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  1. I will miss him because the Falcons had no great Centers after McClure until Mack arrived! I remember he made all the difference in the O line!!!
  2. I like Tabeek's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Falcons trade down, land do-it-all defender. That is an amazing senario for the Falcons!
  3. What happened in our 4th quarter??? The 4th qtr play of O and D results in changing a Falcons dominating game into a 1 TD win! I'll take a win any day but, it messed up the feel of what the Atlanta Falcons had accomplished in the first 3 qtrs. :(
  4. No! He has been hurt and is probably playing hurt.
  5. ...do we always have defensive guys that grab the O player before going for the bat??? 😖
  6. Well, you just proved you did not get the whole point!
  7. Chuck played a major role in the Falcons beating the Vikings at their home to go to the Falcons first ever Super Bowl!
  8. And it will take some winning to make me a believer of this draft! I just don't know abut our Rd 1 selection!
  9. Me TOO!!! He single handedly made the Falcons better!!!
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