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  1. I agree 100 %!!!
  2. MR made a lot of mistakes today! Freeman did not look good! Sanu looked typically great! Ok, so the Vikes have an elite defense but, how did our O line look on an individual basis?
  3. Sad but probably true. After 2016, fans thought we "messed up" wining the Super Bowl but. felt like the Falcons were now an NFL power. After today, it feels like we need all new coaches and a new manager!
  4. Falcons never did recover after losing DiMarco!
  5. I partially agree. I don't want to lose those 2 nor Austin Larkin, Durrant Miles, and Danny Etling. I think Danny Etling is very talented and could be our backup quarterback in a year or two. I also think Jacob Tuioti-Mariner might be a keeper
  6. Yeah, I thought of that last night. Etling looks like a Matty Ice clone except he may run a little faster!
  7. Great point! Sounds good to me! We have some great players that are on the bubble that I would hate for us to lose!!!
  8. But, if they're idiots, how do they get rated higher than us in the last few seasons??
  9. I concur!!!
  10. Coaches need to looking into this more closely than just bringing in competition.