luck to all the Falcons; to all the fans don't throw Ryan under the bus too quickly. I wish I could watch his/their f
  3. 52 consecutive Georgia Dome sellouts. Two playoff appearances. 38-28-1 record as a NFL starter. National TV appearances in which the Falcons won the majority of them. 'Project Ryan' will be a NET LOSS from Day One!!!!!!! hey dont forget he's in jail right now. I'm pretty sure that's the end of the conversation.
  4. What difference does it make whether he shoves or hits her. He needs to keep his **** hands to himself. go take some midol....
  5. all valid opinions guys, just so we all know im not hatin' on or discounting the falcons at all i just looked at the schedule and made a statement, i do also believe alot of these are winable so heres to a good season...
  6. yea i guess when you actually look at last year, none of our losses we're by that many, regardless they were still losses Ryan will def. have an impact but i dont know how big it can be his first year out there
  7. here's our '08 sched. Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Carolina, Green Bay, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, New Orleans, Denver, Carolina, San Diego, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and St. Louis. No doubt we're getting better, but for us that's a real hard schedule. Even though you'll never know what kind of key injuries could occur to lead us to victory over teams, the same could happen to us. im absolutly PUMPED for this season!
  8. thats very true about what player we'd pick depending on our season, but i agree with you on crabtree, or maybe jeremy maclin, i went to high school with him so it'd be the ##### seeing him play for my favorite team
  9. Who would we get?! Lauranitis Boley and Lofton would be SICK! I know it's waaay too early to really make any predictions but it's very possible once you look at the schedule
  10. :laugh: That's a joke right? BALTIMORE has a keen eye for QB talent? hahah i know right...i mean kyle boller's pretty good so they know a thing or two about qb's in this league....
  11. These DT's were signed recently because the Front Office knew that this DT draft class did not fit our scheme. These DT's were specifically signed by our new Front Office. The only way you an say we had 4 QB's is if you include Vick which is completely stupid as he will never play in the NFL again. I am not a pro-Vick person, but to say he'll never play in the NFL again is very stupid. There will always be teams that will take a chance on him, maybe not at the QB position, but he won't just disappear from the league. But I'm interested to see how these backup DT's fit our scheme. no no no
  12. i cant even believe all the people hating on Ryan. he's gonna be the qb and leader of this team for years to come, im sure he'll actually lead this team somewhere other than the ground. give him a chance.
  13. start that mother #####er as soon as possible!!
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