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  1. Two teams play a game at a time on that turf! Not just one.
  2. This is all true!!!
  3. Yes it is. This never made any sense to me nor many of my Falcon fans friends.
  4. 8 rookies?? I see 6 in that list.
  5. Patrick DiMarco then Adrian Clayborn
  6. I disagree. He is not overly fast.
  7. I certainly hope I'm wrong but, I'm afraid that Free's injury was a serious one. I remember reading a couple of months ago something to the effect that he was still not 100%.
  8. Im so glad he gets it and he is now my favorite Falcon too!!!
  9. Dude, we gotta have somebody in that position on the field. DQ uses FBs in his scheme. The loss of DiMarco was another hit on our offense in 2017.
  10. I'll be closely watching these 2 guys. I love when DQ finds diamonds in the rough for the FALCONS!
  11. Ha Ha Ha!!!