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  1. Im so glad he gets it and he is now my favorite Falcon too!!!
  2. Dude, we gotta have somebody in that position on the field. DQ uses FBs in his scheme. The loss of DiMarco was another hit on our offense in 2017.
  3. I'll be closely watching these 2 guys. I love when DQ finds diamonds in the rough for the FALCONS!
  4. Ha Ha Ha!!!
  5. Dude! I'm 67. I have been a FALCONS fan since 1966, their birth year and I still get antsy over everything they're involved in!!! They can be 30 points ahead in a game and I'm still not comfortable!
  6. Excuse my ignorance but (seriously) what is BPA?
  7. What's the beef? It was an additional pick award to the FALCONS!
  8. I had posted earlier that we needed a 2016ish NFL draft this year! Looks like we could indeed be getting that!
  9. My thought is I hate & loathe the N.O. sAINTS!!! They are "not unlike an empty school room"!
  10. Gesicki would fill a glaring need and open up many offensive possibilities including helping the Red Zone woes!
  11. I don't want him to have another year like last year either!
  12. Nope! You're incorrect! Fleener is only a "tweener"!
  13. I agree! His write-up reads like Superman!