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  1. I remember reading about Free after he was drafted. I thought there was a good chance that we had someone special as I read about his tough life and how he puts his all into what he does!
  2. Excellent, excellent post ! Thanks man!
  3. I agree! The time is "now" to put the D in turbo gear! (Just like the O!)
  4. No, this is the most talented/deepest team the Atlanta Falcons have ever had since I began watching them in 1966 and went on to become a fan.
  5. I've been wondering the same things myself! I think if he is given a chance, we will see that we have a real gem!
  6. BUMP!!!
  7. Yeah, you're right about the Seattle refs. Sherman's mugging of Julio on that non-call on an all important pass he was about to catch!!! Whatttt?
  8. What a JOKE! Take Football Outsiders with a grain of salt. Take them as an "also ran" sports sight. they are "meh". Yawn...
  9. I second the motion to build a DQ statue and displayed in a special place in the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium in his honor!
  10. I watched Dave Archer in person beat the Saints back in 1985.
  11. Oh yes he will!
  12. Except to more throughly prepare and to improve our team to a point where "it" all boils down to coaching, execution and leaving it all on the field! I mean total and absolute completeness of effort on the field!