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  1. In the sAints case, everything that goes around, comes around! They are overdue on descending fortunes!
  2. I can't agree due to the urgency of this year. Last year, no RBs on our team proved they could be "that man" when needed.
  3. Only the "live audience" is cancelled! It will be conducted as a TV show.
  4. Crazy or not; I'd like to get Jeff Ocudah and Andrew Thomas! If we got those picks, we'd not only be MUCH improved in the running game but also the passing game via QB protection. After those picks I could live with the "Harry Snodgrasses and Joe Smiths" that our team seem to get year after year!
  5. I like this post! I think I agree with him!!!
  6. Yeah! Exactly! How creative can you get to pull these things off?
  7. I have always been a huge fan of Gurley but, I worry about the Meniscus issue in his knee!!!
  8. I completely agree with you!
  9. I'd much rather have Turner the Burner 2.0!!!
  10. Trufant has never been as good as he was as his rookie year. He had an injury the next year and never really rebounded to his game level as a rookie. That year it seemed he really was a "shut down corner"!
  11. TD & DQ have rarely drafted high profile guys that we thought they should draft.
  12. I like this draft too much and TD has rarely picked players I liked for the falcons!
  13. Yeah and you definitely "don't know"!!!
  14. Just don't forget the DIRE need for a much improved O-Line!!!