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  1. Prolific ?? I just want them to be good........and consistent. Prolific sounds like some sort of prescription drug.
  2. All you have to do is be Injury Prone. Guaranteed Falcon.
  3. Watch...........Hooper will be All Pro in 2 years and light up our red zone game. LOL
  4. Oh...........don't forget INJURIES............half of all our draft picks go on IR just from tying their shoes.
  5. Matt Simms is just a great young man. He deserves a roster spot.
  6. The FO fork over picks ?? H.ell no !! They should fork over their resignations.
  7. Redzone woes. The last time I saw a Falcon receiver wide open in a redzone play.........Nixon was President.
  8. At kickoff of the Jags game there MIGHT be 5,000 in the stands. At the end of the game.......500. LOL Unbridled excitement.
  9. But wait !!! Don't you know the new American pastime is BLAMING everything on everyone except who is actually at fault ?? Don't you watch the daily news ?? It's wall to wall in our culture now............it's who and what we've become. Pathetic.
  10. The problem with Morris is........he's no more successful with creating a pass rush than the previous 127 D coaches employed by the Falcons. Hopeless.
  11. Teams will fear us ??? LOL. Really ?? Why ??
  12. Yup, well said. It serves to excite people like me in the wrong direction. I go nuts thinking the Falcons don't even belong in the NFL. Can't wait for the season to start.
  13. ANYONE past his prime at Safety is an upgrade to the Falcons. Period.
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