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  1. They probably didn't want risking him getting injured walking thru the front door at Flowery Branch between now and June 1. LOL
  2. LOL..........my neighbor's 18 year old kid has a better NFL body than Baker's disaster.
  3. A gargantuan total WASTE. Thank God he's outa here.
  4. He's gonna be a broken RB......season one. Forever injured. No thanks.
  5. D.AMN !!! How are we going to replace his 2 healthy games per season contribution ??? It's now hopeless !!
  6. Sorry.......I meant to capitalize it.......THUG !!
  7. Lynch is nothing but an IGNORANT disrespectful defiant adolescent thug. If he wasn't an NFL prima donna spoiled rotten athlete he'd probably be in prison somewhere. He's too stupid to even fathom how unbelievably LUCKY he is being paid a Kings Ransom. ......to play a kids game. Pathetic.
  8. I still think Marion Campbell deserves a chance under this regime. Problems solved. Perfect match.
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