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    The atlanta falcons, spurs, school, my gf, and sports in general. I've been a falcons fan my whole life because i partially grew up in atlanta. I'm the biggest brian finneran fan on earth.
  1. what are yall talking about???? so brent looked good in one preseason game?? he got abused the first game. and he didnt look that good during tc. you guys are giving him to much credit. hes a fill in at best till we get one of our younger cbs more adjusted to our system.
  2. hey everyone. i was on my way home from college this friday and missed the falcons preseason game. i was wonderin if anyone could fill me in on how some of our more unknown players played? aka jerry, owens, jackson. who played slot? how did the o line look and how did matt look? all that good stuff thnx in advance
  3. deff wanna see how our secondary is goin to stand against live hittin and the amazingness of calvin johnson.
  4. agreed. even tho to be honest i'd prefer chris owens to get a chance. hes been great at training camp
  5. ever since they got their new theme song via t pain i gotta say the dolphins
  6. its goin to be harder for him to have as big a season as he did last year since he'll be sharing so many more snaps with jerious norwood.
  7. btw im sure if coach smith had talked to baker before the drill and told him he would lose his starting status if he list JA98 past him.......... anderson would have been on his back.
  8. hes not very good. there i said it. he sure as **** not as good as landry who we gave up to get him. he's never left his heart on the field for the falcons. he walked through games basically last year and lost his starting position because of it. maybe hes turned over a new leaf. but one play on one of his good days sure isnt goin to change my opinion of him. escpecially in training camp where guaranteed starters (baker) dont always give there all......
  9. i dont think he will. it'll most likely be either grimes, weems, or brown. norwood is goin to be taking a lot more snaps this year and he'll be playin the slot so they're goin to want him fresh.
  10. now im goin to do it on the count of three ok?? one......two......three!!! :blink: :blink: :blink:
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