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  1. We're playing the Vikings plane and simple!
  2. Oh most definitely! The refs were a travesty last night! We had those erroneous calls against us and also they called a non-completion by the Bucs a completion even after seeing the review showed one foot in and one out! I think Gruden became so dumbfounded by their incompetence that he just got quiet for awhile!
  3. This is most def HOF material!!!
  4. If you really have to ask "why" then, you will not receive a reply from us honest to goodness Falcons fans!
  5. That would be extremely nice but...
  6. Saints in a blowout and I'm a Falcons fan since 1966!
  7. I think the Falcons are competitive and a good team BUT, I also think that the offense is NOT clicking on all cylinders in spite of reports to the contrary. They actually are missing the real genius of Shanahan! You don't see the quick passes to our RBs in the flats, especially to Coleman. Those quick passes to Coleman were deadly, not to mention the same to Gabriel! Look at games from last year after the Falcs were "in a groove" and look at the offense this year. It's a total waste of talent on our O!
  8. To me, Tru looks like a shadow of his former self! He was better his rookie year!
  9. Arthur Blank, please bring him home!!!
  10. Did another team come out on the field in Falcons uniforms?? It made no sense!
  11. I have been a die-hard fan since 1966 and this "game" today hurt my feelings almost as much as SB 51!!!
  12. I agree.