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  1. You're NOT the only one. There's also a guy in Peru, I believe.
  2. Arthur's in Therapy somewhere in India. It'll be 3 years min. to erase the misery of the 4th quarter SB collapse.
  3. LOL............Brilliant !!!!!!! Right out of the Falcon Playbook !!!
  4. Maybe by the year 2030 they'll learn there's 60 min. in a game.
  5. The Atlanta Falcon Defense has been the Albatross of this franchise for over 45 years. The hiring of Mr. Quinn, the Defensive Guru of the ages was supposed to change all that. Yeah, right.
  6. http://atlantafalcons.blog.ajc.com/2017/02/10/falcons-had-a-penchant-for-blowing-fourth-quarter-leads-in-2016/ Nuff sed.
  7. I'm surprised Blank hasn't taken out a full page ad in the AJC paper apologizing for the most colossal collapse in the HISTORY of SPORTS, rendering his franchise the butt of jokes for the next 11 months.
  8. This team COULD be great..........IF the coaching staff learns how to coach an NFL game for SIXTY minutes, not 45, 50, or 55.
  9. Vanilla ??? Geez,,,,,,that was Dehydrated Vanilla. Yawn.
  10. Just play 60........SIXTY........minutes of football, not 45, 50, or 55. You might win something.
  11. Brotherhood ?? Instead of Rah Rah gimmicks let's try learning to COACH.......and PLAY.......for 60 Dam.n minutes, not 45, 50, or 55. You may EARN a Championship, not some cheesy Cheerleading Award.
  12. For over 50 years the Falcons have EXCELLED at one thing : Creating new and exciting ways to lose BIG games, gift wrapped, with a ribbon on top !! No one does it better. Impossible.
  13. Only relevant question I have : Can he coach in the 4th Quarter.......with the game on the line ??
  14. Whoda thunk back in Sept. that come Feb. we'd be in the Big Dance ? Time now for all the Hype and story lines to end. The day is here. Time to make some History. Time to play some Football. RISE UP ATLANTA !!!!!
  15. In today's American culture, shaped and defined by the media and entertainment industry, if you are NOT an anti American anarchist, on drugs, an anti Christian atheist, and a lunatic liberal in any other phase.........you are considered Boring. GOD BLESS the BORING.
  16. The Demonic Media is just doing what they live for.......poisoning everything within their reach and destroying people's reputations. They are a special breed of vermin.
  17. Leave it to a Greedy Empty Headed Agent to poison the waters. The media...........ALL media.......... has evolved into a group of DESPERATE Pathetic self centered opportunistic egomaniacs who will do ANYTHING to create controversy. It's what they live for. And even after 20 hours of meetings and instructions from team coaches and staff thruout any team organization there will ALWAYS be one or two who are just too stupid to avoid the Trap.........they walk right into it with eyes wide open. Pathetic.
  18. Right out of the World of Belichick. Gee, what a coincidence !!!
  19. Yup. Smitty will always be respected and liked for his class and decency. He is a great guy that all players loved. Quinn is at another level, more astute, more finely tuned.
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