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  1. Makes sense. I think of places like GB, NE, Pitt, or Seattle where the coach/GM and FO keep things on a higher level (at least that's my impression of those teams). Our "outfit," as DQ calls it, seems more inclusive which is a great thing.
  2. Whatever round it is, I hope it's in 2018. We aren't loaded with picks and if we do move up, drafting a TE later is likely out of the question anyway. If we stay put, I still don't see a TE being picked unless the value is too good to pass up.
  3. Question...not sure anyone can answer it though. How deep in the ranks does the draft pick evaluation go? I know we have scouts and others who evaluate talent and prepare the tape and details for the FO and HC, but on this team are the DC and OC a big part of this process? If so, what would a guy like MM want on defense and would it differ from DQ?
  4. Take the BPA because that player is bound to be someone who can fill a position of need anyway.
  5. Tickets can be bought on the 3rd party sites like Stub Hub. The tickets are delivered by Ticketmaster, but the other sites are selling them now and letting you know when to expect them to be available before the game.
  6. That's actually why I chose to go to a Falcons home game instead of at the Saints. I figure Saints fans will be in full force either way, but it's easier to deal with in Atlanta...I hope.
  7. Heath Evans keeps his job by having a fanbase that laments his existence. Smart dude.
  8. That was the only reason I clicked this thread. That and I'm hungry.
  9. Any player who smokes at any time is stupid. Testing is random for everyone and they all know it's against the rules. I too have no issues with people smoking, but if your job requires that you not smoke and you do it anyway...well, the brain cells must be in short supply for those players. I found this info about the drug NFL policy on SI.com: https://www.si.com/nfl/2016/07/11/nfl-drug-policy-substance-abuse-suspensions-tests
  10. Whether or not he's actually a smoker or uses whatever else, no one will know. His history is said to be clean, so that should count for something (some will say he just got lucky all these years) and teams will dig and dig until his name is called on Thursday or Friday (likely Thursday). I'd like to think he puts this in the past, gets drafted, and balls out.
  11. Agreed. We're set at the position, at least for the next couple of seasons, and unless there's value at the position when ATL pick in the later rounds, I don't see the need to draft a TE this year. Hooper should be able to on an expanded role, Perkins' role can increase some, and Toilolo can continue blocking, with the occasional catch. Just my two cents...
  12. For years my mom and I have been talking about heading down for a Falcons vs. Saints game. She's a diehard Saints fan (born and raised in Louisiana) and I'm the Falcons fan (grew up in Niners country). Well, I finally figured wth and bought two tickets to the TNF game against the Saints. I...am...pumped! I've seen them here in SF against the Niners a couple of times in the past and it was cool, but this will be an experience of the lifetime for me as a fan since I will be surrounded by fellow Falcons fans. It's early and who knows how the season will play out by that time, but nonetheless, it's exciting. Okay, that's it. Just felt like sharing.
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