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  1. He is right people! Mathis was a total bada$$ here!!!
  2. My personal favorite Top Ten Falcons of all time are, Matt Ryan, Steve Bartkowski, William Andrews, Julio Jones, Mike Kenn, Claude Humphrey, Deion Sanders, Michael "The Burner" Turner, Jeff Van Note and "Mr. Atlanta Falcon" himself, the great Roddy White!!! This was almost an impossible task for a Die Hard Atlanta Falcons fan like myself! I have been devoted to them since their inception in 1965! Like some others mentioned on this thread, there are SO many deserving praise for their body of work. Cutting down a long list of favorites to only 10 definitely is far from easy! Some of y
  3. We still need a POWERHOUSE but, quick RB!
  4. Pitts can do it all! He does not just play TE!
  5. We desperately need LG and other O line help too!
  6. I like Tabeek's 2021 NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Falcons trade down, land do-it-all defender. That is an amazing senario for the Falcons!
  7. What happened in our 4th quarter??? The 4th qtr play of O and D results in changing a Falcons dominating game into a 1 TD win! I'll take a win any day but, it messed up the feel of what the Atlanta Falcons had accomplished in the first 3 qtrs. :(
  8. No! He has been hurt and is probably playing hurt.
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