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  1. Cant say that Nicholas losing the starting spot is much of a shock to me, not that i dont like him or anything like that. i expect he will get rotated in alot, and be on special teams alot too. Mike P was great early on last year and then faded a bit toward the end, a good rotation with the LBs should help prevent that this time around. He may even end up getting back into the starting lineup later on in the year. Expect alot of rotation at more positions than just Dline this year i think.
  2. this is great! always enjoyed these awards, and now they just got better!! my personal thanks and a big well done to all involved
  3. LJ Smith could be a good pick up for us, so long as he steays healthy, all i hear about this guy these days is injury concerns. TE doesn't seem to be too important to our O anyway I don't know if Shaffer would fit in our scheme, we had a different scheme and coach now to when he was here before. Darren Sharper is just too old, might as well have kept Milloy
  4. Long but great post, I too cant decide who i want between Matthews and Cushing. Seem to change my mind just about everyday, right now its Matthews that i want. Sorry bout your car crash though, speedy recovery and all that
  5. I really like the idea of bring Keith back. It means that we don't have to sort out both OLB spots at the same time. I see him probably getting fazed out for younger players though
  6. Getting Owen Daniels would be huge for the O. Really like that pick up and hope it happens. I think that we'll pick up a FA DT too, but is that AH? The more i hear the idea of Tank Johnson the more i like it. That probably means then that SS and OLB wil be looked at in the draft, probably early too.
  7. I don't think that TE is that big a concern for us, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was just a smokescreen being used to throw others off what we're really doing.
  8. I think we'll only go after one position through F/A and the other holes will be filled through the draft. That was pretty much the plan last year so hopefully it'll work again
  9. A big thank you to Todd. This had been coming, but I'm happy to see him go out on a high. I've a lot of respect for what he did for us last season.
  10. I think Lofton had a good year, not a great year but a good one. He made some great plays and was very good against the run. His coverage must need some work though, he was always taken out in passing situations. I think we got ourselves a very good MLB
  11. Gritblitzer so true, well said.i think the secondary looks quite good for the future, though i wouldn't be surprised to see us get a SS even if we keep Milloy around
  12. the D has been a bit shakey most of the season. there has been some big days for them though too, the first NO game being one. i'm expecting some changes on D this off-season.
  13. find a proper sports bar and you'll have a better chance of seeing it, and there'll be a better buzz too
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