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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with y'all. I haven't been to these boards in years. It's mighty good to see you still posting. I think I met y'all at training camp? Or maybe it was a game. Seems like it was training camp. Nito, brother. We are praying for you. Our thoughts and hearts with you. Be well.
  2. Thanks! I had no idea.. That interactive 3d parking and seating map has come a looooong way since I last used it..
  3. I liked watching practice @ Suwanee I cant agree with you about todays Flowery Branch practices tho.. I remember being pretty **** impressed by that.. Are you kidding or what? Heh! that place was alright.. I've been in MUCH worse...
  4. All Ryan needs right now is some blocking up front.. period. play around with the categories here http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/passing/sort/completionPct I guess it depends on how you rank Qbs whether it be wins or completion percentage.. Matt is in the top 10 or even 5 in several categories.
  5. Wrong.. well he has had some drops..but its not the runner... it wasn't when we cut Turner either.. its the line.. and the scheme.. remember last year when everybody was killing Turner for running up to the line and into a knot of struggling O and D linemen? you know why he was doing that? He was hitting the spot where the HOLE was supposed to be made.. don't get me wrong Jackson is an upgrade.. he has done a little bit despite the lack of blocking.. and actually the past couple of games the line has looked a little better.. I guess its the rotations Smitty is trying.
  6. Well said and a good attitude about this sub-par season.. now on to the main topic.. Not only do I WANT my Atlanta Falcons to succeed in 2014 I also EXPECT them to, It takes talent, Luck, planning, practice and heart to succeed on the football field, we have had a serious lack of luck this year for sure. Injuries have also played a big part, Both Lines need to be fixed.. but really the only thing that has worried me about Smitty is the second half collapses.. It's moot anyways tho.. because I don't think anyone will be fired THIS year, at least nobody above assistant..
  7. You made some nice *** cards too bro.. I was thinking about going to see Jam.. Haven't seen him since TC..
  8. Option play, Direct snap to Roddy who has no running lane so he hits Jackson in the flat for a 15 yard scamper!
  9. I think he is gonna be a very good player for us.. he is pretty raw right now tho.. Barely have to stick his arm up lol
  10. Here is a 360 view of the Falcons Tailgate comp. featuring the Atlanta Falcons House band, they were pretty **** good too.
  11. Yeah.. I was wondering if he was just goofing around or what.. but he and the coaches appeared to be completely serious so.. I dunno maybe ?
  12. Will be looking forward to it bro. Yeah.. Tandy is good that way
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