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  1. Haha. Just because you say, "with all due respect" doesn't mean it isn't an insult. I know you have a lot of posts and you are probably proud of that, but that doesn't mean others can't have an opinion. I would expect more from someone that obviously posts a lot on here. Maybe you have become abrasive in your old age. Guess the saying of grumpy old man comes into affect here. With all due respect, of course!
  2. Not necessarily. He has been healthy for probably many reasons. Stays in shape, eats well, Good luck, Oline has protected him, etc. There are many factors that has contributed to him playing that many games. Favre played in more straight games in his career and was popping pills to stay on the field. Not saying it is the right thing, but Favre did what he thought was necessary to stay on the field. Some players have the natural ability, others have to work hard to stay healthy and be able to compete at this level. I know I don't have the drive to do that for that long or I could have possibly been an athlete. I played football, basketball, baseball and swam in High School and was good at all of them. I was naturally very good at swimming and never lost a race over 3 years of swimming. I could have possibly done something in that sport, but I didn't put in the work and didn't pursue it like a dummy. I say that to say that it takes a lot to stay motivated and in shape to compete at that level. My opinion is that Free has lost a little motivation and that is why he is not the same back as before his contract. Free could just be getting old or having bad luck, but my opinion is that he doesn't have the motivation like he used to. Simple opinion that I believe I am entitled to, right?
  3. No, I don't know. As I stated, it was an opinion.
  4. I hate to say it and it kills me to think it, but yes I don't think Free has the motivation he once had. Even 1% less can show up. These athletes are so much more athletic than a normal human being. Any little thing can cause an issue. It has shown itself in thousands of athletes across all sports. Look at McGregor the other week, that guy got his butt whooped. I told my wife when he was at the weigh in that he was not as cut as he usually was during his matches. I told my wife that he didn't look in tip top shape and yes I think he lost because he was not prepared. He is a superior fighter and could probably take anyone, but he was not prepared. Again, that is my opinion. Another sport and way off topic, but an example. I, truly, believe you have to be both mentally and physically in tip top shape to compete at the level of the NFL/UFC or any other professional sport. You can get away with it in College and maybe some other minor league sports, but not at the pro level. Those athletes are well oiled machines.
  5. Hey, Costco dogs are really good. I might not wager that. The dogs at the stadium at the Atl Grill is the dog to wager.
  6. Not having the "dog" in you doesn't only mean running hard on Sundays. Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Julio Jones, Terrell Owens to name a few were known for their efforts in the offseason, in the gym and their diet. Working on your body and your craft is also referring to the "dog" in a person. Those players lived football and put in the work. It is just my opinion, but I don't think Freeman is doing that as he did early in his career. He can't stay healthy and only 3 things go into play with that...1)Getting Old, 2) Bad Luck, 3)Not keeping your body right to avoid those injuries. It is no coincidence that players that hold out for contract disputes, get hurt very soon when they come back. They were not in game shape and that can cause your body to get injured.
  7. I did play football and how does it not work that way. It, absolutely, works that way. If you don't prepare you risk injuring yourself. That is a proven medical fact. Not sure what you are saying doesn't work that way. I am not overreacting. Please don't overreact yourself. I was just stating an opinion ( I am entitled to state an opinion, right?). I told my friend last year when he got his contract, that he won't be the same back. RB is one of or is the most grueling position on the body. Rarely does a back last more than 3 years at a high level. It is a fact. I am not stating opinions at this point.
  8. Wow, willing bad luck on me is ****** up bro. I was just stating an opinion. I didn't say I didn't want him to provide for his family. I was just stating an opinion that I don't think he has the same motivation like he did before he got his millions. I guess you put in 100% everyday at work and are the perfect employee. More power to you bro, but you hide behind a computer and lash out stupid *** comments and actually wish bad things to happen to me because of my opinion. You are a sad person (was going to say sad man, but that is up for discussion)!!
  9. Maybe it is his body breaking down, but that can also go back to that dog I am referring to. The body can start to break down when you are not doing the neccessary things in the offseason and in the gym to keep your body in shape to avoid those injuries. I can tell you really hate me saying he doesn't have the dog in him anymore, but that doesn't only refer to him running hard on gameday. He might still try hard on Sundays, but he is not in the shape that he used to be in.
  10. Are you serious? So everyone in the NFL or in life give it 100% each day and Sunday? We are all human and when you have $100's of dollars in the bank, you work your butt off to make it. If you have millions in the bank, they motivation is not the same. It is human nature. Wake up bro! I'm not saying I am right, but to me it looks like he doesn't want it like he used to. Getting hurt is not just bad luck. Sometimes getting hurt is because you were not prepared physically. It is just like when a lot of players hold out for a new contract, as soon as they end their dispute and come back they get hurt. They were not in game shape and that got them hurt.
  11. His body breaking down is possible the cause, but I just haven't seen him run the same as when he wanted that contract. Remember, he started all that contract crap during super bowl week. I think the contract is more important to him than working on his body. Some backs have played for a long time, but they worked on their body. Have you seen the video of how much Steven Jackson worked on his body during the week. Of course, he didn't do much for us when he was here, but he was still in good shape and had Oline been decent he would have a decent year. Alot of people relax after getting that contract. Another example is Flacco. He hasn't done anything since getting that contract. Some people get them money and just don't put in 100% anymore.
  12. I respect your opinion, but you will see. I, truly, hope I am dead wrong, but I believe he is done and will never even be remotely the same back as before.
  13. Freeman is not the Freeman of old. He got his contract and has lost that fight in him. He used to run with passion and aggression, but now he runs because he is under contract. Freeman is done and will never be the same again.
  14. I don't want to sound negative, but as soon as Freeman signed that contract he was done. He had the dog in him before he got that contract and has been average or hurt since then. I can understand why a RB would do that because rarely does a RB last 5 years, but I blame the FO in signing him to a long term deal. I agree with what the Steelers have been doing with Bell. They know Bell will only be good for a couple of years and then fall off the cliff like every other RB does. It is nice to have a good RB, but not a good idea to sign them to long term. Draft a good RB, run his *** hard in his rookie contract and then draft another 3 or 4 years later. That recipe will be more successful, I believe.
  15. Sorry to keep bumping this, but I really need a source for these decals and this message board has a lot of followers.