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  1. I hear you, but Roddy had the drops early in his career. I believe players with those skill sets lack concentration and probably technique. Those things can be worked on and fixed. When Roddy started I was scared he was going to be a busy, but he became a sure handed receiver.
  2. Great work. I think this goes to show that the unis could have looked decent if they didn't try so hard. The numbers are not as big and obnoxious in these pics than they are for real. So the unis look half way decent in these pics. I do like the grey pants option. I would suggest the Falcons to replace the red pants to grey. The grey pants would go with more tops than the red. They are still going to look like the clowns of the NFL, but guess it is too late now. Good news is that they will probably be playing in them in an empty stadium and no one has to look at them in real life.
  3. I do admit our previous unis were bad too. So, I guess we are not worse off other than us missing the chance of making it better. I hope we win. Winning makes everything better. They could wear plaid if they won, for all I care.
  4. I know everyone has their opinions. I love change and couldn't wait for the new unis. I just think they are trying too hard. I do like the helmet a little, but again the matte was in like 2 years ago. The red helmet would have been more modern with a larger logo.
  5. The more I look at them the more I am embarrassed to be associated with them. We are being made fun of from everyone. They are like some early 90s hip hop artist designed them with his child helping. So cheesy and lame. We have the best throwbacks in the league. Why couldn't we just go with something like them with a little update? What we have now is freaking embarrassing, but I guess I said that already.
  6. So, it has been a little while and a bunch of people voted. Looks like 75% like some or all of the new Uniforms. Crazy, because since the leak I was assuming it would be the other way around. I think it is still overwhelming that hardly anyone likes the Red Gradient Jersey. Maybe the wear them once and never again or the never use them. I believe the ATL on the front is also not everyone's favorite. A smaller font of that would probably look much better and please more people. I am not sure if they can make those few changes before the season, but I doubt it. I assume Nike has already produced thousands. Nonetheless, with most people alright with the uniforms, it is still overwhelming that most don't like them as a whole. I, also, assumed a lot of folks wouldn't like any change and would not like them no matter what they looked like. The previous uniforms were very ugly and even more ugly when they went with the red as the primary. The black jersey went better with the black helmet. The positive is that those uniforms are gone and we have to deal with these now. I, personally, are not a huge fan of them. I think the helmet is decent, but matte has been done and will (if not already) get outdated. I think they will look a little better on the players and on the field. They didn't choose the best models for the reveal either, so I think they will look better on the field. I just wish they would have stayed simple and went with the original throwbacks from 1966. Those were FIRE!!
  7. How about some suggestions?
  8. I agree it would give a better indication, but i think most people like something of the design. I have to admit I do like the helmet and probably nothing else. Maybe the white jersey a little. I thought a Yes or No vote would also limit the vote and I think some wouldn't vote at all.
  9. So, lets make this official. Vote and we will see the results.
  10. Especially the gradient ones. That is definitely Walmart. So bad!
  11. Why would they announce a 4/14 release date and then release them today? This uniform marketing strategy seems so unorganized and not thought out. The uniforms will only appeal to a small portion. I'm not sure why they would go this route. The throwbacks were super popular, so why not go with something that would have that flavor? They already had most of the fan base loving those and it would have been easy to make them a little more modern. The throwbacks with the red helmets were absolutely the best throwbacks in the NFL, by a long shot. Just doesn't make sense to me that a corporation would make this much of a mistake.
  12. Wow!! Huge fumble! They had a great opportunity to make something clean and classy. They went Walmart clearance rack.
  13. I completely agree. Hated them before, but now I think they are original. Not sure if I would want them every week. I do still like dark colors for football, cause it does look intimidating. I know Uniforms are just clothing and with a larger male fan base cheering for clothing sounds foolish, but I think the players think if they look good they play good. Football is a lot about ability and skill, but attitude is also very important. Plus, I want my team to look bada$$. It is proven that most people like good looking uniforms. College football is using that to promote many teams. I know everyone brings up Oregon when talking about uniforms, but they were genius to do what they are doing. They only started getting elite talent when they started unveiling so many creative uniforms.
  14. I agree. They should have kept that orange accent throughout all jerseys. I think the orange gives them that connection to their creamsicles that should be one of their alternates when the NFL allows for more than 1 helmet.
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