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  1. Sounds like Ga.State girls are real easy!Yeah but anyone's easy when you have vodka, roofies and lies. Kidding, of course, but I did tell them I was a pitcher for the Myrtle Beach Braves. I can't even remember if the Braves have a Myrtle Beach team, but I know they didn't #####ing know that. Like moths to the flame, for some reason. I think they did, they still might and it's the rookie league.
  2. Not nearly as funny as Headshot's story, though. That is American Pie Hollywood type ish, right there. Next thing you know he's going to marry this girl. Then at the wedding he'll decide to shave his pubes then he'll quickly have to dump the pube excess out the window and it will land in his wedding cake... :ermm: Not before he sticks his ##### in a warm apple pie and proceeds to ##### it!
  3. :laugh: Classic!
  4. :laugh:
  5. Sounds like Ga.State girls are real easy!
  6. Agree!
  7. Wanna get away? :laugh: :laugh: Brilliant!
  8. Oh God, this is the funniest thread I've read on here in quite a while! Thanks Priest!
  9. Never tried that before.... It doesn't fit unless you're a beetle, but if you pee you'll get the desired effect, which for me is death. We should just throw you a kegger w/nothing but hot girls.That, or just go get a Playboy, preferably the one w/Maria of the WWE on the cover, HOLY ##### SHE'S FINE!, jack-off, and go to bed. You'll feel better then sticking your ##### in a socket. Geez I can't type this w/o laughing.
  10. Dude, you're making me fall on the floor out of pure laughter right now! Please stop!:PAs for the boobs, all you need is a handful my friend.
  11. :laugh:Man's never-ending quest for poo-tang! It makes ******* out of us all!
  12. D, JD Priest. That's a MAJOR #####-up! Turn in your man-card now. :P