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  1. I'm in Lexington - I always try to eat the food featured in the city of the team we are playing. Something of a family tradition and has worked well for the season. Today is some awesome breaded and fried cod with home fries and plenty of ice cold Country Boy Cougar Bait Beer.
  2. I used Game Pass when I was in Manila for several years and was able to see every game. it wasn't cheap and had to get up at 1am to watch but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  3. We all have that one friend, that is so stupid we just say....."Bless their heart"
  4. I wonder......What Dan Quinn's car ride home from the airport must have been like....... Is he second guessing the choice of Shanahan? Does he think yesterday was a fluke? Does he think it's just related to not enough talent? Does he second guess the abilities of Matt Ryan? Or, does he just think to himself......."I wonder what's for dinner.? I wish I understood the X's and O's like most on here (or that claim they do) to have a more detailed discussion, but I do know when I've hired someone for a "high level" position and they were not performing well, I've had those thoughts and many more.
  5. And this absolutely shows you understand less about business than you think! Find one truly successful entrepreneur that wasn't at the right place at the right time, developed a great team and through many mistakes and hardships made it work. Home Depot wasn't an overnight or short-term success. Anyone that thinks Arthur Blank doesn't want to do what is needed to win a championship is just insane. A Championship and/or high level sustained success breeds more of each and the company/brand grows. Slowing PSL sales due to performance is sure to get a faster "reaction" due to investor concern(s)
  6. For the last two home games MillerLite gave out free Marta tickets for round trips to the Dome. Not sure will be the same this week but look for their tent when you get to the Marta station and if so, the ride is free both ways.
  7. I was in Sec 324 and it was crazy - everyone was up on their feet and cheering almost the entire game. All except a Woman and her teenage daughter that were seated right in front of me and took "selfies" all game. Of course I photo-bombed several of those for fun!
  8. Check out an app called "Pro Radio". Have used it in the past to get the radio feeds. Depending on where you are you can get either an Atlanta feed or a Philly Feed.
  9. I can't get the pic to post - but mine (Texans Game) are very similar to what you are stating. As long as the bar code is there - you should be fine!
  10. I printed the entire page just to be sure.
  11. Ive bought tickets before and they had the original owners name on them - they don't check that! You'll be fine!
  12. I'm out of State also and I've had Sunday Ticket for a few years so I never miss a regular season game and use the radio to listen to Pre-Season if not on NFL Network. I use the Pro Radio app and it finds the radio feed for the game. I like the radio calls better than the Network announcers!
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