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  1. To me, Tru looks like a shadow of his former self! He was better his rookie year!
  2. Arthur Blank, please bring him home!!!
  3. Did another team come out on the field in Falcons uniforms?? It made no sense!
  4. I have been a die-hard fan since 1966 and this "game" today hurt my feelings almost as much as SB 51!!!
  5. I agree.
  6. I agree.
  7. We didn't hold on that play and it affected the outcome of the game! It was a terrible call!
  8. I will be upset with coach Quinn if he doesn't file a complaint on something so blatantly obvious as this blown call that decided the game!
  9. The truth! The truth?? You can't handle the truth!!!
  10. I agree completely! Matt is showing signs of regressing to his 2015 form. Not good! The play calling is too predictable and leaving a lot of talent being wasted/not used correctly! I know Beasley is out but, pluh-lezzz!!! Where is the consistent pass rush?? Im normally a Trufant fan but lately, he is doing his best Alford holding impersonation! We need some fixes pronto!!!
  11. on Schraeder? I still haven't seen any news.
  12. Well said WiscoFalcon! Depth in every area of the team is so vital in today's NFL for sure!
  13. Sark likes the run (I hear) but, I have to agree with you. Their D against us looked formidable!!!
  14. You are SO right kazoo! Falcons are better than last year and they are totally focused on the job at hand!