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  1. well i say lets give norwood at least 20 carries and lets what happens
  2. true true, i agree, a first rounder QB doesnt mean he'll be like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady because Brady was a 6th rounder so i would draft a 1st rounder but i wouldnt expect him to be better then redman until he proves himself. Id say REDMAN until someone else takes over
  3. i think drafting one would be a waste because there are a couple of excellent rb's going into free agency and stats prove what they have done in the NFL not college. i think norwood getting 20-25 carries a game would easily pass 1,000 yards and maybe 10 TD's
  4. rob bironas for starters cuz morten is old as heck and he cant even hit a 50 yarder anymore, no disrespect to him though cuz hes the best but he should retire and become a coach. as many OL as we can get to open up holes for Norwood and QB protection.
  5. I would def. put Norwood in a heart beat because he is young, powerful, extremely fast and he hasnt taken the pounding that Dunn has. Norwood is our guy, PERIOD
  6. There you go guys, Redman has alot of success and he had more TD's than Joey and Byron together in just a couple of games so idk... what you guys think?
  7. Hee you go guys, lets see who we think should be the starting RB for the falcons next year. The running game has to come back because there is hidden talent and speed inside that locker room...
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