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  1. I too believe the Falcons organization has reached a crossroads. The rest of this year could signal what is to happen to DQ & Crew!
  2. He's right when he says time is beginning to run out on the Matt Ryan era. You can only say, "next year, next year" for so long!
  3. Yes, unless he chooses to do something about it. I've commented about it here before. He was much better his rookie year!
  4. Matt is amazing period. I just wish he could work on not getting sacked as much!
  5. No doubt, Take gives 110%!!!
  6. SO sad but alarmingly true!!! I've been on this heart wrenching merry-go-round since it's inception way back in 1966!
  7. My thought on Trufant is that he was very solid as a rookie and displayed top talent as a future shutdown corner. Since that first year, I really have been wondering what happened. I know he has had injuries and all of the other trials & tribulations that life throws at us but, he doesn't seem to be that rookie star.
  8. Two teams play a game at a time on that turf! Not just one.
  9. This is all true!!!
  10. Yes it is. This never made any sense to me nor many of my Falcon fans friends.
  11. 8 rookies?? I see 6 in that list.
  12. Patrick DiMarco then Adrian Clayborn
  13. I disagree. He is not overly fast.