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  1. It is so crazy how people's taste vary so much. I think the gradient jerseys are horrible and hate them. I would very disappointed if we decided to make those our home jerseys. I am guessing they are going to be in rotation once a year for the future. Wish that wasn't the case, but I am one of the fans who don't care for the new uniforms regardless of the colors. The numbers and that obnoxious ATL is what kills me.
  2. Wow! It's like arguing to a child. Not going to waste my time. You win. Who cares anyways. Continue to love him and being sub mediocre
  3. Agreed. Nothing he does proves to these homers that he is definitely to blame for a lot of these losses. He is not the main blame, but he is largely at fault.
  4. Did you even watch the game? He lobbed a pass off his back foot while being pressured. It was a dumb pass period. If you don't see that, you don't know football
  5. Are you serious? That throw was so bad at that time. All we needed was a FG to tie. Do anything but don't turn the ball over and eliminate the chance for a game tying FG. If Ridley didn't block the pass, KC would have Intercepted it and game would have been over. It was an obvious bad decision. Bad decision he makes all the time in the red zone or at the end of the game. It is becoming a trend for him
  6. Just a dumb throw. Ridley saved his *** or this entire board would be blaming Ryan for another late endzone INT.
  7. Ryan was inches away from throwing an INT and blowing the tying FG. Kicker still missed it, but he threw a bonehead throw at that time. Why even throw that pass? He is definitely one of the problems
  8. From what I hear, Rick Smith is the front runner for GM. He was the GM of the Texans when Wade was the DC there. That might be possible.
  9. i think Wade is a great DC. He has some top Defenses at multiple places. That has to mean he knows something. I believe Wade runs a 3-4, so we would be light on LBers for his scheme, but that can be fixed in FA and the Draft.
  10. I do blame AB. He is ultimately at blame for everything. I just hope Rich makes an out of the norm hire and gets a couple of guys with some spunk and not a couple of yes men.
  11. i'm not saying he will call the shots after the hire. I am saying he is making the decision on who the GM and Coach will be. That is the problem. I don't think Rich makes the best decision for the team. He has always chosen someone soft and nice, We need someone that has his own personality.
  12. No matter who is at fault for the loss, we are in for years more of this. Rich McKay is the problem and he is in charge again. He is the one making the decisions for our Falcons. He scares me more than anyone else. Dude is going to hire the nicest, most respectful guy out there. We need someone with some balls and dog in them to lead this team. Tired of this soft mentality. We need a coach with that is mean and dirty. The nicest football team will lose to the nastiest football team 10 out of 10 times. Nothing will change as long as Rich is calling the shots.
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